Red Dead and Grand Theft Auto Online Dailys August 21st 2019

In the blog, we are going to get into another day of dailys from RDR and GTA. Let’s get into it.

Red Dead Online

Distance traveled by train – 10561 (it would be easier to get the train when in Saint Denis. Ride your horse at the side and hit square on Ps4. Not sure for Xbox)

Drinks ordered at a Saloon – 5 (you don’t have to drink them. You can toss them at the side. You can do first and second in a few minutes)

Golden Currants picked – 5 (not sure)

Longnose Gar caught – 1 (it is a big fish. Not sure where it would be. Never fish for it)

Player headshot kills in Showdowns – 3 (it is 40% more on RP this week in the Showdown modes. You will be there)

Provisions cooked at campfire – 5 (this is your tonic. If you were picking herbs, you should be in good shape)

Races played – 3 (straightforward)

Grand Theft Auto Online

Participate in a Rally Race (easy enough)

Closing, I hope this helps you. Some herb and fish, I have never came across so it will be a chellenge for me. Asides that, this a pretty easy day to make some money. Red Dead is double gold this week on the dailys. If you finish all seven dailys, you get an extra four gold bars. Go get it. Until then, play hard and party on. \m/


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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