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New Music Monday Blog Aerosmith Music from Another Dimension!

In this Music Monday Blog, we are going to get into the latest and overdue record from Boston Legends known as Aerosmith.  Aerosmith’s last record was Honkin’ On Bobo which was released in 2004.  It has been twelve years for original music and that record was Just Push Play in 2001.  Aerosmith was founded in 1970 in Boston.  Aerosmith signed with Columbia Records in 1971 and in 1973 Aerosmith debut record hit the shelves.  Aerosmith is a really successful band in American history.  They have sold over 150 million records worldwide and 65.5 million in the United States.  Aerosmith was put in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in 2001 and listed in Rolling Stones 100 Greatest Artist Of All Time.  Aerosmith has put out 15 studio records, 5 live records, 11 greatest records, 68 singles, and 7 video records.  We are going to do the latest from this band and it is 15th record, which is called Music From Another Dimension!  Let us get into the music.


There is a voice in the opening track.  It gives you an outer space type of feel and sets theme of this record from Aerosmith.  I am loving the drums, bass, and guitar work at the beginning of the song.  I am not liking the singing and effects on Tyler’s vocals.  I am not a fan of lyrics either.  The music is old school Aerosmith but the singing is something you would hear from Moroon 5.  The music kind sounds like Love In Elevator and melody.  I am love the guitar break from Joe Perry.  Joey Kramer still has it on the drums.  Great music but just bad lyrics on this song.  I hope this not a theme throughout this record.

Oh Yeah

Great drumming at the beginning of Oh Yeah, the guitar has a late 1970’s feel to it.  I am not too sure on the lyrics just like the opening track.  The music is pretty solid with a nice guitar break and then a little guitar solo from Joe.  I am not a fan of singing and lyrics.  This record is missing something and it feels like it was rushed even though they took forever to out this record.  I did like that ending to Oh Yeah.


What is up with the beginning of this song?  Come on stop reliving the rap days of Aerosmtih and Run DMC.  Steve you can not rap and same thing with the rest of your band members.  This song is really bad.  They should have put a rapper on this song.  It would have been a little better because the music is pretty solid.  I love the guitar solo from Joe.  I am glad there was a good solo at least.  So far this is the worse song out there and on this record.

Tell Me

I am love the beginning of this song.  It has nice singing from Steve and acoustic.  Please cut off the reverb on Steve’s vocals.  You are not the greatest singer in the world but you do hold your own.  I did not like how the drums came into Tell Me.  I am kind of liking the lyrics on Tell me.  This is a pretty solid song.  So far this is beyond the best song on the record.  This is what I am looking from this legendary band.

Out Go The Lights

Out Go The Lights has a some solid guitar and drumming that echoes some from their earlier work.  Joey has some solid drumming and bass playing from Brad.  The lyrics are pretty good too.  Steve is singing like he did in the past.   Is this record turning period in the right direction after the first three bad songs? Joe has a solid guitar break in the first quarter part of the song.  This is a pretty solid song.  It has well written in every part of this band.  I am loving the back up singing too.  There was a great stop and the start-up from the drums.  Joey then rides the cow bell into sunset.  The back half of the song has some nice trade-off from all the guys in the band while Steve just chills in the background.  There is a nice touch on the fade out of the music for the ending.

Legendardy Child

This song sounds like something off Get A Grip or Just Push Play.  There is a solid start to the song.  I am enjoying the lyrics and guitar work.  The drums and bass are right there up to Aerosmith standards.  So far, Aerosmith has turn the corner on this record.  This is another good song.  Joe has a great guitar solo towards the end of the song.  I like the ending of Legendary Child.

What Could Have Been Love

This is the first Ballard on this record.  I like Steve’s singing and Joey and Joe’s playing on this song.  The lyrics are well written.  I do enjoy their ballads in the past so this one lives up to those songs.  Joey has some great drumming on this song.  There is some great melody.  I just feel this song does not need back up singing.  This is a great song.  I love the ending to the song.

Street Jesus

Street Jesus start out with a sample from the street and the guitar comes in.  It is an average to below average guitar riff.  Steve’s singing is average.  I have heard better from this band.  The main part of the song is Ok.  I really not liking this song.  The title is a little cheesey.  I like the drum beat and the bass playing on Street Jesus.  I could do without the rest of the members on this song.  I really do not like what they did at the end of the song.  At least Joe has a great guitar break and solo in the middle of the song and it sounds like the two guitar players are trading off solos.   I could not finish listening to this song that how bad it was for me.

Can’t Stop Loving You (feature with Carrie Underwood)

Here is another Ballard song on this record.  Steve and Carrie are a good fit on this song.  Their voices and vocals fit perfectly together.  This song has a nice pace to it.  I love how they bend together.  I am also liking the music.  It has a little country touch to it and it is not because Carrie is singing on this song.  Please, cut the reverb off Steve’s voice.  This is a well written song and it is one of my favorites so far on this record.  I love the fade out of the song at the end.

Love Alot

I love the drum action at the beginning.  There is some great music but the lyrics are a little weak again.  I am enjoying the melody that Tyler has on Love Alot.  I just feel there could be better lyrics than the ones that are on this song.  I just feel he is singing the same thing over and over.  I know there are different words but it echoes too much.  I really did not like the ending of the song.

