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In this Sports Thought Thursday blog, we are going to get into the World Cup.  I am not going to get into the history of this tournament or soccer.  Personally, I really do not care.  It might shape the thought pattern on this blog.  The big question is why should we care in American?  Is soccer going to grow in the United Sates?  Let us get into this debate.

This is a big event around the world asides here in the United States.  I know there are many in the states that can give a crap.  However, if the US team keeps playing, the more interested it is going to gather in the States.  Will that help the sport grow in the states?  Of course, it will help but will anyone care after the World Cup is finish.  I see the only way this sport will make in the States if US team wins the cup.  It is a fact.  There has been several soccer leagues open in the states and then soon disappears in the dust.  We had the Rockers in Detroit and I was always getting free tickets to go watch the game.  I did not understand the game and I told myself I will be back to a game.  I never made it back.  We have NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL.  Two out of four of our sports is what the world worries about.  They are MLB and NHL.  Most part of the world they do not care about MLB and NFL.  Do we have it wrong in the states?  Or is the world wrong?  I believe it is taste and what you like.  Soccer had its highest TV ratings during the US vs German match.  Is there more to come with this?  I would say yes.

In closing, I will write a follow-up blog at the end of the World Cup.  I personally do not care.  I just find the sport very boring.  I never saw so much flopping field or court.  I do understand it because I took the time to learn it.  I am turn off on the sport.  I wish all the countries the best of luck.  I believe we in the States will go back to not caring once the US is knocked out and when the World Cup disappears for another four years.  We do not care about soccer and it is reality.  It is a niche sport here.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


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New Sports Thought Thursday Blog How To Act As A Sports Fan To Other Fans.

In this Sports Thought Thursday blog, I might be wrong or right on this subject.  I will be talking on both sides of coin.  This has been a pretty big issue  to me of late living in the Chicago market.  Here is my thought.

Fan of a Team Not in the Market

At Stadium

Beware where you are and what you are doing.  For example, if you are going to see your team in another team’s stadium.  There is nothing wrong showing your team proud but there is an issue when you are acting like a jackass.  If you wear your team colors, you need to act like you are not there but you are there.  It is OK to clap when your team scores but do not stand up when they make a big hit and clap.  You are asking for problems.  You need to watch your alcohol in tank.  We all know people do dumb things when they are drunk.  It is fine to drink but know your limit.  If some other team’s fan says something, just ignore them.  If they keep going, just say, I am here just like you are and I am not bothering anyone.   You will need to know where security and Customer service.  Remember, you might be out-of-town but you are still a paying customer.  You deserve what the hometown fans get in their sports experience.  You need to show respect and it is pretty easy.  They will see it and just be nice. They will talk to you nicely.  At least, they will not get in your face and try to start a fight.

Out And About In The Town

This is part that bugs me.  I will wear a Red Wings hat around Chicago.  I am supporting my team like you are supporting your team.  I will not wearing a jersey around unless I am going to the game or bar event.  I know that is wrong and I am asking for problems.  I mind my busy and go about my errands just in my hat.  You need to be yourself and just respect your surrounds.

Fan In A City With Opposite Team’s Fan

At Stadium

Remember these people are human and they have feelings like you.  Treat them like you would treat yourself because what you give out will come back around.  It is fine to say their team sucks but do not get in their face to start a fight.  I realize you have to support your team with the rest of the fan base but remember you might be in that same situation down the road.  Plus, you need to realize how much you are drinking because you might do something you might regret.  Respect them and you might have a nice talk with them.  You might learn something from them.  Of course, if they do something, you know when to put them in their place.  Remember this is your building but that does not give you the right to be a jerk.  They are there like you to enjoy the game.  I get it they are rivalries. Respect!

Out And About To See Another Team’s Fan

Here is the big one for me.  I had this happen to me yesterday (Saturday).  I walk into a place with my Chicago Cubs coat and Red Wings hat.  There was a Blackhawks fan shouts across the place saying “Detroit Sucks!”  I just ignored him and then he goes on to say, “you made my day bad now! Detroit Sucks!”  I get it they are a really good team and they are better than the Red Wings.  I just looked at him and said, “I am minding my own busy.”  He just left me alone.  I did not just walk in and say Red Wings Rule because then I am asking for it.  Those are the fans that put a bad name on fan bases.  Remember that, when you see a co-fan doing something, you might want to step in or say sorry for how that person acted.

In closing, I get it you are a fan of your team.  Congrats but there are a time in place for everything.  I love the passion of any fan for their team.  What I do not like are jerks killing my sports experience or to any fan. I love to see all ballparks in the MLB and that goes with NHL and NFL.  The big think you need to put this in mind.  If I pay money to come into your town, I am helping your team and your city.  In the end, we are here to enjoy the sports event and just respect each other to have some fun.  This is not to paint a cloud on any fan base. I am basing my experience on my experience. Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


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NHL Against NHLPA, Who Will Win The Cup?

