New Sport Thought Monday Blog MLB Prediction

In this special sport thought blog, I am going to give my  thoughts on the upcoming season.   It will be a long one for me as a Cubs fan but I enjoy baseball and its rich history.  Here are my thoughts short and to the point.  It will be fun to see how this comes along through out this season.

AL East Winner

Toronto Blue Jays – It is simple.  The O’s and Rays will take a few steps back.  Red Soxes and Yankees are either hurt or rebuilding.  I do not see O’s still going on the run like they did last year.  I would not be shocked to see a few wild cards coming out of this part of the league.  Blue Jays did a few trades and rebuild that pitching relation.  It will be fun to watch this team raise up to where they were in my child hood.

AL Central Winner

Detroit Tigers – Why not?  This is a very sexy pick and I know just everyone in Detroit and outside are picking this team.  Great pitching and hitting.  Their defense is still under question but it will be fun to watch this team.  Indians were busy but I do not think they are good enough.  Royals are supposed to be good every year and I think they will fail like they normal do.  White Soxs and Twins are just bad.

AL West Winner

Texas Rangers – I still love this team even though they loss a few players to free agency.  I do not trust the Angels pitching but their line up and defense is pretty sick in a good way.  Oakland A’s like the O’s, they were lucky last year and I wish them the best of luck this upcoming season.  I just do not see them doing what they did last season.  They are a good team and Billy Bean always finds players to play over their limits.  Seattle will be pretty but how much.  Will it be enough to take over the two offense powers of the Rangers and Angels?  This is the toughest division in the league.

NL East

Washington Nationals – I am not a dumb person.  This team is stock with talent.  This is their year that they will make some noise even though it came one year sooner.  Their starting pitchers will pitch all year-long with no limits.  Defense and offense is sexy but do not forget about Braves.  Mets and Miami will be at the bottom.  The Philadelphia will be good but aging team.  You have ask how much do they have left in the tank.  They will make some noise.  I will not be shocked that two wild cards come out of this part of the league.

NL Central

Cincinnati Reds – I hate to say it.  I do not think they are really that good but this division just flat-out bad.  Cubs and Pirates will be fighting for the last spot.  Brewers and Cardinals will be fighting for second or third.  This is just a painful division from top to bottom.

NL West

San Francisco Giants – I really like this team to get to the playoffs again.  I know the Dodgers are good too.  They are just like the Blue Jays.  They made a ton of moves in the off season.  This is going to be fun to watch this shape up.

Wild Card Winners AL

LA Angels

Baltimore O’s

Wild Winners NL

Atlanta Braves

LA Dodgers

Sleeper Teams

Chicago Cubs

Kansas City Royals

World Series Match Up

Detroit Tigers

Washington Nationals

World Series Winner

Detroit Tigers


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New Sports Thought Thursday Blog NHL Has A New CBA

In this sports blog, I am doing my follow-up post to my earlier on NHL Lockout.  As many of you know the NHL has reached an agreement with the players on CBA on Sunday Morning about 6:00 am ET.  Does it really matter now?  Will the fans come back? How will the league make a come back now?  Do you think the players, owners, and NHL care about the fans?

NHL teams will be hitting the ice again for a short season.  After all the silliest floating around between the owners and players, we as fan can now send a message to the league.  I know for a fact the NHL deep-rooted cities will rebound because it is in the blood for those fans.  I am talking cities like Detroit, Boston, New York, etc.  Now what happens to the teams to the south like Tampa Bay, Phoenix that still does not have a new owner.  I believe it will take NHL over ten years to pick up where they left off before this last lockout.

Lock out, I will be watching hockey because I love the sport and I am glad it is back.  This will be some exciting hockey for the next few months because every game will mean something then a normal eighty-two games.  I will be watching every game.  I am watching the ratings and attendance around the league.  I just have a feeling the hockey fans will make a statement to the league and the players.  I believe that Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr need to resign and/or be fired because of this situation.  Gary Bettman legacy will be having two lockouts in less than ten years.  Donald Fehr will be the guy that has put two sports in Jeopardy of going away.  I believe he just did it to NHL as a business.  Go get some!  GO WINGS!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


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NHL Against NHLPA, Who Will Win The Cup?

In this sport blog, we are going to talk about the future of the CBA in the National Hockey League.  If you are not aware of this issue, the owners are ready to lock out the players again.  As September 15th comes closer, we might not have a hockey season or maybe part of the season.  The players have 53% share of the profits while the owners has the rest, which is 47%.  The owners want to flip that profit-sharing to their way.  They, the owners, are yelling how poor they are and how the smaller market teams are having problems paying their bills.  If you know anything about hockey, you know way over half of the profits come from the box offices unlike the rest of the major sports.  As you know the last CBA called for an entire season to be cancelled in 2004-2005.  Under the current CBA, we had the average NHL team is worth 47% more in value.  Last season, the league had 18 of the 30 teams showing red before they pay for their bank loans and other assets.  The prior year there was 16 of the 30 teams.  Along with the increase of player’s salaries increased by 11% to $59 million.  Big market teams are doing fairly well with most of them making money or profit.  So where is the issue here?

It is the small market teams that are mostly in the red.  Owners want to go to NFL Model which is 48% or do what the NBA did this last summer which is 50-50 spit.  To me, seeing a team like LA Kings winning the Cup this year just spell the end to the NHL I grew up loving and watching as a kid.  They were the first team in league history to beat 1st seed when they were the 8th seed.  Also they were the first time to win the Cup as 8th seed.  Congrats to the LA Kings but I am sorry I love the power house teams in the league going back to the Orignal 6.  Big Market teams should killing any league not just NHL.

This year’s Stanley Cup, which featured New Jersey Devils against LA Kings, draw the worse television since the 2007, which featured Ottawa Seniors against Anaheim Ducks.  I believe my point is approved by this stat.  However, it was in the Los Angeles market with the oldest team in California might have helped the ratings a little bit.

Stanley Cup Final Audience Averages Since 2007 on NBC and NBC Sports Network/VERSUS (www.sbnation.com)

2007, Ottawa vs. Anaheim – 1.8 million

2008, Pittsburgh vs. Detroit – 4.5 million

2009, Pittsburgh vs. Detroit – 4.9 million

2010, Philadelphia vs. Chicago – 5.1 million

2011, Boston vs. Vancouver – 4.5 million

2012, Los Angeles vs. New Jersey – 3.0 million

As we get closer to the September 15th expiring of the old CBA, this could be the end of this sport.  NHL might be losing more than money but fans that keeps this league up and running.  I believe with all the comments coming out on both signs that the owners care but they are not looking at the bigger picture, which is the future of this sport.  You would think the owners will learn their lesson from the last lockout.  The big question is that needs to be asked are you coming back this time?  Will you try to buy tickets for this upcoming season?  What is going to be the fallout if they do lockout for the season?  I do not have the answers but the greedy are fighting over their billions and millions of dollars.  If there is a lockout, all  workers that clean the bathrooms, cashiers that run the hot dog, beer, etc will all be out of jobs.  The workers that are trying to make it in this world will be on the unemployment line.  In the end, the fans of this great sport and the rich history will not will the Cup and I believe there will not be NHL raising the Lord Stanley’s Cup in 2013.  What is your thoughts?  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it! \m/


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