New Sports Thought Thursday Blog Jon Lester And Cubs Playoff Team

In this Sports Thought Thursday blog, we are going to dig into the exciting offseason from my Chicago Cubs.  This MLB throughout the league has been really exciting offseason.  I am pretty excited because Chicago Cubs are getting ready to start winning in two years.  What does the Joe Madden and Jon Lester move means for this upcoming seasons in 2015?

The Chicago Cubs are not winning the World Series in 2015.  They are going to make the playoffs but some of their kids might take a few steps back.  Baez came up and started hitting some nice home runs. The excitement shot through Cubs nation. MLB took notice to the kid. He stroke a ton.  His Minor League numbers show it.  He had in last season 388 At Bats and stroke out 133 times.  He had 23 home runs.  He played 52 games with 213 At Bats and stroke out 95 times.  The league will caught up with these kids on their weakest and strength.  Soler when he came up he was pretty hot and then cool down.  He batted .143 in the last seven games.  I am not saying this doom.  These kids will need to make some changes just like the league had too.  I love our farm system and the upcoming kids on the roster.  Jon Lester will give us that Ace they needed to fill out the rotation.  He puts rest of our starters in line.

Here is the Rotation:

  1. Jon Lester
  2. Jake Arrieta
  3. Jason Hammel
  4. Kyle Hendricks
  5. Jacob Turner
  6. Travis Wood (Bullpin)
  7. Edrwin Jackson (Bullpin)

I believe they will spit up that Lefty to Righty at the top of the rotation.  It is pretty strong and I know Travis Wood had a rough year.  I can see him bouncing back but I would not be shocked to see him traded to have one of other young pitchers come up in his spot.  He might start the season in the bullpen because of the resigning of Jason Hammel.  I know Edwin Jackson will be in the bullpen.  I cannot see him starting and I would not be shocked to see him traded.  He is owned a ton of money so maybe a bounce back year and traded before the trade deadline. He will start if there is some injuries. The Cubs has something they did not have in 2014.  They have depth in the starting rotation.  They will have some more kids ready half way through the year or September call ups.  The lineup has some interesting looks.  I know Joe Madden will have some fun here. Let take a look at that now.

Here is the Lineup:

  1. C. Coghan LF
  2. J. Baez 2B
  3. S. Castro SS
  4. A. Rizzo 1B
  5. J. Soler RF
  6. M. Montero C
  7. L. Valbuena 3B
  8. A. Alcanara CF
  9. Pitcher

There is a ton of things can be moved around.  You know Castillo will be traded because I cannot see team carrying three catchers.  I also love pick up of Tommy Le Stella to back up Baez.  If Baez starts out slow or just struggle, he can step in at second.  We know Ross will be behind the plate when Lester is pitching so he will be in the 7th or 8th part of the line up.  There is some choices and I know they are not done trading and signing players.  I am not getting into the bullpen because I want to see what other moves they make. Joe might have a different way of looking at this line up.

Closing, I am liking what I am seeing from my Chicago Cubs.  They will make the playoffs next season or just miss it.  I can see them come out with a strong start or finish to the season.  I can see a few more moves before spring training.  I can see them doing some kind of moves before the trade deadline to add for the push to the playoffs or moves for 2016.  Either way, Cubs fans are excited this season as they should be for this team.  The last few years teams around the league believe they had a win playing us. This is not the case anymore.  2015 is a promising season and I am excited.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


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New Sports Thought Thursday Blog Chicago Cubs And Joe Maddon


In this Sports Thought Thursday Blog, we are going to get into the new hiring and firing of their managers.  After another year of losing and celebrating 100 years of Wrigley Field, it was time for some more changes on the field and managing team.  There was some good things that happen under Rick Renteria.  Let’s get into the 2014 year.


2014 Season

The Chicago Cubs record was 73 – 89 record.  Winning percent was .451.  They had a winning record at home.  They started out the season really slow and former pitcher Jeff Samardzija struggled to get his first one in the first month of the season.  He gave the Cubs some good to excite games.  They were below .500 for the first half of the season but as soon as the trade deadline came around and they traded off some key pieces.  They kind of turn their season around.  You saw the growth of Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro and a come back year and career of Jake Arrieta.  They saw part of their second half season with long winning streaks.  They saw some of their top prospects come up to the majors and help them win.  The sad thing is Rick earn to come back and he helped the growth of the kids. This is what the front office wanted.

New Manager

This is a business decision and there is no way to be loyal to someone when the goal is to win the World Series.  When a top five manager in the game comes available, you hire him.  This goes for any business or any sport.  They are not saying this is going to happen or not.  This does not guarantee a World Series but this sends a huge message to their fans and rest of the teams in baseball.  They were entering free agency looking to sign a top pitcher for their rotation.  More kids are coming to the majors in a few years.  Joe Madden experience young but talented team a few years ago with Tampa Rays.  He won AL East when the Red Soxs and Yankees were still really good teams along with Orioles team up and coming.  He also took a team to the World Series for the first time in team history.  He was manager of the year. Joe Madden left the Rays because of his former GM, who was Andrew Friendman, now works for the LA Dodgers.

Closing, I agree with everyone and the front office of the Chicago Cubs.  Yes, it sucks and unfair.  He does deserve better.  However, when a coach of his standards and elite comes available, you go and hire him.  This improves the Chicago Cubs.  This makes it easier for free agents to come to Chicago to play for Cubs.  They have not won the World Series in over 100 years.  The attitude of the team has changed since Theo and company came to aboard.  Joe completes the message from the front office to the dugout.  The players of the Chicago Cubs are going to have so much fun on the field that is something Joe brings to the field. This is something that has not been there on the Northside in a long time. I feel better being a Chicago Cubs fan.  The front office is not saying it but I believe this is the coach that will bring my Chicago Cubs a World Series.  I cannot wait for next season and beyond.  Go get yours Cubs and Go Cubbies!    Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


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New Sport Thought Monday Blog MLB Prediction

In this special sport thought blog, I am going to give my  thoughts on the upcoming season.   It will be a long one for me as a Cubs fan but I enjoy baseball and its rich history.  Here are my thoughts short and to the point.  It will be fun to see how this comes along through out this season.

AL East Winner

Toronto Blue Jays – It is simple.  The O’s and Rays will take a few steps back.  Red Soxes and Yankees are either hurt or rebuilding.  I do not see O’s still going on the run like they did last year.  I would not be shocked to see a few wild cards coming out of this part of the league.  Blue Jays did a few trades and rebuild that pitching relation.  It will be fun to watch this team raise up to where they were in my child hood.

AL Central Winner

Detroit Tigers – Why not?  This is a very sexy pick and I know just everyone in Detroit and outside are picking this team.  Great pitching and hitting.  Their defense is still under question but it will be fun to watch this team.  Indians were busy but I do not think they are good enough.  Royals are supposed to be good every year and I think they will fail like they normal do.  White Soxs and Twins are just bad.

AL West Winner

Texas Rangers – I still love this team even though they loss a few players to free agency.  I do not trust the Angels pitching but their line up and defense is pretty sick in a good way.  Oakland A’s like the O’s, they were lucky last year and I wish them the best of luck this upcoming season.  I just do not see them doing what they did last season.  They are a good team and Billy Bean always finds players to play over their limits.  Seattle will be pretty but how much.  Will it be enough to take over the two offense powers of the Rangers and Angels?  This is the toughest division in the league.

NL East

Washington Nationals – I am not a dumb person.  This team is stock with talent.  This is their year that they will make some noise even though it came one year sooner.  Their starting pitchers will pitch all year-long with no limits.  Defense and offense is sexy but do not forget about Braves.  Mets and Miami will be at the bottom.  The Philadelphia will be good but aging team.  You have ask how much do they have left in the tank.  They will make some noise.  I will not be shocked that two wild cards come out of this part of the league.