We All Fall Down

The start of We All Fall Down has some singing with piano work which is well written.  Steve has a nice melody and is singing great.  Here is another slow song and the lyrics are average.  They are livable to what I have heard on this record.  To be honest, drums and bass are great on the song but Aerosmith could live without them on this song.  I am loving the guitar riff on this song but really do not need them.  It might make more sense towards the end of the song for the guitar, bass, and drums.  I really not a fan of the ending.

Freedom Fighter

Freedom Fighter has a great bass, guitar, and drum working.   I am not a fan of the singing and the lyrics.  This is pretty bad song.  I really love the music on this song but I could do without the lyrics and singing.  I do not know where they came up with this song.  To me, this is not Aerosmith.  Is this a Joe Perry solo song that he brought over to Aerosmith? I know he has done that in the past and had some success with it.  This song does fall short but I love the ending of the song.


I love the effects on the guitar at the beginning and a well written riff.  I love the blues singing from Steve.  It fits the feeling of the song and the theme.  The music is pretty good and nice blues guitar solo between versus.  I am also enjoying the lyrics.  It has a pretty solid ending to the song.


The beginning sounds like something from a hockey game and video game.  I am enjoying the guitar playing.  Joe sounds like Gene Simmons after a bender.  He did get better as the song went on but please Joe play the guitar and do back up vocals.  You are not a lead singer.  I do not know how I feel towards this song.  It has a pretty good ending.

Another Last Goodbye

I am enjoying the piano and flute playing at the beginning.  Steve singing is pretty good also and with some really good lyrics.  Steve is singing his heart out on this song.  This is a great song to end this bad record.  Please, do not get me wrong there are some gems on this record.  Damn!  Steve really hit it on this song.  His singing is the best I have heard from him in a long time.  I have to be honest this song could be shorter.  The lyrics getting pretty boring as the song goes on with the singing at the very end of the song.

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @aerosmith

Closing out, I will be really honest on this record.  Is there are some good songs and gems on this record?  Yes, there is but they are not great song or up to Aerosmith’s standards.  I feel they cut them short on many of these songs.  I just feel this record is missing something.  Is the band getting along and are they talking about their music?  I just feel they are not talking to one another.  Two summer ago, Aerosmith almost replace Steve Tyler as lead singer.  I do not know how much of that put into this release.  I just know they have been working on this record for a while.  I am glad they are still together.  I am glad they are touring and I might have to see them this upcoming summer.  I saw them at Tiger Stadium with Kiss and Slavia.  It was one of the best shows I saw that year.  I believe that is the last time I was in Tiger Stadium.  Well to wrap this up, I have to say just because I did not like this record and dogged on it.  It does not mean you will not like it.  We as music fans have a ton of chances to listen to the record before we buy it.  Just what I said there are some good songs.  I just feel there are too many filler songs to get this record out to the people.  Let me know your thoughts.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

New Music Monday Blog Hard Rock And Metal Dream Line Up

In this Monday music blog, we are going to talk about my fantasy line up for a Hard Rock and Metal band.  Some of these artists might or might not be part of a metal or hard rock group.  It is kind of marriage of music.  They can be alive or dead.  With the growth of these “Super Groups” this could be a fun topic and I am looking at these artists to be together pass their prime of their career.  Let us get into the line up.


I have three drummers in mind just in case if you can not get one.

  1. Jason  Bonham (Led Zeppelin) – I believe his hard and soft hitting would bend in to the thought pattern of this band.
  2. Neil Peart (Rush) – Just like Jason Bonham, Neil does the same thing in Rush and could be a better drummer.  It has been a debate for years with friends.
  3. Robb Reiner (Anvil) – Robb is a really good drummer.  He can keep up with Jason and Neil but the problem he plays too hard at times.  I was going to throw Keith Moon (The Who) but he has the same problem.  I love Robb’s drumming in Anvil and he brings the item of thrash metal and speed that Jason and Neil do not.


I have three bassists in mind that could support the drummer and build a solid backbone to this fantasy band.

  1. Joey Gittleman (The Mighty Mighty Bosstones) – Joey coming from Ska band with some punk background would give an item that might work or not work in this fantasy band.  This band needs a bassist that will dance but sit in the pocket and Joey is one of the best in the Ska Scene.
  2. Cliff Burton (Metallica) – I believe we did not get to see the true Cliff Burton because he died too soon.  The short body of work shown me enough to put Cliff at the top of the list  Cliff could sit in the pocket with the drummer but go off and dance around any guitar player.
  3. Pete Way (UFO) – Pete’s style could help seal up the drums to the guitar players while still run around like Cliff did in Metallica.  The problem I would have Pete is lack of pushing the limits.


This player needs to be special and another support item to this band. I have three idea players. There are some rich players that play this instrument.

  1. Paul Raymond (UFO) – He will be a great fit. He is use to play with a great guitar player and bassist. Plus, he will play guitar when it make sense in the song over the keyboard and the other way around. Let us face it, not all songs needs two guitar players or keyboards in it.
  2. Tuomas Holopainen (Nightwish) – He plays both the support as back up and yet can go to the lead over the guitar or bass. He is not a very good singer even though he did sing on the first two records of Nightwish. He could help with the song writing and lyrics.
  3. Billy Joel – I know what you are thinking when I am suggesting Billy Joel. He is a talented player on the piano. The only problem is playing more of a keyboard and not be the lead singer. He can sing a few songs but could be a great back up singer for the lead. Just like (Nightwish), he can help with the sing writing.

Rhythm Guitar Player

This band might not be need two guitar players but if we are going to fill it.  Here is the idea three players.

