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This is a follow-up blog post from the my earlier one called “Olympic Games Does It Still Mean Something Today?”  We took a look at the history, and some ratings compare to the Super Bowl.  I made  pretty good argument that it did not mean anything to world.  However, going through, I found it does not mean anything to me and a very small group of people.  Most Europe countries had problems sending their athletes over to London for the games.  Most Greece athletes were kick out of the games because of their crazy tweets that they put out to the world.  There has been several reports and rumors of athletes using drugs to cheat in some of the events.  The one thing I loved was the fact there was no word on terrorists attacks.  There are some highlights but let us get into the facts.

Television Ratings

Once again, the Olympic games beat out the last games in 2008.  I knew this would happen because of the growth of the population in the United States and the world.  According to this article from Huffpost TV (, the Olympic Games became the most watch television event in United States history.  It drew over 219.4 million viewers.  The games drew 31.1 million viewers on average everyday over the 17 days in 36 years.  The closing ceremonies drew 31 million viewers in 36 years.  It is looking like the Olympic Games are starting to become more important to most people.

In closing, the Olympic Games went over just what I thought they would aside with the drug and twitter issues.  I honestly thought that China with the amount of athletes would run away with the medals.  It turns out that is not even the case.  The United States topped the amount of metals and gold metals.  The people who watched the games, I hope you enjoyed watching them.  I watched very little of it because it was on at the bars.  As far as the companies doing marketing during the games.  I did not see anything companies that took a bail out from the United States Government.  I was pretty happy to see that plus from the games.  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweser

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