New Video Game Blog Arena War Part 1 Dead? #gtaonline

In this blog, we are going to debate if the Arena War is dead. Let us drive into this subject. I will explain my status and give a nice tip at the end.

I have been grinding this arena hard the last two weeks. I will agree with everyone that you do not see too many invites while you are in a lobby. If you try to join in from the board that is in your office, there will be no one waiting for a match to begin about 90% of the time. I am betting that is one reason why players are saying the Arena is dead. I do agree that the payout, RP, and AP is not that great. The modes are fun and every player has said this about the arena.

It depends on what Arena War modes you are getting into. There are modes that are more popular than others. The tip that I will give you is pretty simple. I found it by accident. It does work about 90% of the time. Go to your office in the arena. Once you are then open up the board. Asides, hitting the button to enter the arena. Hit the button to go “On Call.” This will put you in a lobby with other active players. The most time that I waited was two minutes.

In closing, the arena is not dead. Has it slowed down since launch? Yes that is correct. This is not best money making way in the game. I know this is another reason why players are saying it is dead. Most of the stunt and regular races are not as active since they lanch. I am not saying that Arena War gets used as much as a bunker. Players are still in the Arena. Stop saying it. I hope to see you in the arena. Until next time play hard and party on!


DJ Weiser

Twitter: @djweiser


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