In this sport blog, we are going to talk about the future of the CBA in the National Hockey League.  If you are not aware of this issue, the owners are ready to lock out the players again.  As September 15th comes closer, we might not have a hockey season or maybe part of the season.  The players have 53% share of the profits while the owners has the rest, which is 47%.  The owners want to flip that profit-sharing to their way.  They, the owners, are yelling how poor they are and how the smaller market teams are having problems paying their bills.  If you know anything about hockey, you know way over half of the profits come from the box offices unlike the rest of the major sports.  As you know the last CBA called for an entire season to be cancelled in 2004-2005.  Under the current CBA, we had the average NHL team is worth 47% more in value.  Last season, the league had 18 of the 30 teams showing red before they pay for their bank loans and other assets.  The prior year there was 16 of the 30 teams.  Along with the increase of player’s salaries increased by 11% to $59 million.  Big market teams are doing fairly well with most of them making money or profit.  So where is the issue here?

It is the small market teams that are mostly in the red.  Owners want to go to NFL Model which is 48% or do what the NBA did this last summer which is 50-50 spit.  To me, seeing a team like LA Kings winning the Cup this year just spell the end to the NHL I grew up loving and watching as a kid.  They were the first team in league history to beat 1st seed when they were the 8th seed.  Also they were the first time to win the Cup as 8th seed.  Congrats to the LA Kings but I am sorry I love the power house teams in the league going back to the Orignal 6.  Big Market teams should killing any league not just NHL.

This year’s Stanley Cup, which featured New Jersey Devils against LA Kings, draw the worse television since the 2007, which featured Ottawa Seniors against Anaheim Ducks.  I believe my point is approved by this stat.  However, it was in the Los Angeles market with the oldest team in California might have helped the ratings a little bit.

Stanley Cup Final Audience Averages Since 2007 on NBC and NBC Sports Network/VERSUS (

2007, Ottawa vs. Anaheim – 1.8 million

2008, Pittsburgh vs. Detroit – 4.5 million

2009, Pittsburgh vs. Detroit – 4.9 million

2010, Philadelphia vs. Chicago – 5.1 million

2011, Boston vs. Vancouver – 4.5 million

2012, Los Angeles vs. New Jersey – 3.0 million

As we get closer to the September 15th expiring of the old CBA, this could be the end of this sport.  NHL might be losing more than money but fans that keeps this league up and running.  I believe with all the comments coming out on both signs that the owners care but they are not looking at the bigger picture, which is the future of this sport.  You would think the owners will learn their lesson from the last lockout.  The big question is that needs to be asked are you coming back this time?  Will you try to buy tickets for this upcoming season?  What is going to be the fallout if they do lockout for the season?  I do not have the answers but the greedy are fighting over their billions and millions of dollars.  If there is a lockout, all  workers that clean the bathrooms, cashiers that run the hot dog, beer, etc will all be out of jobs.  The workers that are trying to make it in this world will be on the unemployment line.  In the end, the fans of this great sport and the rich history will not will the Cup and I believe there will not be NHL raising the Lord Stanley’s Cup in 2013.  What is your thoughts?  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it! \m/


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Olympic Games Does It Still Mean Something Today?

In this blog, we are going to uncover something that has been a huge issue for me a long time while growing up, which is the Olympic Games.  As the athletes are getting ready for the Summer Games in London, England while I am writing this blog about Olympic Games still meaning something in the Modern Era.  Let us get into a little history and see if we can uncover some answers from the past.  The games were founded back in 4th century BC in Greece.  In the 8th Century, the International Olympic Committee took over and then push it to the modern-day Olympics as we know the games now.  Greece kept on hosting the games but the first country to host asides Greece was Paris, France.  International Olympic Committee pushed for Summer and Winter Olympic and they are two years between each other.  The big reason why there is Summer and Winter is the fact some games you cannot play in the summer.  There were several times the Olympics were cancelled because of the World Wars, which were  1916, 1940, 1944.  During the Cold War, Olympics was limited in 1980 and 1984.  The Olympics use the old era awards, which are Gold Medal for first, Silver Medal for second, and Bronze Medal for third.  As of today, there are over two hundred nations are involved in all the games.  The five rings are for the five inhabited continents and the colors, which are blue, yellow, black, green, and red, are behind a white background.  The colors were picked because these colors are on every country’s flag.

Here is a statement from Olympic Creed:

The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.

