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New Video Game Blog GTA Online Arean War Game Modes Review

In this blog, I am going to break down my thoughts on each of the arena war modes. This is my thoughts and no one else. Take it however you like. There is no wrong answer. I will talk about what is right and wrong and biggest problem of this arena war. Let us get into this review.

Bomb Ball

This series of matches are like Rocket League. It is pretty fun. You can use every car, trucks, and motorcycle. I do not recommend the Deathbike or Isis. It is best to use one of the cars so you can shot at the ball to move it towards the goal. This is a fun mode but when it is four rounds, it is way too long. Two rounds are perfect. The other issue is the players. I do not understand how players do not how to play this mode. It is straightforward. Overall, it is fun and perfect number is first to win two rounds. It helps with the value of the pay out. It is still not fair. If you are rich or have time, this is perfect way to spread your time. Honestly, you can do client jobs or VIP work and it will be worth more of your time.

Tag Team

The players are not issue in this mode. The only way that they are the problem is when they do not tag out right away. They try to be the hero. There are four teams with four garages to tag in and out. Time frame can be vary from match to match. There is a player from each team crashing and shooting at each other. Rest of the team is in VIP suite. There they are shooting machine gun, missles, RC cars, etc. This is one of the best mode asides Wreck It and Game Master. I will get in those here soon. The only problem there is no pay out right now and no one is barely in the arena. When it is double cash and RP, this is really fun and kind of worth your time.

Game Master

This is another straightforward mode. One team is out in the arena gathering these gold coins. The second team is in the VIP box trying to kill them. This one pays good as along as you can get two teams together. No one is playing the Arena War. Pay out is good when double money and a pretty fun game mode.

Wreck It

This is Rockstars version of the classic movie Deathrace. It is a race and you do whatever you need to do to win. Guns to mines are all in play. The more laps you go the more traps are unlocked during the race. Do not think the VIP box is not playing a role. They are available after a player gets knocked out. They can get involve by spaining the arena wheel in the box. They get a free spin when locked out or finish. This is by far my favorite mode. Once again, if not double money, the pay out is not good.

Here Comes The Monsters

Monster trucks versus tiny cars. I feel like they put this in for the kids that should not being playing this game. I do see a lot of players enjoying this mode. It is not my favorite but it is fun. Let us face all these modes are fun.

Buzzer Beat

This is a motorcycle only mode. You ride around with a bike that has a time bomb. You have to collect the gold coins through out the arena to extend your time on your bomb. If you are the last player standing, you win the match. It is fun but not my go to mode in the arena.


You can play this mode in two ways. They are Last Team Standing or Last Man Standing. It is what the title of the mode says. You are out there trying fo destroy everyone or the other team. If you are really good with one vehicle, I recommend you using that one.

My Top List of the Arena War Modes:

  1. Wreck It
  2. Game Master
  3. Buzzer Beater
  4. Carnage
  5. Tag Team
  6. Here Comes the Monster
  7. Bomb Ball

In closing, the game modes in the Arena War DLC are ton of fun. I just feel that Rockstar missed the mark. What I mean is if the pay out was so much better. It could make this a nice money grind for those players and to balance of how expense this DLC. Overall, it is fun and I cannot say that enough. Rockstar knows what they did wrong and I hope they will fit it. Happy gaming everyone!


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser