New Music Monday Blog Drowning Pool Resilence

In this Music Monday blog, we are going to get into the new release from a 2000’s hard rock and metal band, who is Drowning Pool.  The record is called “Resilience.”  We are going to get into the history of the band and then into the music.  Let us get into the history of Drowning Pool.


Drowning Pool was founded in 1996 in Dallas, Texas founded by C.J. Pierce, who is the guitar player, and Mike Luce, who is drummer.  They met Stevie Benton, who is the bass player, and then Dave Williams, who is the original lead singer.  Their first record, which is “Sinner” was released in 2001 and band went into the mainstream when they played Ozzfest. Dave Williams was founded dead in his tour bus.  He had some heart problem that he did not know about.  In 2003, Drowning Pool replace Dave Williams with Jason Jones.  They shift the music style from the dark to more of mainstream sound.  They band release their second record called Desensitized in 2004.  They band had success with a single called “Step Up” however, the record did not do that well.  Jones band left the band in 2005.  Ryan McCombs, who is the former ex singer of Soil at the time, replace Jones on vocals in 2005.  In 2006, the band recorded a new song for The Saw movie.  The band then signed a record contract with Nikki Sixx’s new record label, which is Eleven Seven Music.  Drowning Pool released their third record called “Full Circle” in 2007.  In 2009, the band released their first live record called “Loudest Common Denominator.”  The band started working on their fourth record which would be self-titled.  The record was released in 2010.  This mark a first in the band’s history that the band had the same lead singer on two records in a roll.  The band started working on their fifth record, however, Ryan McCombs left the band to reunite with his former band, who is Soil, in 2011.  Drowning Pool replaced McCombs with Jasen Moreno in 2012.  That same year, they released their first single, which was called “In Memory Of,” for their up coming record on the ten anniversary of their original lead singer’s death.  It was a tribute song for Dave Williams.  “Resilience” was released in 2013.  This is the record that will be featured on this blog.  Let us get into the music.

Track List:

Anytime Anyplace

The opening track is in your face and driving music.  There is some nice heavy guitar, drums and bass.  I love the singing from the singer.  It kind of reminds me of their first lead singer.  The drumming is pretty solid.  This is a pretty heavy song and reminds me of the music from their first record.  Jasen singing is solid and lyrics are very good.  This is a great opening song to “Resilence.”

Die For Nothing

I love the beginning for the music.  There is some soild guitar, bass, and drumming playing here.  I love Jasen’s singing on “Die For Nothing.”  He wrote some solid lyrics.  This is a pretty solid song and straight in your face.  I love the guitar break towards the end of the song.

One Finger and a Fist

I love the start to the song.  It is just Jasen singing.  I love the pace of this record and song.  I love the drumming, bass and guitar playing on this song.  This song is clearly going around the singer which was the case on most of their songs on the first record.  I love they have gone back to that for their roots.  This is Drowning Pool music.  Jasen has written some nice lyrics and his singing is pretty solid.  There is a quick guitar solo towards the end of the song.  This is song is in your face from the start to the finish of the song.  I can understand why this was a single off this record.

Digging These Holes

I love the guitar riff at the beginning of the song.  I love the drumming and bass playing.  The singer is singing is spot on with some great lyrics.  I love the guitar and bass playing towards the end of the song that lead into a pretty good guitar solo.  This is a pretty solid song.  It is in your face but in a nice way.  The ending could have been better.

Saturday Night

This is another single off this record.  I love the music at the beginning of the song.  I love the singing from the lead and back up singers.  I love the lyrics  on “Saturday Night.”  I love the guitar break between the singing.  The drummer is playing his ass off on this song.  What was that?  That was a great guitar riff that should have been explored at the end of the song.

Low Crawl

I love the music at the beginning.  The drumming is off the charts with some nice support from the bass player.  I love the singing from Jasen with some great lyrics.  I love the pace of the guitar playing.  There was some great guitar work at the middle part of the song.  I love the drop off on the heaviest of the song to a nice calming music just to be built back up to main riff.  I love the ending to this song with some music in your face with the singer screaming.

Life Of Misery

I love the guitar playing at the beginning.  I love the drumming and bass playing.  I am not fan of Jasen’s singing at the beginning of the song.  It does not fit but it starts to fit deeper in the song.  There is some solid music and great lyrics.  I love this song but I did not like the beginning on the singing side.  I guess it is one of those songs that needs to grow on me.   There is an awesome guitar solo with some awesome hard-hitting drumming at the end of the song.  I love how the guitar player echos the singer.   The bass player is right in your face.  This is a great song.  I am glad Drowning Pool is back.