  1. Paul Raymond (UFO) – see above.
  2. John Sykes (Whitesnakes, Blue Murder, Thin Lizzy) – John  can do everything between lead vocals, lead, and rhythm guitar.  There could be a nice balance between two lead guitar players.  John has done a few of that in Thin Lizzy or Whitesnake.  He could be a good fit in this band.
  3. Chris Garza (Sucide Silence) – This band being a newer band.  There is a short body of work.  This band is an extreme metal group with some speed.  It might give something different than all the classic rock members that I have been naming.

Lead Guitar Player

The lead guitar player needs to be someone special that will not take over the group and make it all about him or her.  He will need to know his role a super group.  You can take out like Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendix, etc.

  1. Chris DeGarmo (Queensryche) – This guy was it as far as great metal lead guitar players back in the back in the 1980’s.  He was very underrated.  Everyone had their man crush on Eddie Van Halen, Kirk Hammit, etc.  Chris just like John Sykes can sit in the pocket but when it comes to the solo.  Your mouth will drop to the floor.
  2. John Sykes (Whitesnakes, Blue Murder, Thin Lizzy) – see above.  John could go back and forth, which could be a good thing.
  3. Robby Krieger (The Doors) – Robby like Chris DeGarmo is underrated guitar of his era.  He could fit what the song is doing and the theme of it.  He is a very good player and could support the drums, bass, keyboard, and singer.

Lead Singer

I had a lead singer in mind through out this whole process and I wish  I could head this music from this band.  Here are my three lead singer.

  1. Jim Morrison (The Doors) – Jim could bend his style into in any music and I believe the band could fit this music around his lyrics and poetry.  He was the start of the hard rock and metal music.  His dark themes in his lyrics will go with all the music from all these great artists.
  2. Kevin Martin (Candlebox) – Kevin is an awesome singer.  Kevin’s singing style has an attitude in all songs even in love songs.  Kevin would bend his style to this band. Kevin is a great lyric writer.
  3. Ronnie James Dio (Dio, Rainbow, Black Sabbath) – Why not Ronnie?  Dio is one of the best lead singer in the history of hard rock and metal.  Dio could sing in all styles.  He loved the fantasy so some of these artists could get along with him and write some great music.

Line Up:

  • Jim Morrison (The Doors) – Lead Vocals, Spoke Words
  • Chris DeGarmo (Queensryche) – Lead Guitar, Back Vocals
  • Paul Raymond (UFO) – Rhythm Guitar, Keyboard, Back Vocals
  • Joey Gittleman (The Mighty Mighty Bosstones) – Bass Player, Back Vocals
  • Jason  Bonham (Led Zeppelin) – Drums

In the end, this was tough.  I thought this would be easy.  I realize these band members might not get along.  Jim with his drug and drinking problems would cause a ton of issues in the band alone.  Jim and Jason would be out all night with Joey but Joey would head home after a while.  Chris does not want to be a star nor touring artist that’s why he is not in Queensryche.   Paul would be the leader to keep everyone in line.  The music that this band would put out would be something else.  I would love to hear this music but there are a ton of different styles and I do not know how they would get along.  If you take Joey out on bass and put Cliff, would Cliff put more harmony in this group? Would Kevin or Dio as the lead singer make more sense?  Asides, Jason on drums put Neil on drums.  There are several questions.  How would Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, etc on guitar.  What about Geoff Tate. Tim Ripper Owens, and Rob Halford on vocals?  There are several more questions.  What about extreme metal singer at vocals?  Like Chris Burns?  I like this line up being a fan of them.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

New Music Monday Blog Soundgarden King Animal

In this Music Monday Blog, we are going to look at the reunion record of Soundgarden.  King Animal was released in the later part of 2012.  Soundgarden was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1984 by Chris Cornell and Kim Thayil.  Soundgarden was the first of the Seattle Grunge bands to sign with a major label in 1988.  They found their success in the 1990’s like the rest of their friends like Alice In Chains, Nirvana, etc.  The band broke up in 1996 because of create direction issues.  They reunion in 2010 and King Animal followed shortly after that.  Soundgarden has six studio records including this record.   They also have one live record, four greatest hits records, and six EP’s.  Let us get into the music.


Been Away Too Long

This song is the first single off of King Animal.    Nice overdrive guitar riff at the beginning and then the drums come in with the bass.  Chris still has his voice and kept it healthy.    This song is something you would hear off their record called “Down On The Upside.”  It has a nice pace to the song.  This is a great comeback song for this great metal group.  There is some great music on this song.  Great finish to the song.

Non-State Actor

I am loving the guitar effect and the opening riff with a strong backbone from the drums and bass.  I am loving the music and great placement from the singer for his singing lines.  I am loving the lyrics on the last two songs.  There is a nice pace to the song.  I love the short guitar solo from Kim.  This band was never afraid to put guitar solos in their songs.  Nice finish to this song.

By Crooked Steps

I love the drums and guitar work set in the background at the beginning of the song.  It sounds like it comes slowly to the front and then snaps right into your face.  I am loving this song so far.  This reminds me of old school Soundgarden.  It has that deep dark theme in the music and lyrics.  The guitar riff is simple but it fits for what the band is trying to do in this song.  Nice guitar break and solo from Kim in the later part of the song.  This song is my favorite song so far on King Animal.  I am loving the well placed back up vocals with Chris singing over the top of it.  I am loving the building up for the ending of the song.  It has a great finish.

