Seven Day Sonnet Reprisal

Chicago base band Seven Day Sonnet (SDS) coming out a very good underground hard rock and metal scene with Reprisal (2009), which is their first record of attack.  They teamed with Brett Hestla (former touring bassist of Creed)  down at Orlando, FL.  Brett has produced such acts like Flaming Hanley, Transmit Now, and many more.    With all the pieces in place, Seven Day Sonnet and Brett put out a record that will just make hard rock and metal listeners happy and full of emotion while listening.

Packaging is important part of a successful record in theses days of declining compact discs sales dropping.  The art work and design of the compact discs is unique and shows a value to the band and their listeners.  The front cover is a picture of the two gangsters.  SDS showing the long rich history of Chicago’s mobsters.   The inside of the record has all the lyrics from all the songs.  SDS and the David Scotney (artwork designer) took the time to think of those individual that buy compact discs today.  The lyrics are in the inside cover of the compact disc case that folds out.  As the listeners reads through the lyrics it looks like it is printed on burn paper from the 1930’s.  This packaging will catch the attention of music lovers of all genres.  Retailers will be very happy on how it will look on retail’s end caps or floor displays.  The packaging gets to the point of what is on the disc.

Seven Day Sonnet’s Reprisal is the best music from an up and coming artist.  The band is Ben VanBurskirk (lead singer), Jordon Popp (guitar and back up vocals), Rick Tauber (guitar), Anthony Lojeski (bass and back up vocals), Dan Kashuck (drums).  This band has very strong bassist and drummer selection.  The band guitar players took something out of pages of some of the legendary dual guitar bands from the past such as Thin Lizzy (but heavier), Scorpions and current day Avenged Sevenfold.  Ben (lead singer) finish off this very talented band.  His vocals are perfect for what this Chicago band is going and what they have become.

Most bands feel they have to have some kind of intro but this record could have lived with out one.  However the nice little guitar solo from the opening track called “All Fall Down,” gives the listeners something from the best glory days of hard rock and metal.  The pounding of the drums and the thunder of the bass slaps the listeners through the song and the record.  The lead singer does something that most lead singers dream of doing.  If the listener has this song in the back ground, this slight singing differences will snap attention of the listener back to the music.  He does a slight guttural vocals that bends perfectly with the song and then goes back into very melodic singing.  It is almost like he took a  page out of Don Dokken (Dokken) or M. Shadow (Avenged Sevenfold) on the melodic side and then threw in something from a  extreme metal group like Mikael Akerfedt (Opeth).  Second song “The Butchor” comes in with a very pounding and driving guitar riff.  Through out the  record the listeners will find a very driving songs from the first song to the last.  There is one hidden gem on this record and that is “Saturdays.”  This song starts with a guitar riff that you would here from the 1970’s or 1990’s hard rock and metal groups.  It picks up and creepy keyboard puts chills up and down anyone’s spine.  This is one song to turn out the lights and just listen to over and over again.

In closing, this is a very great record from a very very talent hard rock and metal group from Chicagoland area.  They wrote about their everyday struggles and other issues that has come to light.  They took the soul and body set by their icons and heros before them and ran with it.  The world of hard rock and metal should be proud of their new sons.  This record was very fun to write and listen to and I give this record .


Bill DJ Weiser

Twitter @djweiser


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