New Blog Bridgeport Hop Czar Imperial IPA

In this blog, we are going to talk about the oldest brewery, who is Bridgeport, Orgden.  The beer that will be freatured in this blog is there Imperial India Pale Ale called Hop Czar.  This beer was brought into this world in 2008.  Hop Czar is a awarded winning beer.  It won Sliver Metal in 2011 in Austrtralian International Beer Award.

Here is a descripation from the brewery’s website, which is

BridgePort Hop Czar, an Imperial IPA brewed from our award winning IPA recipe, first introduced to rave reviews in 2008.  It is a triple-hopped bottle-conditioned, Imperial-style IPA that carries a deep malt background with enthusiastic citrus and floral notes paired with high hop bitterness.  The newest in our permenant 6-pack line, the Hop Czar recipe blends copious amounts of Nugget, Chinook, Cascade and Centennial hops.

Here is a descripation from the bottle:

Hop Czar is a brewed with an irresponsible amount of hops and balanced by a robust malt backbone.  Bridgeport revolutionized the IPA style and this Imperial India Pale Ale is a worthu bloodline to our award winning heritage.

Beer color after pour is copper with a constant head. Beer smell is a strong circus to almost earthy smells. It has a very strong bitter smell in the beer. It has circus to earthy taste to it. This beer is a very drinkable beer for an Imperial IPA that the IBU being 83 with ABV of 7.5%

In closing, I will be honest, which I am always, I am a huge fan of this brewery.   This beer for the price you will pay is well worth it for the styple of beer.  I know in Chicago it is line price with the rest the Bridgeport six pack bottles.  Most breweries will charge extra for their Imperial IPAs.  To close, you are getting a really great beer at a value price.  Once again please search this beer out.  You will not be disapppointed.  Enjoy it!  Drink it! Metal it! \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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