RDR And GTA Online Dailys for August 19th 2019

In this blog, we are going to get into the dailys for both games today. Let’s get this started.

Red Dead Online

Biggest Fish Contest – 1 (free roam event)

Burdock Roots picked – 5 (not sure.)

Chickens skinned – 5 (farms I believe but make sure to do them at night)

English Mace picked – 5 (not sure)

Horse appearance updated – 1 (too easy. This could be your one for the day to keep the streak alive. Go to a stable)

Non player enemies killed while in Dead Eye – 5 (you might do this one if you are running story or stranger missions)

Players kills in Free Roam Events – 3 (pretty straightforward)

Grand Theft Auto Online

Participate in a Client job (I know my crew mates will jump on this one since we are money grinders)

Ending, those are the dailys today. Plan out and knock them off. If I find where the English Mace and Burdock Roots are, I will twitter it out and update this post. Until then, play hard and party on!


DJ Weiser

Email: djweiser16@gmail.com

Twitter: @djweiser

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