Lita Ford Wicked Wonderland

Lita Ford Wicked Wonderland is her comeback record in fifteen years. This record is very different then the rest of her music from the late 1970’s to mid 1990’s. It has a very heavy influence male vocals (her husband Jim Gillette) and it is heavier then her in the beginning of her career.

The packaging sets the mood and very well thought out. From Rob Zombie’s band bassist Piggy D came up with the playful artwork for the record. It is very dark, gothic but yet very sexy at the same time. He feed off the meaning of each song and then came up with a great art theme for each song. Artwork alone is worth buying this record.

The music is another animal. Lita Ford had her husband, who is Jim Gillette, doing back up vocals. He is not the same singer he was back in the his Nitro days. It sounds like age has really got to him, however, for what he is doing on this record with his wife. It is very perfect and it fits. There are many artist that has their husband or wife come in to help out on a record and just kills the feeling of the music. This is not the case. Welcome back Jim and keep on rocking.

The opening track of this record is her first single in fifteen years is “Crave.” Nice guitar riff with drum beats to start the song. Lita comes in singing with very well written sexy lyrics. This song will set the tune of the record. It has a very sex driven theme through out the record. Lita plays all the guitar and there is on one else. She has a very good guitar solo in this song. “Piece (Hell Yeah)” has a very dark guitar riff but her sing makes it feels calming. She drops cherry bomb line in this song that makes the listeners thing of her pass then get slap into the face with the hell yeah. “Patriotic SOB” takes on another out look at what our United States really is about. She has her two sons singing at the beginning making this song a family affair. This song talks about guns, porn etc, however, the song tells us how the United States really is all about. The title track is one of the best ones on the record along with “Betrayal”.

In closing, overall, this is a very driving record with a lot of sex and sex all over it. It is worth a few spins in the music box. The packaging and a few songs make this a great come back record for Lita Ford. This record gets 7 out of 10.


Bill DJ Weiser

Twitter @djweiser


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