New Beer Blog Three Floyds Arctic Panzer Wolf Imperial India Pale Ale


In this beer blog, we are going to get into another beer from Three Floyds and the brew is Arctic Panzer Wolf Imperial India Pale Ale.  If you read my read my earlier beer blog, you know the history of this brewery.  If you have not, please, read the history of this brewery.  Let us get into the beer.

It has a clear dark copper to light amber color without a head on the beer.  The smell is a fruity notes like mango.  The taste is a huge and heavy mango notes with a dry fruit hop aftertaste.  It is kind of drinkable beer.  For an experience beer drinker, it is drinkable beer.

Here is a description from the beer bottle:

A dry and stupendous hopped medium bodied Imperial India Pale Ale brewed with Canadian 2-row malt, dextrose sugar and lots of American hops.  Arctic Panzer Wolf has superior aroma’s of marmalade, white wine, pine and apricot all mixed with an intense American hop bitterness.  Cheers!

Here is a description from their website (

9.5% ABV 100 IBUs

A massive IPA that will leave your palate its hapless victim. Scorched earth is our brewery policy.

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @3floyds

In closing, I will be first to say I am not a huge fan of this brewery because I believe their beers are overrated and over priced.  I have to say I have been pretty impressed by this brew.  I love the hops and the balanced from the malts.  I love the aroma and the nice hops taste is really good.  This brewery took their time to find the right hops for this brew.  This is a well made beer and nice balance.  I recommend you trying this beer.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this brew and the brewery.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

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