New Beer Blog What Is Good Beer?

In this special beer blog, we are going to take in-depth look at beer. What is good or bad? How do we come up with this conclusion? Many of you know, I have been drinking beer for a while. I started like everyone from the Bud Lights and moved up to all the craft beers. Most craft breweries around the country know of me or know me. I started as a Metal DJ on STFU.Fm. The station shut down but before that I started to feature craft beer on the air while playing music. After the station, I started document the beers that I had in my life time. This blog was for me to go back and see if my thoughts grown. Plus, I have always wanted to be a writer. I know I am not the best on spelling and grammar, however, I believe I have improved because of this blog. I just want to say thank you for coming by reading, and putting up with my errors. This blog also made me a better beer drinker. I have learned more about each beer style. I am finding out I like all styles and it is including wheat beers. I am still writing music and sports review. I wanted to give you a little more about myself. When I thought about writing this “What Is Good Beer?” I will not point out breweries. I am not calling out anyone. Let us see if we can answer this question.

What Is Good Beer?

I know several craft beer drinkers will jump to the answer.  It is the little guys, who are Craft Breweries.  Is that because they do not make a golden lager or the companies that make it?  Craft Breweries make different beer styles asides the American Style Lager.  They will make Pale Ales to Porter to Stouts and sometimes even a German Style Lager.  Is Good Beer is more selection or “Flavor”?  “Flavor” has been toss out there.  A little style of the American Golden Lager.  German immigrants wanted to have their beers here in the States. This is where American Golden Lager came from.  Is it a ton of Ads to make the beer better?  Mass produced?  There is a brewery in the big Midwest brewery that puts their beer through hard test make sure their quality is the highest. It is make sure that their beers are up to their standards and constant. Is that a bad thing?

There are other things wrong with the mass-produced beer companies.  It is the fact they put other things into their beers.  However, it adds to their cost, they make less on their beers.  Mass produced beer market is getting smaller everyday.  They put these items into their beers to get it as close to their old country style. More and more people are drinking craft beers.  The question is their beer better or good.  Yes, it has a ton more flavor and that is the first thing anyone says.  I agree with that.  I see in every state, please, drink local.  There is nothing wrong with that.  The problem that I have is most of the newer beer companies out there are making some bad beer.  I do not mean bad in the beer will hurt you.  I mean it is just not good beer.

What about the craft breweries?

Some of the smaller breweries do not put their beers through as many tests like the bigger breweries. This leads to inconstant batches of beer. This is not a good thing when you like that beer. When you try the beer for the first time and do not like it, the quality might be the issue. Beer drinkers might be turn off and never try it again. Is this a good beer? I get it that most breweries do not have the capital to do all tests. I am not saying this is a case for all these small craft breweries.  Some little craft breweries do not even have labs to test anything.

Closing, I love craft beer and I will keep on searching for better version of my favorite beer styles.  The local guys are making beer but I am open-minded to say there are some bad or not so good beer coming from those craft breweries.  I enjoy some of the mass-produced beers but I will not go out of my way to buy them nor drink them.  Many people will not like this statement I am going to put out there.  If the beer you are drinking is good to you, it is a good beer.  We all have thoughts on beers and they are all correct.  This goes for all mass-produced beer.  If there is a bad beer on the market, the beer drinkers vote with their wallet and they will let beer companies know that it is not good.  It will disappear off the market.  Please, share your thoughts with me.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

Instagram:  @djweiser13

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