A Thousand Days Before

A Thousand Days Before starts out with some nice guitar work.  I am loving the drumming on this song and Chris comes in with the bass player.  I am loving the timing of the bass when it enters the song.  He does not starts with the drums when most bass players starts playing with the drums.  There is some great guitar work on this song.  It is a little slower pace to the rest of the songs from the beginning of the record.  Chris puts some thought in singing on this song.  I love the lyrics.

Blood On The Valley Floor

This song has that old school Soundgarden guitar playing, which is what made them famous.  It has that Classic Black Sabbath dark evil guitar riff.  I am not saying this is a Black Sabbath guitar work.  It has the sounds of it.  This is something I could hear off their first few records.  I am loving Chris’s singing on Blood On The Valley Floor.  This is one of my favorite songs.  Great drumming towards the end.

Bones Of Birds

There is some great guitar work at the beginning of Bones Of Birds.  This song is slower than the rest of the songs.  It is perfect timing for a slower song.  There is some solid drumming and bass work on this song.  Chris has a nice melody and lyrics in this song.  There is some well placed simple keyboard work on this song.  This is a very well written song.  The music echoes the feeling of the lyrics that Chris wrote for Bones Of Birds.  This is a great song.  I love it.  Nice touch on the end of the song with a simple bass line too.


Taree starts out with drums and guitar work that echos something off Superunknown.  This sounds like something between Black Hole Sun to Fell On Black Days.  Taree sounds like a loss track off Superunknown.  This is a great song.  I am loving it.  It is one of my favorite song on this record so far.  I love the guitar break in the middle of the song.  This is a great comeback record so far.  All the songs do not sound like fillers.  Soundgarden has put their soul into all of these songs so far.


Attrition starts out with some nice guitar work at the beginning of the song.  I am loving the melody in this song.  There is some great double vocal singing.  One is high and the other is low.  Nice touch and well placed.  There is some great drumming and lyrics also on this song.  This song was straight to the point.  I love the ending of this song too.

Black Saturday

Black Saturday has nice acoustic guitar work with congas in place of the drums.  I love the dancing bass playing with some great singing from Chris.  The drums come in but they play the background.  I love the build of in this song.  The distorted guitar comes in but does not over power the rest of the music.  This is extremely well written song.  This song has some nice rhythm and pace to the music.

Halfway There

Chris with an acoustic guitar playing while singing.  The drums just like the last song comes in but it is more of backup with the bass playing.  I love main and chorus riff.  There is a ton going on in this song.  Yet another well written song from Soundgarden.  Chris has written some great lyrics.  I love the meaning and theme behind them.  Kim has a great guitar break to semi guitar solo.  This is the new Soundgarden.  This song defines the new Soundgarden sound in their music.  This band has a turn a corner unlike their other peers.

Worse Dreams

Worse Dreams has some great guitar work at the beginning of it.  I love the drums and bass line at the beginning.  This is one sick bass line.  It is well placed with the drums.  The guitar echos the bass playing.  The music is pretty powerful.  This band is pushing the limits of music on this song.  This song sounds like something off The Doors hey day.  It is like Soundgarden took their sound and mixed it with the The Doors sound in this song.  I am loving this song.

Eyelid’s Mouth

Eyelid’s Mouth has some drums and bass work with guitar work in the background.  The main riff is something else and powerful.  Chris has some good singing.  There is one part of this song that sounds like deeper Alice In Chains singing.  There is a nice pace to this song.  I am loving the back up vocals on this song.  I love the guitar solo towards the end of the song.  This touch on the fade out for the end of the song.


Rowing starts out with a nice bass line and drums.  I am loving the singing.  I am loving that double vocals.  This song has a folk feel to it.  I love the touch on the guitar playing.  The lyrics I could live without but they fit perfectly for this song.  Chris is baring his soul on this song.  Rowing has a nice build up to it.  Kim has a nice guitar solo towards the end of the song.  This is nice finish to this comeback record from Soundgarden.

Current Line Up

  • Chris Cornell – Lead Vocals and Rhthm Guitar
  • Kim Thyil – Lead Guitar
  • Matt Cameron – Drums and Backup Vocals
  • Ben Shepherd – Bass Guitar and Backup Vocals

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @soundgarden

In closing, I have been a fan of Soundgarden growing up.  I did not like them at first and they grew on me over time.  Once I understood what they were doing and they were one of the few bands that I liked back in the 1990’s along with Alice In Chains, Candlebox, Cold, and Stone Temple Pilots.  I and everyone else was excited to hear they were getting back together.  I was hoping they would put out some new music and here is some new music since their last record called Down On The Upside in 1996.  King Animal gives the hardcore fan everything that they expect from Soundgarden.  Soundgarden gives the fans and music listeners more  and I am talking about a new sound we have not heard from this band.  I am talking about the songs like Halfway There and Rowing.  King Animal is a great comeback record and I love the direction of this great band.  I am hoping they stay together and keep putting out new music.  I am looking forward to seeing them live this summer.  I recommend this record and let me know what you think of this new music.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

New Blog The Worshyp Evil Abounds

In this Metal Monday blog, we are going to get into one of my favorite underground metal bands.  I am talking about the metal Canada band called The Worshyp.  This is their second record called Evil Abounds, which is the follow-up to their debut record called Kingdom Earth (2011).  The Worshyp was founded in 2009 by guitarist and lead singer Marc Nova.  The band has an influence from thrash metal, prog, metal and hard rock.

