Uncommon Brewery Bacon Brown Ale

This brewery is from Santa Cruz, CA. They pack all their beers in 16oz cans four packs. All of their beers are organic. It is hard to be an organic brewery because all of your suppliers need to be organic and approved by the government. This brewery tries to make different and unique for the craft beer drinkers in the world.  I love this statement from their website.  It is right up on their opening page (www.uncommonbrewers.com)

Our beers are unfiltered, unpasteurized, and undoubtedly uncommon.  They’re designed to grow over time as they age.  Store in a cool place and witness the change.

I haven’t done this with any of their beers, however I have aged other beers. Anyways Uncommon Brewers brew the following beers.

Golden State Ale

Siamese Twin

Baltic Porter

The one we will be talking about in this blog is the Bacon Brown Ale.  What makes this beer very different than anything else out in the market, it is brew with pork products. This beer pours brown and has heavy carbonation.  I would pour this beer very slowly into a glass.  The smell of the beer is pork and malts. When drinking this beer, you will experience bacon taste throughout the whole beer tasting experience. You will not get too much pork taste at first however, the deeper you get into the beer the more you will taste the pork. The bacon will build up on your pallet. Being a small brewery, I am not saying this is a bad thing but each can is different.  I would say try this beer a few times before say you do not like this beer.

Here is a few ways to get know and information from this brewery:

Website: www.uncommonbrewers.com

Twitter: @uncommonbrewers (I am not sure if this is them and it is not active.)

In the end, a few things to remember when drinking this beer is drink it alone and let it build up on a pallet.   WARN, if you are on a meatless diet, can’t eat meat, or choices not eat meat, DO NOT drink this beer.  I really love this beer and I can’t wait to get a newer batch to see if it is different then this batch.  Drink it! Enjoy it! Metal it! \m/


Bill Dj Weiser

Twitter @djweiser

Email djweiser13@comast.net

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