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In this music blog, we are going to get into the latest record from Jackyl.  Jackyl was founded in 1990.  Jackyl has seven studio record which is including the record in this post called Best In Show.  They have two live records in their career and two greatest hits records.  The band is best known for their song called “Lumberjack” that uses a chainsaw in the song.  Let us get into the music.

Best In Show

Best In Show starts with a classic guitar riff and Jesse singing over the top.  Solid drums and bass is backing up the rest of the band.   This is classic Jackyl from the music and the lyrics.  This is a nice driving song and great opening track.  There is a nice slow point in the song which is perfect for the pace before in the song and then picks back up.

Encore (It Makes Bic Dig Her)

I love the drums and then Jesse singing with the drums and then a nice simple bass line that comes in to the scene.  The guitar is a classic Jackyl sound that made them famous.  This song is the rest why I love this band and grew to love them.  I love had they put the focus on the back bone of the band, which is bass and drums.  This band knows what they are doing in their songs.  This song has some well written lyrics.  Great false ending and then they come back in for a great finish.

Screw Driver

Screw Driver starts out with a nice driving drum beat and a nice smooth and simple guitar.  The bass is dancing in the back ground while singer’s singing with the moves of the music.  The lyrics are something else that makes dream of some girl in the strip club.  This song is rock and roll because it is all about sex in a rock and roll style.

Horns Up

Once again Horns Up starts up with drums, which there is nothing wrong with that.  I love the beat that the drummer has set forth in the song and has an awesome bass line.  This song makes me want to pick up my bass guitar again and start a band.  This song sounds like something off their Push Comes To Shove record back in the 1990’s.  Horns Up has everything going on which is nice singing, bass, drums, and solid guitar play.  I am loving the music and the lyrics.  I also love the trade-off on the guitar solos.

Golden Spookytooth

Golden Spookytooth starts out with a nice guitar riff and a simple bass with the drum beats.  This is a calming song compare to the rest of the songs on the record.  Jesse has a smooth and silk melody over the music.  I love the short guitar solo before Jesse comes back in to the singing.  I am not sure on how I feel on the lyrics but I love the music on this song.

Cover Of The Rolling Stones

This is a classic song from Bob Dylan.  I have heard a ton of hard rock and metal bands doing a covers of this song.  I have to say this has to be the best one with an honor to Queen in the back ground. Can you say We Are Champions?  Yes, I can but it fits.  They also move into the classic Queen and then back to Bob Dylan. Of course, it is not Jackyl without the chainsaw.  They had the chainsaw doing melody from We are Champions.  I love it!

Walk My Mile

The guitar has a slight overdrive but it is not over the top.  I love how the guitar sounds at the beginning of the song.  Jesse has a nice blues sound on his vocals and drums are simple but very powerful.  Wow!  This song has a ton of feeling going on in it.  There is a ton of going on in this song.  I love the lyrics.  They have emotion, feeling, and a powerful meaning in them.  Jesse is showing his soul in this song along with the rest of the band.  This is my favorite song so far on this record.  I love where they place the guitar solo and it is perfect for this powerful song.

Better Than Chicken

Better Than Chicken has a nice beginning and classic Jackyl lyrics.  It has nice music and great singing from Jesse.  This song is simple and to the point.  Great party song!  There is a great guitar solo towards the end of the song.

Don’t Lay Down On Me

Don’t Lay Down On Me has a nice acoustic guitar riff and singing over top of it from the singer.  This is another song I could see on their Push Comes To Shove record.  This is a nice thinking song on a cold winter day with a nice craft beer and a cigar.  There is a nice guitar break that is awesome work.  Nice touch on the finish of this song.


I love the guitar riff at the beginning of this song.  It follows with Jesse’s singing and then drums and bass does the same movement.  This is a nice in your face song that will wake you up in the morning.  I love bass movement behind the scenes.  Thank god they got a producer that respects the low-end of the bands.  They seem to ignore the bass player in most bands’ record.  I am not talking about Jackyl.  I am talking about other bands.  This is a great song.

What I DO

What I DO starts with nice singing from Jesse and acoustic guitar.  This song seems lower in volume to the rest of the record.  It is like an unplugged song.  I love the bass playing and simple drums.  At first I thought the guitar solos were over the top but they fit towards the end of the solo.  I just feel this song is lower in volume to  the rest of the record.

Open Invitation

I love the beginning of the song.  Talk about being in your face.  This song shows the proud of Patriotic and proud to be part of the USA.  I love talk samples throughout the song.  I love the lyrics and meaning behind it.  God Bless the United States of American!

It’s Tricky

It’s Tricky is a cover of a classic Run DMC with one of the members.  It was one of their hits back in the day.  It fits the hard rock and metal sound that Jackyl did to the song.  I love it.  Great cover guys.

Here is the current line up of Jackyl:

  • Jesse James Dupree – Lead vocals / Guitar / Chainsaw
  • Jeff Worley – Guitar
  • Roman Glick – Bass guitar
  • Chris Worley – Drums

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @jackyljesse

Closing, I really enjoyed this record just like all their records.  This band has not put out a bad record.  There are very few bands from the 1990’s that I enjoyed to listen to throughout their era and now.  My favorite track is “Walk My Mile” and “Best In Show.”   There is not more to say about this great record that it is a very great record.  I highly recommend this record if you are a fan of this band or just love straight in your face rock and roll.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

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