Current Line Up

Mig Diabio – Bass Guitar

Marz Nova – Lead Singer and Guitar

Thor Rune – Lead Guitar

On Evil Abounds, Jimmy DeGrasso is former Megadeth and Alice Copper drummer is playing drums on this record.  Original drummer KK Devina left the band after their tour for Kingdom Earth to return to his home of Peru.  No official replacement has not been picked but Jimmy DeGrasso is filling into that comes to head.  Let us get into this awesome record that I have already been listening to while writing the intro to this blog.


Diabolic has a nice strong guitar, bass, and drums to start out the song.  Of course Marc comes in strong like he has in many of Worshyp songs.  I have always loved the drum work from Jimmy since his days with Megadeth.  I was pretty excited to see him working with this band.  I really wanted to hear the music right away and I will tell you right now his drumming on this opening track is not disappointing.  I love the lyric writing and I love the in your face this song has.  The guitar work is really done up good.  This is a very strong start for this band and awesome starting track.  It has a nice guitar solo with a strong support from the bass and drums.  It has a nice very strong finish to Diabolic.


Nice strong guitar work at the beginning of Thunderman.  This has a flash to old Metallica on the singing.  It has a little Pantera and Anvil feel on the singer in the Chorus.  I love the guitar work and has dropped off from the opening song.  Bassist is doing a good job to fuel the guitar and drums in this song.  This is a well written song.  The lyrics and singing are very well done.  A simple and straight to the point guitar solo is just right for this song.  It is nothing over the top but it keeps the drive of the song going on to the end.  If song is not a single, it will be in the future.  Thunderman is my favorite song so far on this record.  The ending is just right.

Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins has a Megadeth feel to this song.  Marc kind of sounds like the lead singer from Megadeth.  This is a very well written song.  They did a good job throughout Seven Deadly Sins.

The Garveyard

I love the support from the bass and drums while the guitar work comes with this strong opening.  This song has a nice guitar work with awesome singing.  This song kind sounds like something the band Fight would have done.  Worshyp has taken the next step and level in their music career.  I love their first record but Evil Abounds is over the charts right now.  This record has to be close to the top for me for best record of 2012.  I love the guitar solo, lyrics, drums, bass.  Drums are let loose for a few parts on this song.  This is a great song.  Nice fade closing to the song.


WarTorn starts out with a nice bass line which you do not hear from most metal bands today.  Unless it comes the old school metal bands.  I love the slow down pace of this song.  Marc is proving to the world he can sing several different styles of metal on this record.  He has a great voice and it is very strong in this song.  I love how they let the drums and bass take the focus on the music side.  I hope to hear this more often from this band.  This is a very well done song with a beautiful finish.

Awaken Underworld And Destroyer of Men

Awaken Underworld starts with some sound effects and a nice drum beat off the tom.  There is very few drummers that can play just the tom in the metal world.  I love the strong guitar work.  I love how they are playing in different keys to give that nice punch from two guitar players.  This song goes right into Destroyer of Men.  I love long beginnings on metal songs.  This has a nice grooving beat to it.  I really love the movement of these songs.  Just like WarTorn, I love the slow pace of Destroyer of Men.  Damn, they did an awesome job on the guitar work along with the solos.  I will say the drums and bass are not lacking either.  This is a strong eight minute song that should be this length.  This band did not push it because they wanted an eight minute song. It just makes sense.  The time changes are just sick in the song of Destroyer of Men.  I love the ending.

Love To Death

It is nice to see metal bands pull out the acoustic guitar once in a while.  Marc showing a little softer side to his singing.  He has a little 1990’s feel to his low-end of his singing.  This is a powerful song with great singing and talented music writing.  I love the lyrics to it. Great song writing is all I have to say about this song.  I do not know what else to say about this song but it is just very good.  Love to Death has the perfect ending for an epic song.

One Crow Sorrow

One Crow Sorrow has one of the perfect drum beats that I heard so far on this record.  Nice place guitar playing and singing just floats just right over the music.  This song makes me feel like I am watching a cat fight.  I do not know why I feel this way.  I will say at least it is a good fight.  I could see fans live singing this back to the band.  It has a nice groove for a later part of a live show or the beginning.  I am starting to think this show be their opening song every time they play live.  It has a nice way to get you into the show before the violence and control chaos that this band will release to their fan.  We, as fans, love that.  Please do not take that the wrong way.  Nice ending to the song.


Villains has nice fade in guitar work at the beginning of it.  I love the drive of this song.  It is perfect for the close out of this strong record from The Worshyp.  This song has an Armored Saints feel to it.  I love the guitar solo in the later part.  The lyrics are not disappointing either.  The bass and drums are just right for the theme of the song and how it was written.  Villans has a very powerful for the song and the record.

*Bonus Track Destroyer Extended

It is Awaken Underworld and Destroyer of Men put together as one whole track.  Please re read that part of the post.  To be honest, I kind of wish they would have done that in the first place.  Most people buy the digital copy of records and  I know for a fact I am one of the few that buys the hard copy of music records.  Call me old school.

