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New Beer Blog Why And Why Not Drink Local Craft Beers And Ciders?

In this special beer blog, we are going to get into a hot issue in the huge growing market of craft beers, ciders, and breweries.  There has been a huge growth and it is coming out of the mass produced beer companies.  There is home brewers taking their passion of beer making to the public.  The questions that I am going to try to answer for myself are “Why And Why Not Drink Local Beers And Ciders?”

Why Drink Local Craft Beers And Ciders?

It is pretty simple.  Money stays in the state and/or the local area.  There will be more jobs created because of these breweries.   The money keeps coming in and out of the brewery.  It works if the brewery is buying supplies from local companies and most do this practice.  Most craft breweries take homes in old and empties buildings.  They resolve these old buildings back to the way they were back in their heyday.  Of course, they put their brewery and restaurant in them.  The other things that these breweries in most cases.  They create more jobs at distributors.  They hire a marketing firm or their own people to run it.  Just like most businesses, they will put money back in the economy.

Why Not Drink Local Craft Beers And Ciders?

I get beat up about half of the time when I bring this up to people at craft beer bars or stores in my local market.  I get it because everyone wants to support their local businesses and I am one of them.  I have to be honest with myself and others around me.  I heard this when I lived in Chicago and now here in the Michigan.  When traveling to other cities around the US, I saw these same signs and heard it from the locals.  When trying these beers or ciders at home or your local watering hole, be honest to yourself because it will save you from the painful drinking experience.  I had a pretty ugly drinking experience with a local craft brewery in Chicago.  I kept on telling myself that I love this beer and brewery.  I just finally admitted to myself that they are not that good.  I started to look at local craft brewery in a different light.  I give breweries credit when they put a good beer to the market.  I also give them credit for thinking outside the box.

In closing, I am not saying do not drink local beers and ciders.  If their beers are good, drink them and support them.  If their beers are not good, you as a beer drinker, customer, and buyer needs to send them a message.  They need to improve or go away.  This is the ugly side to the business world.  I am catching myself doing it it again.  Just be honest with yourself about these beers or ciders in your area.  There is new craft breweries opening every day and there will be more good to great beers and bad beers.  Remember, you are voting with your wallet.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.  Support the local good beer and let the bad go away.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


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