New Video Game Blog GTA Online Arena War Part 2 #gtaonline

In this blog, we are going to get into the next DLC. This what I think. I do not work for Rockstar or Take Two. I am going to back this with some facts that gives me this theory. I know this is not popular at all to this and what I believe. I am going to put a thought out there that leads why we did not get a DLC in March. Let’s get into this.

The first fact is there is left over cars and Arena Premium races that they never drip feed. This is coming from Twitter account, which is @tex2funz. He even said in one of his tweets that it does not make sense. I totally agree. They know thay GTA fans are not in love with Arena War.

The second fact is look at the theme weeks since Biker week on March 14th. The week of the 21st was Speed Week. It was full of double money on most races. Week of March 28th was RC Races that came out with the Arena War. The week of April we had Motor Wars. I know this is a reach but races and weaponize vehicles. This week we had Benny lowrider discounts. I know you are thinking how does this relate with Arena War Part 2. You have a Benny’s person help update your cars in your Arena Garage.

In closing, this is a pretty quick post. I realize this is a reach. However, the last drip feed items was released yesterday on #RDR2ONLINE, I believe we will hear something here soon for GTAONLINE. I really felt that Arena War was missing a few modes. I feel the delay of this DLC could mean Rockstar is working on fixing the payout and RP. I know they never have done this before. This could be a hope and a dream. I know one thing GTAOnline will get the next DLC. RDR2Online will have DLC release in late spring. It does line up perfectly. Once all the drip feed items are done. The other game will get their next DLC. I know this will be unpopular for both camps. Until next play hard and party on!


DJ Weiser

Twitter: @djweiser


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