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @theworshyp

Here is a few spots to buy their records:

Zune and iTunes

In closing, I will say Evil Abounds has not disappoint at all.  This record was well worth the wait.  Evil Abounds has push the level and the band took the next step in their music career.  This record is so much better then their first record.  Their first record was not a bad record and I know it is not fair to judge both records against each other.  If you want to see a band grow up in front of you, go buy their records and watch them to rockstars.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


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New Blog Rush Clockwork Angels

In this blog, we are going to get into one of my favorite bands, which is Rush.  I am going to review their new record, which is called Clockwork Angels.  Rush was founded in Canada back in 1968.  They put out their first LP in 1974 with the lineup of Alex Liefson, Geddy Lee, and John Rutsey, who was replace the same year with Neil Peart.  The history of Rush, Alex and Geddy write all the music while Neil writes the lyrics for all the songs.  Neil pulls all his influence for his lyrics writing from fantasy, science fiction and philosophy.  They have influence several bands from Metallica, Primus, Dream Theater, etc.  They were put into the Canada Music Hall of Fame in 1994 but yet they are not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame (I mean Fame) in Cleveland, Ohio.  Rush has 24 gold records, 14 platinum records, and 3 multi-platinum records.  With cds sales being down they are ranked 79th in the United States with 25 million units sold.  They have a total of twenty studio albums under their belt which does include the one I will be reviewing in this blog.  They have also put out nine live albums along with 11 greatest hits records.  They have put out several music videos, and several other things.  Their live show is not explainable in words but they do not have an opening act.  They have been known to play for three hours while taking some intermissions.  Let us get in into their 20th record called Clockwork Angels which is the follow-up to their Snakes And Arrow, which came out in 2007.

Tack List


This song is very easy to listen to while having a nice guitar riff.  The drums like all Rush records is very solid and has a nice bass riff going over it.  Mr. Lee is solid as vocalist while doing half million things with his feet.  I have no idea how he does it.  This is a very solid opening track and was their first single that they put out last year to start warming up their fan base.  This is an awesome track featuring everything that made Rush a legend.


This next song was my favorite on their single release from last year.  I love how there is no break between songs.  This is a different start to the song then the single release from the last year.  Then it snaps into what the song was last year with the new intro.  Just like Caravan, it has a nice drum, guitar, and bass line.  This song is not in your face but it kind has its moments.  They really out did themselves on this song.  Great music writing and I hope the rest of the record holds up rest of the way.

Clockwork Angels

Now onto the song that is named after this record.  The song starts off somewhere in a church or to me in a dessert.  That is the one thing for Rush, they will take you on a journey in all their records and music.  I really love the sound effects and the guitar is off the chart and the drums just echo what Alex is doing while Geddy is doing his thing in a room alone.  This is the slowest of the first three songs but brings you down from the rush you were experiencing at the beginning.  This is a very solid lyric song.  I love the effect they put on Lee’s voice and how everything comes to a meeting point.  It comes back to the nice smooth release of sound journey.

The Anarchist

The Anarchist starts out with a nice drum beat and the guitar that floats over it.  An echoing bass line comes and then the song goes into this space like music art.  The classic bass line that  comes in the later in the song has made Rush legends comes  in with the rest of the great music players in this band.  I really love the beginning of this song.  It has a solid lyric writing and has an awesome music to back it up to it. I really love the effects that they put on the singer voice and I hope they do not over do it.  They been around the block a few times and know they will not over use to the point where it will start to annoying like other bands do with lesser experience.  This song is just classic Rush song with a huge modern flare.  This song remains me of something that they did back in the late 1970s or earlier 1980s.


Carnies starts out with space like music and then comes with a heavy guitar, drums, and bass,   It will just calm down a bit and then goes to this space like riffs.  This is the heaviest song on this record and it almost rivals any off their Vaper Trails record.  It comes with space like lyrics but they are solid.  I am really digging the grove of this song.  This is classic late 1990s Rush.  For being five-minute song, it is just perfect and to the point.  It has a very nice ending to the song.

Halo Effect

Hello Effect is only about three minutes long.  It starts out with an acoustic guitar and then kicks into with a little overdrive.  It has a nice smoothest to it.  I would love to listen to this song with a nice cigar in my hand and think about the future.  This song is very dreamy.  It has a nice guitar solo if you would call it that.  Being the sixth song on this record, Alex has not had too many guitar solos.  I am hoping for some in the later part of this record.  So far this record is living up to the great music Rush has put out in their career.  Rush has not loss a beat maybe a little bit in the mid 1980s but I believe those records were still really good and important to music.

Seven Cities of Gold

Nice bass line to start-up the beginning of the song with the drums echoing it.  It has a nice funky feel on the bass line.  The guitar is genius place to the side but still over the bass and drums.  I feel like I am in a wagon being pulled by horses through a towns of gold.  I really love the feeling of this song and the pick up from where the last song left of on this record.  All of these songs are produced very well for what the band was trying to put out there.  I really love the lyrics in this song.  To me, this song could have been three or four minutes long to get the point of the song.  I asked for a guitar solo and finally I got it.  Alex has a pretty awesome guitar solo in this song.  It is simple but yet complex to get to the point.

The Wreckers

The Wreckers is a straight up classic rock and roll Rush song.  This song kind of reminds me of something they did in the late 1970s to 1980s.  They wrote a masterpiece in this song.  I love how the guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums just come to the dinner table and had a great meal that would make the Greek Gods jealous.  This song should have been their first single.  I really hope this is a single in the future.  This is a hit song and one of the best songs they have written in a long time.  It is very nicely done.