This is an interesting statement.  I believe the Olympic games are for peace in the world to prevail war while having completion with all world’s countries.  I was going to draw my thought that is the reason why we should keep the games going on in the world.  It is not the case when they cancel Olympic Games during the World Wars.  Also during the Cold War the games were limited during those years.

Why are we still doing the games? Here is a few questions that we look at to get some answers.

Is it an easy way for the country to say they are the best in the world?  I believe that is right and London will have 204 different countries sending their athletes to be in all the different summer sporting events.  The interesting fact is that China will send 639 athletes to London.   I cannot find the break down for each country.  I would be interested to know how many the United States and other major countries are sending.  This is a good reason to keep the games around.  It is nice to see all the countries go against each other.

Does the country pay for the training of the athletes?  This question might upset myself and everyone that reads this blog post.  Eastern countries do pay for their trainings and sponsored their athletes.  However, the United States do not as a country, corporation sponsors the athletes.  I am really not upset about this situation.  I am fine with this as long as the government does not pay for any of the athletics.  Our country’s finance situation is really bad along with the world.  I believe the countries should cut that expense off for the time being.  There is more import things to take care of right now.  For example, Greece is a really great example.  That country finances is all messed up and I would hope that they take care of more important things then these Olympic Games.  Yes, Greece will be at this years Olympic Games.

Here is article I believe will answer some questions about Greece and Europe  (

LONDON 2012: Amid financial crisis, several nations struggle to prepare for Olympics

This is private money but did any of the companies that took government bail out sponsor any of the athletes from the last Olympic Games?  I cannot find anything to support any answer.  I will have to say no which is a very good thing.

I really have not come up with an answer if we need the Olympic Games.  This next question will answer some of it.  With all the marketing, sponsorship, and cost of ads from major companies, how are the tv ratings in the last Olympic Games in 2008?  What age groups watch it?  Well the 2008, China Olympic Games draw the largest television audience for the history of the games.  The United States hit a daily of 27 million with a total for the Olympic Games of 211 million people.  In the world 4.7 billion viewers which is 70% of the world’s population.  In 2004, it was only 3.9 billion and 2002 was 3.4 billion.  Alright, agree these numbers look really damn good.  Here is my thought on this idea.  The world’s population in 2008 was 6.7 billion people.  In 2004, it was at 6.4 billion.  Every four years the world’s population is growing so of course these numbers look really good.  In 2012, the population might reach 7.026 billion.  I will say we will have record-breaking numbers again this years Olympic Games in London, England.  The really question is the second part of it.  What age groups watch the Olympic Games?

Here is a chart from Nielsen Company:


The Super Bowl had the New Orleans Saints against Indianapolis Colts.  This Super Bowl is the third highest program in United States television history. (This is according to Matt Webb Mitovich article on   I realize Olympic Games are multiple events but I just wanted to show how this Super Bowl ratings in history of United States’ television history.  I believe it is interesting that 55+ watched the Olympic Games over the Super Bowl.  I will get into that thought along with this pie graph says below.

Here is a pie graph from Nielsen Company:


I believe we saw this one coming.  I know I did and by looking at this pie graphs it proves it.  More males watch the Super Bowl then the Olympic Games and more females watch the Olympic Games.  These Olympic Games in 2010 was the Winter Games.  I would not be shocked to see the same numbers for the 2012 Olympic Summer Games.

In closing, the Olympic Games still kind of matter.  After during the research, it proves my thoughts that the Olympic Games should be retired. It is not the case. The Olympic Games does not matter to the young people in the world at least in the United States. I could not find facts to support that when people get older they start caring about the games. With all the best athletics playing in the NHL, MLB, NBA, and NFL, we get the Olympic Games every year in those respected sports asides the every four years. When I was growing up, the Dream Team for basketball, which had all the all stars in the NBA, was a huge deal but I cannot remember watching any of the games. I get it. You are able to watch games that you normally do not get to see on television.  However, those sports are starting to pop up on some four letter sport network, the Olympic Games are more and more becoming a dying breed.  With major corporation putting a ton of marketing money into the games, I want to see who they think is their target market. These games are going to be interesting for a few reasons. I want to see if any of the corporation that a government bail out is involved and what the ratings will be over all, age group, and what gender that will be watching the games. As of right now, the Olympic Games bring more problems to the countries that host it and the rest of the world.  The terrorist threat that comes out everything time these games are being played.  I just feel we could put our efforts somewhere else to improve the world as we know it today.  I will be doing a follow-up blog after the games to see if there is any answers to these questions. I respect the rich history of the games and I am happy there is some people who enjoy these games. As of right now, it is just me and a few other people who want these games to go away for good. Go USA! Drink it! Enjoy it! Metal it! \m/


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