New Blog Savor 2012 in DC Day One (Story)

Old Ebbitt Grill

It is an old school DC bar and grill. It is after work place and a traditional place. It has a nice beer selection and food. Nice place for lunch with my friends, who are Kevin, Slayer, Aphrodite, and Lolita.

See Heavy Sea Loose Cannon Ale for the beer blog.

J&G Steakhouse

For drinks in the sun talking about life. It is a little too hot here but just right. Asides that is a beautiful day.

See Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA for the beer blog.

We are going to Church’s Key for beers before dinner. I heard this place has a nice beer menu while sitting of the lobby of the hotel. Two old friends meet for the first time. Talking about moments that are long gone, it was a really good moment. The bar is packed with guests talking about their plans for the weekend in this fancy upscale hotel that looks like something out of the 1940s with a modern flare. This bar is packed with a nice lay back feeling to it.

See Troggers Nugget, Upland Dragonfly ale for the beer blog.


We are to have dinner. It is very soulful in the food. This was some off the charts food. I was full but I could not stop eating it. Very good dinner.

See Brooklyn Brewery Sorachi Ace Ale for the beer blog.

There were many other places and many more beer. It was a great start to this trip. We will have Savor tomorrow and I will be visiting at least one brewpub in the city.


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter: @ djweiser

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