Headlong Flight

This next song is their second single release and it is called Headlong Flight.  They love their sounds effects but Alex and Geddy puts a nice riff at the beginning of the song that just put me in Oh My God state of mind.  The guitar is taking over this song in a very good way.  I love the pace of this song.  It has a very nice drive to it.  The lyrics are very well written and bass playing is off the charts.  Drums have a nice impact to the song.  I am hearing singing I never thought I would heard from Mr. Lee.  I really love the guitar playing in this song.  Headlong Flight is something I could have seen off their last record.  Wow,  I can understand why this song is their second single.  I will  take back what I said in their last song The Wreckers.  Alex has a solo in this whole song.  Very well Guitar God!

Here is a statement from Geddy Lee from interview in the Rolling Stone:

‘Headlong Flight’ was one of those songs that was a joy to write and record from beginning to end. Alex [Lifeson] and I had blast jamming in my home studio one day before the second leg of the Time Machine tour, and I did not revisit that jam until a year later. Alex and I assembled the song to be an instrumental and its original title was ‘Take That Lampshade Off Yo Head!,” but once we saw the lyrics Neil [Peart] had written, I knew that the spirit of the lyrics matched the instrumental perfectly and it was just a matter of making them fit and writing the melodies.


Yes this song resurfaces again.  This is an expand of the song earlier in this record but it is a minute and half, which makes it the shortest song on this record.  The second shortest song is Halo Effect.  This next part of this song gives us a different singing again from Mr Lee.  I wished they would have expanded on this idea.  Could we be seeing a newer Rush that pushing the limits of themselves?

Wish Them Well

Wish Them Well, to me, is kind of break up song.  The song starts out like some 1970s rock and roll song.  Wish Them Well is a little popping for Rush but it is still a good song.  Repeating the Wish Them Well a few times fits the point of the song.  It has a nice driving drum beat and nice support from the guitar and bass.  This is a very well balance song from Rush,which is what they are known to write throughout their career.  This song is the third shortest song on this record.  It is a very written song.

The Garden

The last and finally song off Rush’s Clockwork Angels is a song called The Garden.  It has a nice slow start with a nice keyboard riff.  It moves to an acoustic guitar with singing while the keyboard riff comes in several seconds later.  I love the switch on the guitar part.  It is very nicely done and smooth music movement.  When it hits the second versus, the drums and bass comes in with a soft touch.  This sound has a little Scorpions feel to it.  I really like this song.  It is very well done.  I love this guitar solo towards the end of this song.

Here is a few areas to get information on Rush:


Twitter:  @rushtheband

In closing, this record did not disappoint me just like the rest of their records that they have put out in their career.  It is hard for me to say I like anything from this band since I am a huge fan.  With that said, I will bash a record if it was really band.  I really love this Rush record just like the rest of their records.  They have pushed the limits of themselves but yet keeping true to their sound that made them legends.  It is very nice to see an older band still making new music but awesome new music.  I cannot think which one is my favorite song.  If I had to pick, I would have to say B2UB, The Wreckers, and Clockwork Angels.  They are all good and I am honor to have this in my cd collection.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


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Seven Day Sonnet Reprisal

Chicago base band Seven Day Sonnet (SDS) coming out a very good underground hard rock and metal scene with Reprisal (2009), which is their first record of attack.  They teamed with Brett Hestla (former touring bassist of Creed)  down at Orlando, FL.  Brett has produced such acts like Flaming Hanley, Transmit Now, and many more.    With all the pieces in place, Seven Day Sonnet and Brett put out a record that will just make hard rock and metal listeners happy and full of emotion while listening.

Packaging is important part of a successful record in theses days of declining compact discs sales dropping.  The art work and design of the compact discs is unique and shows a value to the band and their listeners.  The front cover is a picture of the two gangsters.  SDS showing the long rich history of Chicago’s mobsters.   The inside of the record has all the lyrics from all the songs.  SDS and the David Scotney (artwork designer) took the time to think of those individual that buy compact discs today.  The lyrics are in the inside cover of the compact disc case that folds out.  As the listeners reads through the lyrics it looks like it is printed on burn paper from the 1930’s.  This packaging will catch the attention of music lovers of all genres.  Retailers will be very happy on how it will look on retail’s end caps or floor displays.  The packaging gets to the point of what is on the disc.

Seven Day Sonnet’s Reprisal is the best music from an up and coming artist.  The band is Ben VanBurskirk (lead singer), Jordon Popp (guitar and back up vocals), Rick Tauber (guitar), Anthony Lojeski (bass and back up vocals), Dan Kashuck (drums).  This band has very strong bassist and drummer selection.  The band guitar players took something out of pages of some of the legendary dual guitar bands from the past such as Thin Lizzy (but heavier), Scorpions and current day Avenged Sevenfold.  Ben (lead singer) finish off this very talented band.  His vocals are perfect for what this Chicago band is going and what they have become.

Most bands feel they have to have some kind of intro but this record could have lived with out one.  However the nice little guitar solo from the opening track called “All Fall Down,” gives the listeners something from the best glory days of hard rock and metal.  The pounding of the drums and the thunder of the bass slaps the listeners through the song and the record.  The lead singer does something that most lead singers dream of doing.  If the listener has this song in the back ground, this slight singing differences will snap attention of the listener back to the music.  He does a slight guttural vocals that bends perfectly with the song and then goes back into very melodic singing.  It is almost like he took a  page out of Don Dokken (Dokken) or M. Shadow (Avenged Sevenfold) on the melodic side and then threw in something from a  extreme metal group like Mikael Akerfedt (Opeth).  Second song “The Butchor” comes in with a very pounding and driving guitar riff.  Through out the  record the listeners will find a very driving songs from the first song to the last.  There is one hidden gem on this record and that is “Saturdays.”  This song starts with a guitar riff that you would here from the 1970’s or 1990’s hard rock and metal groups.  It picks up and creepy keyboard puts chills up and down anyone’s spine.  This is one song to turn out the lights and just listen to over and over again.

