New Sports Thought Thursday Blog How To Act As A Sports Fan To Other Fans.

In this Sports Thought Thursday blog, I might be wrong or right on this subject.  I will be talking on both sides of coin.  This has been a pretty big issue  to me of late living in the Chicago market.  Here is my thought.

Fan of a Team Not in the Market

At Stadium

Beware where you are and what you are doing.  For example, if you are going to see your team in another team’s stadium.  There is nothing wrong showing your team proud but there is an issue when you are acting like a jackass.  If you wear your team colors, you need to act like you are not there but you are there.  It is OK to clap when your team scores but do not stand up when they make a big hit and clap.  You are asking for problems.  You need to watch your alcohol in tank.  We all know people do dumb things when they are drunk.  It is fine to drink but know your limit.  If some other team’s fan says something, just ignore them.  If they keep going, just say, I am here just like you are and I am not bothering anyone.   You will need to know where security and Customer service.  Remember, you might be out-of-town but you are still a paying customer.  You deserve what the hometown fans get in their sports experience.  You need to show respect and it is pretty easy.  They will see it and just be nice. They will talk to you nicely.  At least, they will not get in your face and try to start a fight.

Out And About In The Town

This is part that bugs me.  I will wear a Red Wings hat around Chicago.  I am supporting my team like you are supporting your team.  I will not wearing a jersey around unless I am going to the game or bar event.  I know that is wrong and I am asking for problems.  I mind my busy and go about my errands just in my hat.  You need to be yourself and just respect your surrounds.

Fan In A City With Opposite Team’s Fan

At Stadium

Remember these people are human and they have feelings like you.  Treat them like you would treat yourself because what you give out will come back around.  It is fine to say their team sucks but do not get in their face to start a fight.  I realize you have to support your team with the rest of the fan base but remember you might be in that same situation down the road.  Plus, you need to realize how much you are drinking because you might do something you might regret.  Respect them and you might have a nice talk with them.  You might learn something from them.  Of course, if they do something, you know when to put them in their place.  Remember this is your building but that does not give you the right to be a jerk.  They are there like you to enjoy the game.  I get it they are rivalries. Respect!

Out And About To See Another Team’s Fan

Here is the big one for me.  I had this happen to me yesterday (Saturday).  I walk into a place with my Chicago Cubs coat and Red Wings hat.  There was a Blackhawks fan shouts across the place saying “Detroit Sucks!”  I just ignored him and then he goes on to say, “you made my day bad now! Detroit Sucks!”  I get it they are a really good team and they are better than the Red Wings.  I just looked at him and said, “I am minding my own busy.”  He just left me alone.  I did not just walk in and say Red Wings Rule because then I am asking for it.  Those are the fans that put a bad name on fan bases.  Remember that, when you see a co-fan doing something, you might want to step in or say sorry for how that person acted.

In closing, I get it you are a fan of your team.  Congrats but there are a time in place for everything.  I love the passion of any fan for their team.  What I do not like are jerks killing my sports experience or to any fan. I love to see all ballparks in the MLB and that goes with NHL and NFL.  The big think you need to put this in mind.  If I pay money to come into your town, I am helping your team and your city.  In the end, we are here to enjoy the sports event and just respect each other to have some fun.  This is not to paint a cloud on any fan base. I am basing my experience on my experience. Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

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