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Let’s talk about music. We are going to talk about a nice young Hard Rock and Metal group, which is called Age Of Evil.  They have one full length record and a EP out, which you can buy from their website, prior to this new record they just put out.  They are a flash back to what was great about the 1980’s scene of music.

A little detail on Age Of Evil, they are two set of brothers that grew up together got together and form this band a few years back.

Here are the members of this band:

Jeremy Goldberg- Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Jacob Goldberg- Bass

Jordan Ziff – Lead Guitar

Garrett Ziff – Drums

The record I will be reviewing on this blog is called “AOE”.  This record starts out something you would hear from a throw back Skid Row.  This band took a page out of the Skid Row book on Never Die and Last Man Standing (their first single).  Never Die has a little guitar work you would hear from Skid Row or Scorpions in the intro and then runs into something you would hear from Skid Row Slave To the Grind.  Nice caught lines to get the crowds going live from this song and throughout this record.  Last Man Standing is almost like something that Skid Row would have wrote during the Bach era.  Then Love Ain’t Free comes on next from the record and takes a little change of mood.  Here they hold that nice back beat from the drums and bass while taking an orginal twist on a Buckcherry sound.  I might saying they sound like this band to that band but they are doing their own take on it while putting their soul into their own style.  Drift Away is just straight up rock song in your face.  Take about a song to slap you in the face and then says everything is ok during the chorus.  Alone Again has a nice puch to it.  This song has a different pace to it then the rest of the songs.  You can hear their 1970’s, 1980’s, and 1990’s influence into this song.  Get It On goes back to Mad and In Your Face style song.  I just felt like I took an ass kicking after listening this song and even while listening to the song.  The wave of emotions in this record is felt in every song.  Now Or Never has the worlds of Blues and Metal meet in the song.  It is almost like AC/DC and Skid Row style feel.  Nice simple drum and bass movement  throughout the song.  Simple is enough in this song.  I can hear this song being their hit.  It has everything going on to make people really get into this song.  Time For Revolution just came out of no where.  Another different pace for this record and the flood of emotion.  This song does fit on this great record.  It will come out of no where on you.  In The End has an awesome start to it and then a nice ripping solo before the vocals come in.  This song sounds like something from a Dokken or Saxon back in the day.

It is very refershing for all of Hard Rock and Metal heads to hear a band that takes the old school to the modern day sound.  The Drums and Bass are solid through out the record.  The Guitar work is enough to make this Record solid and powerful.  The vocals and lyrics are something out of Dokken and Skid Row feel.  I can’t wait to hear these songs live and what is next for this band in their growing career.  I really enjoy this band and this is yet another set of songs to their awesome song writing collection.

Here is how to get hold of this band to check out their music or if they come to your town:

Twitter is @ageofevil

Website is

You will need to check this band out to make your judgement.  Enjoy it, drink it, and listen to it!


Bill DJ Weiser

Twitter @djweiser

Chicagoland, IL