In closing, this is a very great record from a very very talent hard rock and metal group from Chicagoland area.  They wrote about their everyday struggles and other issues that has come to light.  They took the soul and body set by their icons and heros before them and ran with it.  The world of hard rock and metal should be proud of their new sons.  This record was very fun to write and listen to and I give this record .


Bill DJ Weiser

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Lita Ford Wicked Wonderland

Lita Ford Wicked Wonderland is her comeback record in fifteen years. This record is very different then the rest of her music from the late 1970’s to mid 1990’s. It has a very heavy influence male vocals (her husband Jim Gillette) and it is heavier then her in the beginning of her career.

The packaging sets the mood and very well thought out. From Rob Zombie’s band bassist Piggy D came up with the playful artwork for the record. It is very dark, gothic but yet very sexy at the same time. He feed off the meaning of each song and then came up with a great art theme for each song. Artwork alone is worth buying this record.

The music is another animal. Lita Ford had her husband, who is Jim Gillette, doing back up vocals. He is not the same singer he was back in the his Nitro days. It sounds like age has really got to him, however, for what he is doing on this record with his wife. It is very perfect and it fits. There are many artist that has their husband or wife come in to help out on a record and just kills the feeling of the music. This is not the case. Welcome back Jim and keep on rocking.

The opening track of this record is her first single in fifteen years is “Crave.” Nice guitar riff with drum beats to start the song. Lita comes in singing with very well written sexy lyrics. This song will set the tune of the record. It has a very sex driven theme through out the record. Lita plays all the guitar and there is on one else. She has a very good guitar solo in this song. “Piece (Hell Yeah)” has a very dark guitar riff but her sing makes it feels calming. She drops cherry bomb line in this song that makes the listeners thing of her pass then get slap into the face with the hell yeah. “Patriotic SOB” takes on another out look at what our United States really is about. She has her two sons singing at the beginning making this song a family affair. This song talks about guns, porn etc, however, the song tells us how the United States really is all about. The title track is one of the best ones on the record along with “Betrayal”.

In closing, overall, this is a very driving record with a lot of sex and sex all over it. It is worth a few spins in the music box. The packaging and a few songs make this a great come back record for Lita Ford. This record gets 7 out of 10.


Bill DJ Weiser

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Age Of Evil – AOE

ImageHello Everyone

Let’s talk about music. We are going to talk about a nice young Hard Rock and Metal group, which is called Age Of Evil.  They have one full length record and a EP out, which you can buy from their website, prior to this new record they just put out.  They are a flash back to what was great about the 1980’s scene of music.

A little detail on Age Of Evil, they are two set of brothers that grew up together got together and form this band a few years back.

Here are the members of this band:

Jeremy Goldberg- Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Jacob Goldberg- Bass

Jordan Ziff – Lead Guitar

Garrett Ziff – Drums

The record I will be reviewing on this blog is called “AOE”.  This record starts out something you would hear from a throw back Skid Row.  This band took a page out of the Skid Row book on Never Die and Last Man Standing (their first single).  Never Die has a little guitar work you would hear from Skid Row or Scorpions in the intro and then runs into something you would hear from Skid Row Slave To the Grind.  Nice caught lines to get the crowds going live from this song and throughout this record.  Last Man Standing is almost like something that Skid Row would have wrote during the Bach era.  Then Love Ain’t Free comes on next from the record and takes a little change of mood.  Here they hold that nice back beat from the drums and bass while taking an orginal twist on a Buckcherry sound.  I might saying they sound like this band to that band but they are doing their own take on it while putting their soul into their own style.  Drift Away is just straight up rock song in your face.  Take about a song to slap you in the face and then says everything is ok during the chorus.  Alone Again has a nice puch to it.  This song has a different pace to it then the rest of the songs.  You can hear their 1970’s, 1980’s, and 1990’s influence into this song.  Get It On goes back to Mad and In Your Face style song.  I just felt like I took an ass kicking after listening this song and even while listening to the song.  The wave of emotions in this record is felt in every song.  Now Or Never has the worlds of Blues and Metal meet in the song.  It is almost like AC/DC and Skid Row style feel.  Nice simple drum and bass movement  throughout the song.  Simple is enough in this song.  I can hear this song being their hit.  It has everything going on to make people really get into this song.  Time For Revolution just came out of no where.  Another different pace for this record and the flood of emotion.  This song does fit on this great record.  It will come out of no where on you.  In The End has an awesome start to it and then a nice ripping solo before the vocals come in.  This song sounds like something from a Dokken or Saxon back in the day.

It is very refershing for all of Hard Rock and Metal heads to hear a band that takes the old school to the modern day sound.  The Drums and Bass are solid through out the record.  The Guitar work is enough to make this Record solid and powerful.  The vocals and lyrics are something out of Dokken and Skid Row feel.  I can’t wait to hear these songs live and what is next for this band in their growing career.  I really enjoy this band and this is yet another set of songs to their awesome song writing collection.

Here is how to get hold of this band to check out their music or if they come to your town:

Twitter is @ageofevil

Website is

You will need to check this band out to make your judgement.  Enjoy it, drink it, and listen to it!


Bill DJ Weiser

Twitter @djweiser

Chicagoland, IL