Milwaukee Brewing Booyah (MKE)

In this blog, we are going to talk about this great brewery from Milwaukee, WI.  You already know about this brewery from my Pull Chain blog.  Here is my second beer from this brewery and it is called Booyah.  It is an American Farmhouse Ale.  A small bit of history on Farmhouse Ales, they were made way back in the day in Belguim on farms, which hints Farmhouse.  The owners of the farms would brew this beer to be very drinkable and refreshing for the workers that work on their farm.  So you can just picture all the different styles of taste on this style, which is a case to this day.  There are several arguements on what is a saison to farmhouse.  I believe they are the same thing with different sub categories.  MKE style has a ABV 6.5% IBU 20, which is taking from their website.

Here is a great youtube from MKE website about the beer.

Let’s talk about the beer now.  This beer pours like a darker farmhouse ale.  It is like a golden amber.  It is not really cloudy like most farmhouse ales.  The taste is a little weird but in a very good way.  It is very drinkable as close as balance are you going to get.  Just like other farmhouse ales, it is very refreshing.  You get the farmhouse hoppiest but has the amber.  This is a very good tasting beer.  Even though it is all year beer.  This beer is perfect in spring, hot summers, and warm falls.

A few ways to get information on this brewery.


Twitter @mkebrewing

In closing, this beer is excite and you need to search it out.  This brewery is making some great beers that I believe most people haven’t really check them out.  If you are up in Milwaukee, stop by this brewery.  Don’t do the boring Miller Brewery Company brewery tour.  There is nothing wrong with it.  There is a small engine that can brewery making some great beers that needs some loving.  Drink it, Enjoy It, and Metal it!


Bill DJ Weiser

Twitter @djweiser


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