New Blog Baderbrau Chicago Pilsner

Starting a new tab, we are going to sample out a beer, which is Baderbrau Brewing Company, called Baderbrau Chicago Pilsner.  The brewery, which is Pavichevich Brewing Company, was founded in 1988 by Kenneth Pavichevich, who was a former Chicago Police Officer.  He travel Europe and enjoyed find beers.  He believed that Chicago should have its own world class beer.  Kenneth filed for bankrupt and then sold to Goose Island Brewery in 1997.  It was later named Golden Goose Pils and later Goose Island Pils.  They stop brewing the beer in 2002 and lanched a beer called 312 Urban Wheat as a draft only and then bottles.  This pilsner was replace by one of the biggest craft brand in Chicago right now.  This beer returned in 2012 under Baderbrau Brewery Company in Chicago.  Let us get into the beer.

This pilsner has a dark golden color with a constant white head on the beer. There is really no smell to the beer.  The taste of the beer is the normal import pilsner. Even though the beer is a craft beer here in Chicago.  It is crisp dry and refreshing with a huge drinkable aspect to it.

Here is a descriation from the beer bottle:

Chicago’s Original Craft Beer

In 1989, when Barderbrau was first introduced in Chicago, its upstart spirit, revolutionary nature, and award-winning flavor won accolades and captured the imagination of a great city.  Rooted in the old-world ideas of Eastern Europe’s top craftmen and infused with bold American character, this beerdared to be greater.  This beer started Chicago’s craft revolution.  This Beer.  In your hand—now.

Its deep amber color, spicy hop-forward aroma, malty body, and creamy finish sets it apart from all others.  With an unconventional blend of the finest ingredients—North American water, exacting proportions of imported German aromatic Noble hops accenting Czech Saaz, an exclusive stain of European lager yeast, and robust malts from the USA—it defines a style all its own.  Baderbrau Chicago Pilsner.

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @baderbrau

Closing out the tab, this pilsner has that old school European feel to it.  I am just now getting into pilsner beer style.  I have to say this beer is interesting.  I do enjoy this beer and I do remember seeing Goose Island Pils in the market when I first moved to Chicago.  I never had it and I wonder if they could resurface that beer.  I know they will not do that because they want to be known as an Ale House.  This beer has a ton of flavor and exetremely drinkable.  A beer drinker could drink this in a Chicago Summer days to Winter days.  I love this beer and I am glad to see it back in Chicagoland area.  It is drinking the history of Chicago Craft history in your hand.  Go try and tell me your thoughts on this beer.  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

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