New Video Game Blog GTA Online New Simeon’s Premium Deluxe Repo Missions

In this new video game blog, we are going to get into new contract missions release on April 25th 2019 on GTA Online. I love doing the contract missions. I always love doing Simeon’s missions. I will have another blog to break down my thoughts on each of the missions. There is a total of eight new missions. List below are all the missions that were released today. I pulled the description from Rockstars Newwire.

Under The Hammer

Simeon’s received word that the La Mesa Police are hosting an auction of illicitly-acquired vehicles. They’re already hot, so stealing them again is probably a victimless crime, right? Boost the vehicles for your favorite Armenian auto dealer and receive a handsome reward for your efforts.

Blow Up IV

There’s a rival trader in town undercutting Simeon’s prices. But Mr. Yetarian always has an Ace up his sleeve – this particular Ace works at the competition’s warehouse and has “forgotten” to lock up for the evening. Head over to where the cars are stashed and convert them into junk metal for a tidy sum.


There’s an Arena War show happening outside the Maze Bank Arena. Simeon needs you to steal those monster trucks for him, then pay a visit to a couple of old friends.

In closing, this is first three new missions. They will be releasing more missions in the next few weeks. With our new DLC being delayed, I wonder if this is Rockstars way of giving us something or was this part of the new DLC. One of the missions has Arena War tie in it. I am just saying. I believe part 2 is around the corner. I try not to talk on the weekly events. I normally let the YouTubers do that. I believe this is a huge opportunity to make some money. These missions this week until May 1st are double money and RP along with CEO crates. I would if I was you get out there and start grinding crates. Take a break and check out these new missions. I have three large and two medium warehouses. I am looking to make about 15 million when full. Thanks for coming by so until next time. Play Hard and Party On!


DJ Weiser

Twitter: @djweiser


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