New Blog Central Waters Illumination Double IPA

In this blog, we are going to take a look at a beer from a small brewery from Amherst, WI called Central Waters.  This brewery is powered by solar power.  They are very green on everything with packaging and energy use.  This brewery has been in business since 1996.  Mike McElwain and Jerome Ebel are the founders of this brewery.  Their packaging is very dull and boring, however, we do not judge on packing just the beer inside.  They brew several different styles. The one we will be talking from Central Waters called Illumination Double IPA (India Pale Ale).

This beer in the glass is a cloudy light copper color.  When smelling it, you will get a strong piny smell from the hops in the brew.  As far as tasting the beer, it is over load of circus to earthy sweetest with a very dry aftertaste leaving in your mouth.  I really do not like this beer because several factors.  The one thing I do not like, there is not enough malt backbone in this beer.  The other thing I do not like about this beer is the over hop in the beer.  This beer is another cookie cutter of all the rest of American Double IPAs out there.  I am not saying all are bad but there are better ones out there.  However, after killing this beer, the plus for this beer is it is a great value for the price you will be paying for it.

Here is a descripation from the bottle:

Can you say palate wrecker? This Double IPA comes in at 108 IBUs, as hoppy as it gets with a mouthful of citrus flavors.  Grab one today and Illuminate your taste buds.

Here is a few sources to get to know this brewery better:


Twitter: Not one listed

Setting up the bill, this is not a beer I will run out and get when it comes out.  It is a seasonal four pack from Central Waters.  If I am in the mood and I see it, I will drink it.  If there is another Double IPA at the bar, I hate to say I will drink that.  Just because I did not like this beer.  This does not mean that you will not like this beer.  This brewery cannot be judge on this beer and you should not judge them for this beer nor blog.  They do brewery some awesome beers.  This one is not one of their best ones.  Enjoy it! Drink it!  Metal it!


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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