New Sports Thought Thursday Blog Super Bowl XLIX

In this Sports Thought Thursday blog, we are going to get into this year’s Super Bowl that is being played at Arizona.  Today is the Pro Bowl.  Who cares!!!  This year’s playoff games has had one theme throughout.  Refs have screwed many teams in the league.  I am talking about flag that was picked up in the Lions vs Cowboys game.  The process of the caught in the Cowboys vs Packers.  Finally, deflate footballs in the Colts vs Patriots.  I will get into that in a sports thought Thursday blog after the Super Bowl.  Let us break this down.

If you read my blog before the playoff games, you know that I picked Seattle vs Denver in a rematch.  This is why you never change anything because I did have New England vs Seattle in the Super Bowl.  I had that just before I posted it.  Oh well!  I believe the whole Deflategate will put some pressure on the Pats.  I do not care if they have the best coach to get them focus on the game.  This does pulls a lot of pressure off the Seahawks.  Everyone is talking about New England and Deflategate.  The ruling from the league will not be until after the Super Bowl, which I believe is some bull shit.  Let us get into what is at stake for each team.

New England Patriots

Winning this game is very important for both teams.  New England can shut everyone up on Deflategate and spygate.  Plus, this might be last go around with Brady and Bill.  I believe the punishment is going to be harsh on New England.  I am not going to get into that until after the Super Bowl.  This game could make Brady 3 – 3 or 4 – 2 at the Super Bowl.

Seattle Seahawks

This is pretty simple.  The best defense of all time is Legion of Boom, if they win this Super Bowl.  They took care of Manning in last year’s Super Bowl.  They have a chance to take care of another quarterback that was one of the best of his era.  This could be their last runs to the Super Bowl.  I am not saying last but COULD be their last run to the Super Bowl.  There are rumors of Lynch being released or retiring.  Plus, they have to pay Russell Wilson.  They were able to pay everyone else on team because they had a cheap contract with Wilson.  Now, Seahawks will be like all the teams in NFL.

In closing, I can see a close game on the biggest stage and biggest American holiday.  I can not see this game being a blow out game.  This will come down to the running game because I believe the defense will keep the passing games in check.  I also seeing this game coming down to the kickers and punters.  Special teams will have a huge impact on both sides of the field on this game.  In the end, the Seahawks will win this game and become the first team to go back to back Super Bowl Champs since New England.  This will push us into a pretty excited offseason with Deflategate and future of Bill, Tom, and Payton.  I am looking forward to the offseason and I cannot wait to sit down next Sunday to watch this game.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


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Sports Thought Thursday Blog NFL Playoffs

In this Sports Thought Thursday, we are going to look at NFL playoffs of 2012.  It has been yet another exciting year for football.  Black Monday was interesting after the regular season was over.  Head coaches and general managers being fired from several different teams because they did not reach their goals of winning the Super Bowl. It is going to be exciting off season but it is time for some NFL Playoffs. Let us look at the teams and match ups in the playoffs.


Bengals vs Taxans

I am loving Bengals over the Taxans.  I just feel there is something wrong with Houston on their losing streak.  They came out strong at the beginning of the season and I believe the league has figured them out.  I would not be shock to see them win either.  Bengals finished the season strong and took care some of their demons.  I believe they will move on into the playoffs.

Win:  Bengals

Colts vs Ravens

This one is a tough one.  This game will feature the number one pick of this year’s draft and this is the first time that number one pick quarterback makes it to the playoffs in his rookie season.  He has been playing like a 3 to 4 year player.  Ravens defense is weak and Luck might pick them apart.  There are questions on their Offense like every year.  I will have to go with the Ravens and it is a shame to watch this amazing rookie season end.

Win:  Ravens


Vikings vs Packers

These teams will be playing back to back weeks.  That last game of the last week of the season was something else.  It was a great game.  This game comes down to how the weather is going to be like in Green Bay.  If it is like how it is this time of the year, this might be a simple pick.  However, it is not that easy, Green Bay taking a page from the past with their running game.  I just feel that Vikings have the upper hand on the running game.  I do not see a passing game on either side being effected in this game.  I love Vikings defense but did both teams show too much in their last two games.  I am leaning towards the Vikings but if it has to come down to the passing game.  Rogers is the man and I just feel Vikings’ quarterback will make some mistakes.

Win:  Packers

Seahawks vs Redskins

Here is a game that will be something else.  Two rookie quarterbacks are starting in this game that came out of this year’s draft.  Redskins and Seahawks both finished off strong.  However, Seahawks was just really bad but did Hawks turn around their season against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field, RG3 is now hurt and cannot run as well as he did in the beginning of the year.  I am liking Seahawks and I believe in their offense and defense.

Win:  Seahawks

AFC Divisional Champions

Bengals vs Broncos

Is there really a debate here?  This game has MVP of the league at QB and maybe the comeback player.  Broncos defense carried this team last season into the playoffs and now Manning is taking that to the Super Bowl.  Sorry Bengals, you had a great year.  I just cannot see you over take this Broncos team.

Win:  Broncos

Ravens vs Patriots

Just like the other game in the AFC, I just feel this game is going to be a lot closer then many of us believe.  Patriots offense is still there like it has in the past and they shown that against my Dolphins in the last game of the season.  Not many people remember Patriots had a ton of problems on defense.  Plus, many have forgotten that loss to the Cardinals.  Maybe they fixed their problems but I have a feeling it might show its ugly head again.  Ravens will find their offense and defense will look like they did in the past.    I have a feeling the Patriots will win but I really like the Ravens.