NL Central

Cincinnati Reds – I hate to say it.  I do not think they are really that good but this division just flat-out bad.  Cubs and Pirates will be fighting for the last spot.  Brewers and Cardinals will be fighting for second or third.  This is just a painful division from top to bottom.

NL West

San Francisco Giants – I really like this team to get to the playoffs again.  I know the Dodgers are good too.  They are just like the Blue Jays.  They made a ton of moves in the off season.  This is going to be fun to watch this shape up.

Wild Card Winners AL

LA Angels

Baltimore O’s

Wild Winners NL

Atlanta Braves

LA Dodgers

Sleeper Teams

Chicago Cubs

Kansas City Royals

World Series Match Up

Detroit Tigers

Washington Nationals

World Series Winner

Detroit Tigers


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New Sport Thought Thursday Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field

In this Sport Thought Thursday, we are going to get into the debate on the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field.  We are going to review the history of Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field.  I do not think that the general baseball fan know they both have different history.  Let us get into this debate.

Chicago Cubs History

The history of Chicago Cubs started as Chicago White Stockings in 1870 by defeating the St Louis Unions.  In 1876, the White Stockings join the newly formed league known as the National League.  In 1907 and 1908, the Chicago Cubs became the first team in Major Baseball League to win back to back World Series.  They beat the Ty Cobb’s Detroit Tigers.  Everyone knows the history of never winning another World Series after that.  They are now own by Ricks and they are in rebuilding mode, which is being rebuild by former GM of the Boston Red Sox.  Red Sox just like the Cubs went on a long just like the Cubs.

Wrigley Field History

The history of the Wrigley Field is just as rich as the Chicago Cubs.  Wrigley Field was home of the Chicago Whales of the Federal League when it opened back in 1914.  In  that year, the field was known as Weeghman Park.  When the Chicago Cubs moved into the field after the Federal League folded in 1916.  The field was called Cub Park.  It was renovated in 1937 and 1988.  It was expanded in 1922, 1927, and 2006.  To build this field, back in the day was $250,000 in 1914, which today will equal $5.73 million.  This field is one of the smallest in the league.

State of Wrigley Field Today

Today, the Chicago Cubs as a business is taking a hard look at Wrigley Field. They need to restore the field and they know it.  They are looking at putting up more Ads throughout the ballpark that the previous owners would not do.  They are also looking to put more signs behind the bleachers. The problem is the rooftops are complaining that it would block their views into the ballpark.  Does this sound wrong?  It is wrong because the Chicago Cubs only get a small percentage of the ticket sales from the rooftops.  The ads they could put up behind the bleachers would cover their small percentage that they get from the rooftops and more in about a season. The other problem is the neighborhood around Wrigley Field and it does not help that the field is a historical landmark.  The Ricks, who own the Chicago Cubs, would have to get permission from the state and the neighborhood to do anything in and around Wrigley.

In closing, I believe it would be best for the Chicago Cubs to move out of Wrigley Field.  This is the reason why.  They are profitable at Wrigley Field because it is a tourist event.  I am not saying that is the fan base.  They are getting most of their money from the box office.  They cannot put signs throughout the park because of the rooftop that are stealing the product on the field.  Yes, they are giving money to the Cubs but not at what the Chicago Cubs Could make on ads.  Yes, the Chicago Cubs could fix up the locker room, etc.  They want to make sure they can do everything not somethings.  I believe Rosemont deal will help the Cubs get what they want out of the City of Chicago and the neighborhood.  I believe you will see no more rooftops in the future if the Chicago Cubs stay at Wrigley Field.  I believe the Chicago Cubs will not be playing baseball in the city limits soon. I could be wrong. Please let me know what your thoughts are about this.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


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