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Grand Theft Auto MC Businesses Still Worth It? 2021 Edition

In this blog, we are going to get into are MC Businesses still worth your time on GTA Online? I have done a post in 2020 on this same subject. I feel that the last DLC, which is The Cayo Perico Heist, has made them ever more useless to you. Here is link to the last post in 2020.

MC Businesses Still Worth It?

Let’s get started on this subject.

The Cayo Perico Heist Effect

This heist has finally gave what most online players and all money grinders wanted. Rockstar gave us chances to do run a heist 100% solo. This helps the money solo and group grinder. The time frame, which is hour to two hours, of doing setups and limited Intel mission you will make between 1.2m to 1.7m . This is a give and take from what I saw from others and my experience of running it in a pair to solo. You can do this in a group and go back to back to make between 1m to 2m.

What Does This Mean To Player?

It is simple. The time that you mess with heist is worth more than selling MCs. You will make the same and more money running the heist to cooking and selling your MC businesses. The big problem with MC Businesses is you will need help selling. Missions like Post Op and trash trucks will take you almost 30 minutes to complete in a group. Solo selling them you will be luckly to finish it. If you get them back to back, it is almost hour to complete them. That could be one heist and you will double your payout. Yes, they can be cooking while doing heist. I get that but selling is where the problem laids. The time to money ratio is on the heist side.

In closing, I will have a guide on the heist itself. I was just thinking what this means for MCs businesses now. I believe this out of date format and DLC needs a freshing and update. Rockstar has done this with RDR Bounty Hunter role. I would not be shocked to see a Biker DLC part two. MCs more than ever are not worth your time. If you are beginning player, yes, they are worth it. As you start buying more of the new content and go further in your online career. You will see my view. Thank you for your support and I hope enjoy and find this post helpful. Until then, play hard and party on! \m/


DJ Weiser


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Grand Theft Auto Hanger Money Guide And Review

In this blog, we are going to get into a business that many players hate and others love. I am talking about the Hanger Business. Let’s go to my Hanger 18.

Hanger Location ($1,200,000.00 to $2,650,000.00)

There are only five Hanger locations on the map. There are two at the big airport in the city in the south. I do not recommend them. The other three are in the military base in west and middle part of the map. I highly recommend any of those locations. This will give you access to a free Lazer. You need to steal it of course. You will get one star from police if you take a Lazar. When in missions, you will get no cops. You will not regard this purchase of this Hangers. You can fly over the base any time without getting police on you.

Sourcing Crates And Missions

This business gets biggest heat and disadvantage over rest of the businesses on GTA Online. When you are under CEO crates, you can source one to three at a different price. Hanger crates are different. It depends on who is under your CEO or Motorcycle Club. You can source one to four crates. I recommend sourcing the first three types of crates. The missions can be blowing up signals around the map to protecting a Titan. I recommend sourcing the first three, which are Narcotics, Chemicals, and Medical Supplies. They make most money.

Trade Prices

There are a few planes and helicopters that you can unlock a trade price, which is a cheaper price. It is by how many missions that you complete. It takes 50 crates to fill it up. If solo, you will have all the trade prices unlocked by completing 42 missions. Here is the list (credit to howellq off Reddit):

  • 3 – Nagasaki Ultralight (free when writing this)
  • 6 – Western Company Rogue
  • 9 – Buckingham Alpha-Z1
  • 12 – Nagasaki Havok
  • 15 – LF-22 Starling
  • 18 – V-65 Molotok
  • 21 – Mammoth Tula
  • 24 – RM-10 Bombushka
  • 27 – Buckingham Howard NX-25
  • 30 – Mammoth Mogul
  • 33 – Buckingham Pyro (recommend)
  • 36 – Western Company Seabreeze
  • 39 – P-45 Nokota
  • 42 – FH-1 Hunter (recommend)


  • You can use yout Mark 2 for most missions.
  • You might find the B-11 and Hydra might be bettet options.
  • You can drop your crate above your hanger instead of walking it inside.
  • Akuka might be good in a full lobby to hide your crate
  • You can store planes and helicopters in store if you run out of room in your hanger
  • If you have a hanger at the military base, do not forget to take thr Lazer out. Still one of the best planes in the game. Don’t buy it.
  • Fill up your hanger and wait for double money to sell. It will nevet get raided.

