RDR and GTA Online Dailys August 20th 2019

In this blog, we are going to get into the next set of dailys for today. Let’s get started.

Red Dead Online

Cooked Seasoned Game – 3 (skin any bird)

Don’t reach high hostility within one game day – 1 (ok)

Evergreen Huckleberries picked – 5 (New Handover area I think)

Finish Showdown in Showdown Series – 1 (straightforward)

Iguanas Skinned – 2 (I believe they are West Elizabeth area south)

Posses joined – 1 (I just join a randoms if friends are not around and then leave it)

Weapons customized – 1 (simple)

Grand Theft Auto

Play a round of golf

In the end, start planing to make some money today. There are simple ones here to make some easy money. For the Red Dead players, I am not seeing the summer update. If this event week is a good way of making money, I will let you know. Let’s hope for a trailer this week. I am trying to keep these post short so until then. Play hard and party on!!


DJ Weiser

Email: djweiser16@gmail.com

Twitter: @djweiser

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