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New Music Monday Blog Summer Hard Rock And Metal Tours

In this Music Monday blog, I am going to give my thoughts on this Summer tours in 2013.  I know most people do not have a ton of money and I hope this helps people who cannot do a ton of research on Hard Rock and Metal tours.  Plus, I will let you know which ones I am looking to attend.  I will be looking at a few cities to see some of these bands.  The cities that I am looking at are Chicago and Detroit markets.

Detroit Shows

DTE Energy Theatre Shows

Gigantour 2013 featuring Megadeth – The one thing I love about this there are other bands on this ticket.  It creates a value for the ticket buyer.  Plus, for me, it is bands I have been wanting to see in a long time.  I am talking about BLS and Hellyeah.  Megadeth alone is worth the price.  I will be looking at getting tickets for this show in any of these cities.   The problem with this show it is during the week.

Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival – Another great value every year in and out is the Mayhem Festival.  This fest I could see in any city.  I love the line up and I had a chance to get to know some newer bands.  This is an all day event and it makes it even more whole the money.  I try to get down every year for this event.  It is on a Sunday which you might want to take a Monday off.

Ted Nugent with Tesla and Laura Wilde – Well come one it is Uncle Ted in Detroit and with Tesla that has not put out one bad record and is great live.  Then you just toss in my girl that I have been waiting to see her play live forever and a day, who is Laura Wilde.  I know this will put a smile on her face when she sees this post.  I am going to this show.  It is on my list.

Black Sabbath – I am interested but it is during the weekdays.  I hate it when it is during the week.  Black Sabbath will draw like they normally do in the past.  This might be one of the last times you will see this band together.  Bill Ward is not part of this tour and I do not know who is drumming but they will find a good one.  I will look into the other cities.

Chicago Shows

First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre

It is pretty much the same shows in Chicago as Detroit.  This is the worse Amphitheatre I have ever been too.

In closing,  I am pretty upset I will not be able to see Black Sabbath.  I can see them but I do not like the day of the week they are playing between Chicago and Detroit markets.  However, there are some good shows that I will be seeing, I will be at the Ted Nugent show in Detroit.  If you are there, come by and see hello and let me know.  So far, right now, I will be only be going to one show this summer.  I know I will find a few more shows to see when last-minute ones being release.  Let me know what your thoughts are and who you will be seeing this summer.  I will be looking at the Machine Shop up in Flint, Michigan for a few shows.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser