Grand Theft Auto Online Bunker Money Guide And Review

In this blog, we are going to get into a money guide for Bunker Business. This will give you a pretty detailed guide to help you or refresh your memory. Let’s get it.

Bunker Location ($1,450,000 to $2,290,000)

There are several Bunker Locations throughout the map. The two best locations that I recommend buying are Farmhouse and Chumash bunker. I would stay in the direct middle of the map. If you pick high end seller, you will be selling into the city. These two locations have easy access to the freeways and the city.

Shooting Range

You do not need to buy this right away, however, this will come handy in the future. This will help you practice shooting in free aim lobbies. If you max each chellenge to three stars, you get extra throwables free ammo and other things.


Research has always will and had made many players upset. Between this and the arena war sponsorship tier levels, I do not know which one is worse. There is some useless items in here. There are some must haves like explosives rounds for the Heavy Duty Sniper and Shotgun. I might get some heat for this. I believe knocking all the research out of way before you start making and selling guns. If it is double money go between both so you can take advantage of the extra money.


These are a must. It is like motorcycle club. I highly recommend buying the equipment and staff upgrades right away. I would buy the security at the very end. I still recommend but not a must right away.


This is so not worth it now a days. Some even said it back when it first came out. It was not worth it then. There are some weaponize vechines will need this or the Avenger to upgrade them or put the weapons on other cars. I will get into the MOC, Terrorbyte, and Avenger in a future post.

Other Things

Living area is not a high on the list, however, it will be nice to spawn in your bunker. I would buy it down the road. Golf carts, design, and painting is not a must. Save your money and when you get a nice cash flow. Go ahead then and buy it.

In closing, this business is a must buy. It is one of the best in the game to make money and it can be very solo friendly. If you buy one set of supplies, you will only get one selling vehicle. Shootout to my friend @g-streezy88 for that information. He does some great guides on YouTube. Please, go and check out some of his videos. You will also need this business for your nightclub to source for the black market. Thank you to @TwiggySmallz_ for the nice thumbnail. I will be doing a Hanger Money Guide for my GTA Series. Until next time, play hard and party on! \m/


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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