Month: January 2019

New Blog GTA Arena War DLC Review

In this video game blog, I am going to break down the new DLC from GTA Online. Rockstar released their first DLC after the release of RDR 2. The views on this review are my thoughts. Let’s get into this review.

The Maze Bank Arena has been closed online since 2013. We finally have a chance to get inside and see what is in there. I love how we have another garage with arena mechanic, weapon specialist, and Benny’s guy. The last two characters have been in the game just in other properties. I also love how they tied in the After Hours radio station in the garage. You will be getting double money and RP until January 14th.

In closing, I love new features and tiers to level up. I love all the new cars and the looks of them. The problem that I have is the pay walls. You have to level up in sponsorship tier to unlock rewards. 0 to level 1000 and it is including cars outside the Arena, weapons on the cars and clothes. Clothes should not have a pay wall. Overall, it is a fun thing to do. I believe this is for the rich player or kids that play GTA Online. In future blogs, I will break down my thoughts on each of the modes and cars. Until next Cheers.

Bill DJ Weiser

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