Win: Ravens

NFC Divisional Champions

Seahawks vs Falcons

I am going to ride the Hawks band wagon.  I believe their defense will stop the running and passing game from Falcons.  Falcons had a great year and they earn their number one seat.  I just have a feeling they will not slay their monkey on their back this season. They will be the same old Falcons.  I am going with their past history.

Win:  Seahawks

Packers vs 49ers

This one is pretty tough.  I will go with experience on this game.  49ers are starting a second year quarterback in the league and I just have a feeling he will show his nerves and inexperience.  Tom will make mistakes and the Packers will jump on them but they are home so he might be comfortable.  I hope for Jim that he picked the right quarterback.

Win:  Packers

AFC Champions

Ravens vs Broncos

I am loving the Broncos moving on to the Super Bowl over the Ravens.  Even if the Patriots make it here, I still will see Broncos move on to the Super Bowl.  This defense from Broncos will stop the Ravens offense.  I just can see this game being close but Manning driving with minutes left on the game for the win.

Win:  Broncos

NFC Champions

Seahawks vs Packers

This will be a fight and a very close game.  Green Bay is a team that runs through what Rogers can do on offense.  This is a tough pick.  I will have to go with my donated team this season.  I will go with Seahawks and I believe it will come down to a field goal.  Packers will loss it because of their inconstant kicker.  I just cannot believe they are still using him.  It will cost them a game.

Win: Seahawks

Super Bowl

Seahawks vs Broncos

Closing the season out, I am liking Seahawks for this reason their defense.  Manning has a Super Bowl experience and a win.  Manning will have problems with those corner backs of Hawks.  I just see him turning the ball over and their DL will cause a ton of problems for the Broncos OL.  I do not think that Broncos will have answers for Hawks offense and/or Russell Wilson, who should be rookie of the year.  Who knows what will happen?  Maybe Manning will show he can play in the big stage unlike he did his last time.  This will be a fight and a great game.  I am picking Seahawks.

Super Bowl Winner:  Seahawks

Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


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New Music Blog Candlebox Love Stories And Other Musings

In this music blog, we are going to check out the latest record from Candlebox.  The record is called Love Stories And Other Musings.  Candlebox was founded in 1990 in Seattle, Washington.  They have put out five studio records.  This is their second release since reforming.  They are touring under this record.  Let us get into the music.

Youth In Revolt

This song has a nice guitar riff with a nice flow on the drums.  The orignal singer still has a strong singing voice for these sets of songs.  This is a great opening song for this record.  This song has very well written lyrics.

Sweet Summertime

This song has a nice calming and a great rhythm to the song.  It has a nice guitar work.  The lyrics are average and he has written better lyrics in the past.

Believe In It

This song has a nice guitar and drum riffs.  I am loving the bass line on this track.  It comes back to the focus on the singer, which there is nothing wrong with that.  Kevin has written some uplifting lyrics on this song.  There is also an awesome guitar solo, which is very nice to heard it coming from a band from grunge era of the 1990’s.  Candlebox was always different then the rest of their peeps of their era.

She Come Over Me

There is a slow start to the song with a calming drums.  Kevin sings over the drums with a nice soft melody.  It has a nice guitar work and great drum beats in the later part of this track.  I love the lyrics.  He has been one of my favorite lyricist in the 1990’s.  I love the pick up towards the end of the song.

Turn Your Heart Around

The start of this song has a nice drum intro with a smooth guitar riff over it.  Turn Your Heart Around has a nice rhythm on melody from the singer.  The song picks up in the middle of the it with more awesome guitar work.  Kevin has written some great lyrics again.

Lifelike Song

I love this heavy guitar riff with some great drums and great melody from Kevin on vocals.  Kevin has written lyrics that are in your face but keeping it true to the classic Candlebox sound.  Most great singers really do not need back up vocals but this song has some well placed back up vocals.

Come Home

At the beginning of this song, there are nice drums and guitar work in the song “Come Home.”  Kevin once again singing very nicely on this song.  Overall, this is a very well written track.  I am really love the drums on this song.  It has a very nice ending to it.

Bady Loves Me

Baby Loves Me has a nice guitar riff at the beginning.  Once again, Kevin has written some well lyrics.  There is some great drums on this track.  This is an extremely well written song.

Them Eyes

Them Eyes has the classic Candlebox song with great drums to guitar work.  Kevin has been really strong throughout this record.  This great tune is perfect to finish off the new original songs before they re-record their big hits from the past.

Here are the rest of the tracks that are re-record hits.

Far Behind


Cover Me


Simple Lesson

Here is the current line up of Candlebox:

  1. Kevin Martin – Vocals, Guitar
  2. Peter Klett – Lead Guitar
  3. Scott Mercado – Drums
  4. Sean Hennsey – Rhythm Guitar
  5. Adam Kury – Bass

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @candlebox

In closing, I am glad to see Candlebox back but I was really not a fan of this one.  I love their last one, which was called “Into The Sun.”  It just seems like Candlebox rushed this record out but I could be wrong.  However, I am just happy to have this band back together, I want to see what their next set of songs will sound like.  There are some gems on this record.  Overall, I know this band really well and I know they can put out a solid record like they have done in the past.  If you are a fan back in the day of Candlebox, you need to come out and check this band out today.  If you are just getting into them, go back and check out there earlier records.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill Weiser


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