Broken Again

This is classic Drowning Pool guitar riff at the beginning with the effects on it.  The drumming and bass playing is solid.  During the main riff it drops off but the singing puts it in your face in a nice way.  Jasen wrote some nice lyrics on this song.  I love the pace of this song.  He has a pretty good range on this song.  I am glad they let the bass go to front line at the end of the song.  I love the well placed back up vocals on this song.


I love the sound sample that they use with a nice drum intro.  The guitar playing is solid.  The music drops off into versus.  I just do not like all the effects on the singer vocals.  They put it off pretty quickly to some nice singing over some heavy music.  They wrote some awesome music on “Understand.”  Jasen wrote some great lyrics on this song.  I am glad they let the bassist run front before it was covered back up by the guitar player.  I love the ending.

Bleed With You

I love the nice heavy gutiar riff to a nice acoustic guitar riff.  The music is pretty solid on this song.  There is some nice music and great lyrics.  I love pace and theme of this song.  This song, which is “Bleed With You”, should be their next single off this song.  I love the meaning of this song.  I love the singing towards the end of the song.  This band knows they have a great singer and they are using him in all the right ways.  This song is a great example.

Skip To The End

I love the guitar and drumming work with the bass echoing at the beginning.  I hate all that reverb on the singer’s vocals.  The music is OK.  It is kind of let down for being the last song.  Jasen wrote some great lyrics on this song.  I am not a fan of this song. It is kind of disappointing song before the bonus tracks.

In Memory Of

This song is memory of their first lead singer, who was Dave Williams.  It is first song they record with Jasen.  I have to say  they put some thought behind this song.  The music is pretty solid.  I love the lyrics.  I love the guitar work on this song.  The semi guitar solo throughout the song.  Drowning Pool did a great job on this tribute to their first singer and long time friend and music brother.


I love the Black Sabbathish guitar riff with effect at the beginning.  I love the drumming and bass playing on this song.  The drumming is off the charts.  I love the singing and lyrics.  For being a bonus track, “Blindfold” shows the world that this band has some great unreleased songs.  I love the ending of this song.

Original Line Up:

  • Dave Willians – Lead Vocals
  • Mike Luce – Drums
  • C. J. Pierce – Guitar
  • Stevie Benton – Bass

Current Line Up:

  • Jasen Moreno – Lead Vocals
  • C.J. Pierce – Guitar
  • Stevie Benton – Bass
  • Mike Luce – Drums

Former Lead Singers:

  • Jason Jones (2003 to 2005)
  • Ryan McCombs (2005 to 2011)

Here is their website and twitter addresses:

Website:  www.drowningpool.com

Twitter:  @DrowningPool

Closing, I am glad this band has went back to their roots.  I love the last two records with Ryan McCombs of Soil.  Jasen Moreno has taken to band back to their roots and to another level.  I also love the record they did Jason Jones and I understand why he was let go from singing.  This record from start to finish ids solid from the music, lyrics, and singing.  They have a great singer and I hope he is around for a while.  I am really looking to seeing this band live.  I grew up listening to this band when they had Dave Williams.  I love their performance on WWE or WWF Summerslam PPV.  I was sad to hear of his death.  I thought it was death of the band too.  I loved their next record but it was not Drowning Pool.  I came back to the band on Ryan’s second record and loved it.  I was pretty upset when he left for his crappy band called SOiL.  I love this record and I love Jasen’s singing which is better than Ryan.  The music is Drowning Pool and they found ways to work with their new singer.  This is a solid record and I believe this record is just the start for this great band to return to the mainstream.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser

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New Music Monday Blog Hard Rock And Metal Bands and Beers

In this Music Monday blog, we are going to take a look at something that is going rapid just like the Craft Beer industry.  I want to say this right off the start of this blog.  There is nothing wrong with these bands making or teaming up with a beer brewery to make beers.  They have that right to do that in their career and they earn this opportunity. I just feel in the past most are not that good.  I am going to highlight some of the beers you might see on your local liquor beer stores along with the growing craft beers too.  Let us get into this!

Motorhead Beer

This beer is a normal lager.  I have never had this beer but it could be a normal American Lager or it could be an import lager.

Here is a description from their website (www.brandsforfans.se):

Motörhead Bastards Lager Beer

For all beer drinkers and hell raisers, fans of loud and fast rock and roll, no matter if you have no class or if you are a damage case, this mean machine lager is fuel for any head banging opportunity. They are using Swedish brewery called Krönleins.  This beer is not available in the United States yet but if you live in Europe this is where you can buy it.  Order Motorhead Lager
Motörhead Bastards Lager Product code: 1234-03 (In Sweden)
Origin: Sweden Type of beer:
Lager Volume: 330 ml
Alcohol: 4,7%
Contains: Barley malt and hops

This Bastard has a malty and fruity taste with great character of malt and a hint of citrus. A quality beer that can be appreciated by rock’n’roll fans of all ages. Enjoy anytime when the craving for a beer hits you, but especially well with burgers, grilled meat or fish, pizza and friends.

