New Video Game Blog GTA Online Simeon Premium Deluxe Repo Missions Review

In this video game blog, I am going to give my review on these three new Premium Deluxe Repo Work missions. This is my thoughts. You might have another views. Sorry, this is a little late. No one did reviews. They played in video from or talked about through the Newwire. I could be wrong. Let us get into this.

Under The Hammer

You have to steal cars from the police. I recommend that you use some kind of armor vehicle. It is really fun and you do it solo. There is going to be ongoing theme with all of these new missions. You will use a lot of ammo. I love the challenge of getting away from the cops once or twice. You can not call Lester to get cops off you. I like that they disable that feature.

Blow Up IV

This one you have to go to Import Export garage. You have been assigned to blow up every car in this garage. We are talking about the main floor to the basement. You do not have to worry about anyone coming into this place. Who does not like blowing up things? This is a really fun mission. You will be buying some ammo once done at least it is double money right now. I bet there will be hardly anyone playing this mission after the double money is over.


You are tasked to stealing the monster truck from the arena. This is a pretty fun mission. It is kind of hard to run over the set of cars that you need to blow up. I had to get out and blow them or throw bombs at the vehicles. It is simple and fun.

In closing, these three new missions are fun and gives you a nice challenge. You will make a nice profit this week. You will be using a lot of ammo to finish these missions. I say you spend money to make money, however, you will not make much money after double money is done. I believe like most contract missions. Players will stop playing them until the double money comes back. I can not wait until next five gets release. Until next play hard and party on!!!


DJ Weiser

Twitter: @djweiser


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