New Blog Roscoe’s Hop House Craft Pale Ale

While shopping at Meijer, I came across these four craft beers in their beer aisle.  There are several grocery and drug stores that are doing their name brand craft beer.  I believe this is the Meijer Brand Name Craft beer.  After doing some research, I have discovered that is not the case.  This is a real brewery from New York.  There is not a lot of information on this brewery but they are from Rochester, New York.  This brewery is own by the Genesee Brewing Company.  Let us get into the beer.

It has a nice copper color with no head. There is really no smell to this beer. The taste of this American Pale Ale is a sweet carbonation with a slight citrus malty in it. It is loss between an English Pale Ale and West Coast Pale Ale.  It is drinkable but without a lot of flavor to the body of the beer.

Here is a description from the beer bottle:

Harkening back to old world brewing styles, Roscoe’s Hop House uses the highest quality malts and hops to bring forth this smooth, bright-flavored Pale Ale.  With a nod to the past, this nicely balanced, true ale is brewed using traditional brewing methods for a unique flavor profile.  The password to our best kept secret is found inside the bottle.

Here is a some awards that they won with this beer on their website (

Roscoe’s Hop House Pale Ale

Gold Medal – Monde Selection, 2011

Silver Medal / 86 Points “Highly Recommended”- BTI,

World Beer Championship 2011

86 Points – Wine Enthusiast, June 2010

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  no twitter account

In closing, I am pretty stun on pretty good this Pale Ale.  I am not saying this is a staple of Pale Ales but for the price you are paying for this beer.  It is kind of worth it and is a great value.  The only problem for us in Chicago, it is only available at Meijer stores.  It has a good hop and malt balances.  I really enjoy drinking this beer and I might have to add it to my regular lineup of beers.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

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