Iron Maiden Trooper Ale

This one was just released  and at least Iron Maiden are true to the beer styles that are in their area and country.  I am kind interested in this beer.  I love my ales and hoppy ones to that point.  Please, watch the video below.  I love what Bruce said during the video.  This beer sounds like English Ale Beer Style.  Iron Maiden is taking this beer pretty seriously and I love how they have an idea on the beer.  I believe this is unique ale and I cannot wait to try it.  It is not available in the United States but if you are in Europe this is where you can order.  Order Iron Maiden Trooper Ale In Europe

Here is a video with Bruce Dickenson (Iron Maiden Singer) from their website (www.ironmaiden.com):

AC/DC German Lager

I heard about this a while ago and I just let it go through me.  I am not a huge lager fan but I will try a beer at least once.  AC/DC is a legendary hard rock band and they are using their name to push a beer.  Just like Iron Maiden they are looking to put this beer around the world for their fans to enjoy.  Right now, this beer is not available but the closest to me is Canada.  You can order it online but not in the United States.  Order AC/DC Lager In Europe

Here is a description from their website (www.acdc-beer.com):

True Taste for Rock`n Roll.

 If you wanna rock hard, you need the right beer.  AC/DC, the infamous Hardrock Legends from down under, have been delivering true rock for the last 40 years. Now they give their name for true, pint-sized Australian taste as well.
“AC/DC Premium Lager Beer ” is 568mL of true German Premium Lager with mouthwatering 5.0% alc.  This lager fires up your tongue like TNT, comes with a great beer-loving taste and is brewed in accordance with the Rock`n Roll manifesto of 1973 and the German purity law of 1516.

Jackyl – Jesse James America’s Outlaw Beer

Jesse James has been ahead of the curve than the rest of his metal peers.  This beer is American Wheat Ale.  The more I am digging into this subject.  I am seeing a ton of lagers so it is nice to Trooper and America’s Outlaw Beer are ales.  This beer is only available in a few states.

Here is a descriation from their website (www.jessejamesbeer.com):

AMERICA’S OUTLAW BEER is a true American original.

Our beer is an unfiltered wheat beer. American wheat beer is a style invented by specialty brewers in the United States in the 1980’s. It may even stretch the definition of “style,” for nowhere is the creativity and diversity of America’s craft brewers better displayed than in wheat beers.   Our beer is crisp and refreshing with an extremely soft finish.

AMERICA’S OUTLAW BEER is brewed with 40% malted wheat. The remaining grain bill is a wonderful blend of Pale, Caramel, and Munich malts designed to provide more body and mouth feel. Our Nottingham yeast delivers the soft finish that consumers will enjoy time and time again. Wilamette, Fuggles, and Cascade hops balance this refreshing beer perfectly.

This beer is delicious by itself or garnished with fruit.


In closing, there are a lot more beers teaming up with bands.  The ones that I am talking about are limited edition beers.  What I mean by that, they are beers that are made and release.  They will never made again in good chances.  I am talking about a beer that Clutch with New Belgian.  It was a 22oz bottles and it was a limited run.  I believe 3 Floyds have done several beers with bands.  I will say this.  This thought will never end.  Breweries and bands will team up to make money off each fan base.  I am excited to try these beers but I know some are good and others will be bad.  I cannot give you a thought because I never had some of these.  Please, let me know your thoughts if you have any of these.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


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New Music Blog Jackyl Best In Show

In this music blog, we are going to get into the latest record from Jackyl.  Jackyl was founded in 1990.  Jackyl has seven studio record which is including the record in this post called Best In Show.  They have two live records in their career and two greatest hits records.  The band is best known for their song called “Lumberjack” that uses a chainsaw in the song.  Let us get into the music.

Best In Show

Best In Show starts with a classic guitar riff and Jesse singing over the top.  Solid drums and bass is backing up the rest of the band.   This is classic Jackyl from the music and the lyrics.  This is a nice driving song and great opening track.  There is a nice slow point in the song which is perfect for the pace before in the song and then picks back up.

Encore (It Makes Bic Dig Her)

I love the drums and then Jesse singing with the drums and then a nice simple bass line that comes in to the scene.  The guitar is a classic Jackyl sound that made them famous.  This song is the rest why I love this band and grew to love them.  I love had they put the focus on the back bone of the band, which is bass and drums.  This band knows what they are doing in their songs.  This song has some well written lyrics.  Great false ending and then they come back in for a great finish.