Closing, I have had my fun and chellenges with this business. It could be fun doing the missions and other times you ask yourself why am I doing this. They are different than CEO crate missions. As I am writing this post. It is double money this week. You will love to hate this business. I recommend picking it up and get some crew members and/or friends to help you fill it up. Help them back. Grind that money my friends. Until then, play hard and party on!!! \m/


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

Grand Theft Auto Online Bunker Money Guide And Review

In this blog, we are going to get into a money guide for Bunker Business. This will give you a pretty detailed guide to help you or refresh your memory. Let’s get it.

Bunker Location ($1,450,000 to $2,290,000)

There are several Bunker Locations throughout the map. The two best locations that I recommend buying are Farmhouse and Chumash bunker. I would stay in the direct middle of the map. If you pick high end seller, you will be selling into the city. These two locations have easy access to the freeways and the city.

Shooting Range

You do not need to buy this right away, however, this will come handy in the future. This will help you practice shooting in free aim lobbies. If you max each chellenge to three stars, you get extra throwables free ammo and other things.


Research has always will and had made many players upset. Between this and the arena war sponsorship tier levels, I do not know which one is worse. There is some useless items in here. There are some must haves like explosives rounds for the Heavy Duty Sniper and Shotgun. I might get some heat for this. I believe knocking all the research out of way before you start making and selling guns. If it is double money go between both so you can take advantage of the extra money.


These are a must. It is like motorcycle club. I highly recommend buying the equipment and staff upgrades right away. I would buy the security at the very end. I still recommend but not a must right away.


This is so not worth it now a days. Some even said it back when it first came out. It was not worth it then. There are some weaponize vechines will need this or the Avenger to upgrade them or put the weapons on other cars. I will get into the MOC, Terrorbyte, and Avenger in a future post.

Other Things

Living area is not a high on the list, however, it will be nice to spawn in your bunker. I would buy it down the road. Golf carts, design, and painting is not a must. Save your money and when you get a nice cash flow. Go ahead then and buy it.

In closing, this business is a must buy. It is one of the best in the game to make money and it can be very solo friendly. If you buy one set of supplies, you will only get one selling vehicle. Shootout to my friend @g-streezy88 for that information. He does some great guides on YouTube. Please, go and check out some of his videos. You will also need this business for your nightclub to source for the black market. Thank you to @TwiggySmallz_ for the nice thumbnail. I will be doing a Hanger Money Guide for my GTA Series. Until next time, play hard and party on! \m/


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

Grand Theft Auto Motorcycle Club Buinesses Money Guide And Review

In this blog, we are going to get into a detail money guide for MCs Businesses. I hope this helps you out. Let’s get into this post.

Clubhouse ($250,00 to $495,000)

It does not matter where you put your clubhouse. There are several things that you can do in your clubhouse. You can buy Motorcycle Workshop, which I do not recommend right away. You can store up to ten different motorcycles in your garage. There is darts, bar, jukebox, and arm wrestling table. In the meeting room, you can run club missions. They are pretty fun and have a chellenges. They do not pay out very much. They are good money when they are double money. The computer in the office is where you buy the businesses. They are listed below:


  • Weed Farm ($715,00 to $1,358,500)
  • Counterfeit Cash ( to $1,605,500)
  • Forgeries Document ($650,00 to $1,235,00)
  • Methamphetamine ($910,00 to $1,729,000)
  • Cocaine ($975,00 to $1,852,500)

The two best businesses above that I recommend are Methamphetamine and Cocaine. The next tier will be Conterfeit Cash and Weed Farm. Forgeries Documents, I would hold off until you get the Nightclub. I will get into that in a future post. If you fill up your stock all the way, you will get one to four delivery vehicles. I highly recommend that you have crew members or friends to help. If you are a solo grinder, bar and half of stock will always give you one delivery vehicle.

Business Setup And Upgrades

You do not have any set ups for your clubhouse. You have one setup for each of the businesses. Most of the businesses you will get one car, which is the Tampa. Forgeries Document business, you will get a bag that you will need to take back to your business. I recommend to buy all the upgrades. I know I will get some push back on the security. It helps on adding time before getting raided. I will leave it up to you. Staff and equipment upgrade is must. Your business will produce and make better product which will make you more money.

Contract Missions

These missions are found in the meeting room and they only can be started by the president. They can be running fun missions but they do not paid very well. When they are double money, they are worth revisiting. Missions can go from stealing bikes or helping a prisoners escape from the law.

Motorclub Members Abilities

Each member has some unique abilities to help their club. Some of these abilities will help younger players. For example, road captian can call in a few helicopter, which is a Buzzer without the weapons. You can active these abilities in the interaction menu under Motorcycle (role) and going down to MC Abilities. Here is everything in detail below:

  • President – Pres has several options. He can assigned a race to the Road Captain. Club Work has several missions. There is also Club Challenges for members
  • Vice President – missions are hit and ride and target rival and ability is drop bullshark $1,000.00
  • Segment of Arms – abilities are drop ammon $1,000.00 and molotov $200.00
  • Road Captian – request vehicle from air to land, riding formation, and mission Race to point
  • Enforcer – request a hit and drop armor. There is a mission for Rippin’ it up

Shootout to @jffy163 for helping me with this part.

Closing, these set of businesses, crates, and import export are a great way to start building up a nice solid income. This will help you start to buy the rest of the businesses in the game. Keep in mind for you solo grinders out there, you can sell these businesses with one vehicle. You just need one and half bars of stock. Thank you to @TwiggySmallz_ for the awesome thumbnail. I hope this guide helps you and if I missed anything, please, call me out. Next guide will be on the Bunker. Until then, play hard and be safe! \m/


DJ Weiser


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Grand Theft Auto Gerald’s Last Play Missions

In this blog, we are going to get into the new missions this last Thursday. They are Gerald’s Last Play. It also comes with a texted that might hint at the next DLC. We will get into at the end. Let’s do this.


Make Ends Meat

This slaughterhouse isn’t quite what it seems – Gerald’s long-time rivals have been using it to put together product before taking it to the street. Deal with the rival gang members guarding the facility and get hold of their cook sheet, but it won’t be easy as safe-cracking skills will be required

Go Figure

A clever rival dealer has started stashing cocaine inside action figures and Gerald’s picked up a tip that he hasn’t been low key with his transactions. Collect the van then locate and recover the delivered figures…and be ready for anything.

Fast Paddling

Bikers are trying to muscle in on Gerald’s business and are undercutting him at every corner. Help send the right kind of message by stealing supplies from their known businesses.

Deal With It

A deal’s gone wrong and players need to locate the missing product Gerald has kept tabs on with a tracker, but rival gangs might also know this so it’s up to players to source the goods, and keep the cops off the trail in the process.

Bad Companies

Gerald’s had enough with a rival gang boss and is ready to take him out – but he has to find him first. Smoke the rival leader out and take him and his unit down.

End Product

Gerald is looking to unload all his merchandise in a big deal with a local buyer. Make sure this deal goes smoothly

Gerald’s Text

Word on the street is that a serious downturn is about to hit the black markets of Los Santos.

In closing, these are some pretty fun missions but they are pretty hard. I do not recommend doing them solo. You will need a friend and/or crew member. Sorry this took me a bit. I wanted to play them to get idea on these missions before I write about them. I know they were glitching at first but Rockstar has fixed them. I know today is last day for the extra money. I am wondering what tomorrow will bring us with Gerald’s text to us in the game or near future. If something comes out, I will report on it right away. Enjoy the new missions. My thumbnail came off Rockstar’s newswire along with mission details. Until then, play hard and party on! \m/


DJ Weiser


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