New Blog Savor 2012 Part Two (Beer Event)

Sury Brewery Smoked Lager

This beer is black in color with no head. It has a nice smoky chocolate smell. It has a nice smoky chocolate taste with a burn smoky aftertaste. It is not bad and pretty drinkable. I would say to try this beer.  Cheers!

Flying Dog Chocolate IPA

Shocking this beer is not dark in color which is refreshing to see any brewery do with the trend of black IPAs out there. It is yellow with a slight cloudy look to it in the glass.  It is very well balance for IPA. It is sweet then a slam of carbonation and a slight coco aftertaste. I really enjoy this beer. Very well done!  Cheers!

Flying Dog Wildeman Farmhouse IPA

This beer has the Belgian Farmhouse Saison look to it but this dog bites pretty hard in and out of the glass. It has a nice cloudy yellow look in the glass. You can smell the earthy farm smell from the beer. It is very drinkable which this style is suppose to be and keeping to the tradition. The aftertaste is ok but I could live for the beginning of this great beer. Go get some! Cheers!

Devil’s Backbone Brewery

Any brewery has the word Devil or Slayer better live up to the name. That old bastard will do some crazy on you.  This brewery does not disappoint. This BPA is light cloudy yellow with a sweet carbonation piney taste. The aftertaste is very interesting.  It comes with almost a chili punch to the beer. I love this brewery. Cheers!

Flying Fish Chestnut Brown Ale

It has a nice brown color to the beer. It has a marriage of nutty and ginger kicking around in the beer. The taste is something out of Belgian. It is very sweet and a ginger hunting in it this beer. It is a very well done beer. Cheers!

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