Screw Driver

Screw Driver starts out with a nice driving drum beat and a nice smooth and simple guitar.  The bass is dancing in the back ground while singer’s singing with the moves of the music.  The lyrics are something else that makes dream of some girl in the strip club.  This song is rock and roll because it is all about sex in a rock and roll style.

Horns Up

Once again Horns Up starts up with drums, which there is nothing wrong with that.  I love the beat that the drummer has set forth in the song and has an awesome bass line.  This song makes me want to pick up my bass guitar again and start a band.  This song sounds like something off their Push Comes To Shove record back in the 1990’s.  Horns Up has everything going on which is nice singing, bass, drums, and solid guitar play.  I am loving the music and the lyrics.  I also love the trade-off on the guitar solos.

Golden Spookytooth

Golden Spookytooth starts out with a nice guitar riff and a simple bass with the drum beats.  This is a calming song compare to the rest of the songs on the record.  Jesse has a smooth and silk melody over the music.  I love the short guitar solo before Jesse comes back in to the singing.  I am not sure on how I feel on the lyrics but I love the music on this song.

Cover Of The Rolling Stones

This is a classic song from Bob Dylan.  I have heard a ton of hard rock and metal bands doing a covers of this song.  I have to say this has to be the best one with an honor to Queen in the back ground. Can you say We Are Champions?  Yes, I can but it fits.  They also move into the classic Queen and then back to Bob Dylan. Of course, it is not Jackyl without the chainsaw.  They had the chainsaw doing melody from We are Champions.  I love it!

Walk My Mile

The guitar has a slight overdrive but it is not over the top.  I love how the guitar sounds at the beginning of the song.  Jesse has a nice blues sound on his vocals and drums are simple but very powerful.  Wow!  This song has a ton of feeling going on in it.  There is a ton of going on in this song.  I love the lyrics.  They have emotion, feeling, and a powerful meaning in them.  Jesse is showing his soul in this song along with the rest of the band.  This is my favorite song so far on this record.  I love where they place the guitar solo and it is perfect for this powerful song.

Better Than Chicken

Better Than Chicken has a nice beginning and classic Jackyl lyrics.  It has nice music and great singing from Jesse.  This song is simple and to the point.  Great party song!  There is a great guitar solo towards the end of the song.

Don’t Lay Down On Me

Don’t Lay Down On Me has a nice acoustic guitar riff and singing over top of it from the singer.  This is another song I could see on their Push Comes To Shove record.  This is a nice thinking song on a cold winter day with a nice craft beer and a cigar.  There is a nice guitar break that is awesome work.  Nice touch on the finish of this song.


I love the guitar riff at the beginning of this song.  It follows with Jesse’s singing and then drums and bass does the same movement.  This is a nice in your face song that will wake you up in the morning.  I love bass movement behind the scenes.  Thank god they got a producer that respects the low-end of the bands.  They seem to ignore the bass player in most bands’ record.  I am not talking about Jackyl.  I am talking about other bands.  This is a great song.

What I DO

What I DO starts with nice singing from Jesse and acoustic guitar.  This song seems lower in volume to the rest of the record.  It is like an unplugged song.  I love the bass playing and simple drums.  At first I thought the guitar solos were over the top but they fit towards the end of the solo.  I just feel this song is lower in volume to  the rest of the record.

Open Invitation

I love the beginning of the song.  Talk about being in your face.  This song shows the proud of Patriotic and proud to be part of the USA.  I love talk samples throughout the song.  I love the lyrics and meaning behind it.  God Bless the United States of American!

It’s Tricky

It’s Tricky is a cover of a classic Run DMC with one of the members.  It was one of their hits back in the day.  It fits the hard rock and metal sound that Jackyl did to the song.  I love it.  Great cover guys.

Here is the current line up of Jackyl:

  • Jesse James Dupree – Lead vocals / Guitar / Chainsaw
  • Jeff Worley – Guitar
  • Roman Glick – Bass guitar
  • Chris Worley – Drums

Here is their website and twitter addresses:

Website:  www.jackyl.com

Twitter:  @jackyljesse

Closing, I really enjoyed this record just like all their records.  This band has not put out a bad record.  There are very few bands from the 1990’s that I enjoyed to listen to throughout their era and now.  My favorite track is “Walk My Mile” and “Best In Show.”   There is not more to say about this great record that it is a very great record.  I highly recommend this record if you are a fan of this band or just love straight in your face rock and roll.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser

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