Grand Theft Auto Gerald’s Last Play Missions

In this blog, we are going to get into the new missions this last Thursday. They are Gerald’s Last Play. It also comes with a texted that might hint at the next DLC. We will get into at the end. Let’s do this.


Make Ends Meat

This slaughterhouse isn’t quite what it seems – Gerald’s long-time rivals have been using it to put together product before taking it to the street. Deal with the rival gang members guarding the facility and get hold of their cook sheet, but it won’t be easy as safe-cracking skills will be required

Go Figure

A clever rival dealer has started stashing cocaine inside action figures and Gerald’s picked up a tip that he hasn’t been low key with his transactions. Collect the van then locate and recover the delivered figures…and be ready for anything.

Fast Paddling

Bikers are trying to muscle in on Gerald’s business and are undercutting him at every corner. Help send the right kind of message by stealing supplies from their known businesses.

Deal With It

A deal’s gone wrong and players need to locate the missing product Gerald has kept tabs on with a tracker, but rival gangs might also know this so it’s up to players to source the goods, and keep the cops off the trail in the process.

Bad Companies

Gerald’s had enough with a rival gang boss and is ready to take him out – but he has to find him first. Smoke the rival leader out and take him and his unit down.

End Product

Gerald is looking to unload all his merchandise in a big deal with a local buyer. Make sure this deal goes smoothly

Gerald’s Text

Word on the street is that a serious downturn is about to hit the black markets of Los Santos.

In closing, these are some pretty fun missions but they are pretty hard. I do not recommend doing them solo. You will need a friend and/or crew member. Sorry this took me a bit. I wanted to play them to get idea on these missions before I write about them. I know they were glitching at first but Rockstar has fixed them. I know today is last day for the extra money. I am wondering what tomorrow will bring us with Gerald’s text to us in the game or near future. If something comes out, I will report on it right away. Enjoy the new missions. My thumbnail came off Rockstar’s newswire along with mission details. Until then, play hard and party on! \m/


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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