New Video Game Red Dead Online Money Guide #RDR2Online

In this blog, we are going to get into my first money guide on RDR Online. Let us get into. Time is money.

This will take place in the New Austin area of Trumbullweed. You need a fishing rod and/or some kind of shotgun or reaper. The gun is optional which I will get into later. We are going to hit this fishing spot south of Trumbullweed. Please see the map below.

It is a little tricky to get down there. I put you on the path to get down to the spot. Please, just follow the path down. So for the first few times you go there during the day to make sure that you can see the path. You will be fishing bass here. You can hold up to 10 fish. They are worth $2.00 per fish. You are looking at a profit of $20.00. This is the first of two fishing area. Let us move to the next fishing spot. See the map below to get the next spot.

The next spot is by the island. It is pretty easy to get to this one. You will be fishing for trout and it is Steelhead Trout. Get 10 of these fishes and it will get you $25.00 so that is $2.50 per fish. If you have went to both locations and grab 10 of each fish, you have already made $45.00. Becareful here, sometimes it will be someone’s camp site. I found this spot from a cool YouTuber Red Beard The Gamer. Please, check out his channel. The cool thing about the fish being in your bag. If other players start to attack, switch to a new lobby and you keep them. Anything on your horse like pelts etc. You will loss them, when you do switch to another lobby. Make sure when you come back, you pick Freemode. This will be you in the last location where you left last lobby.

There is a few other options you can do before you go to butcher in Trumbullweed. You can to train station and see Hector to run a stranger mission. It depends on the mission but there are a few that will put you in Trumbullweed, which is cool and that is where you are going. The other option is go on a hunt. This is where the repeater and shotgun will come in handle. You are better off using these guns to take down the birds like the raven, connor, and hawks. It is tough to take them down with arrows. There are hogs, rabbits, and a few other animals on the way. If it is night, you might run into a pack of wolves. This is all bonus on top of your current money making method with the fish. You can make between $45.00 to $60.00 plus every 30 minutes. In an hour, just fishing you can make $90.00. If you throw the hunting with it when heading back to the butcher in Trumbullweed, you will make up to or more than $100.00 per hour. That is some good money.

In closing, I have made some money and spend it all. I have made in two hours about $200.00 plus the last two nights. I will be searching out new locations that are rich of money but are safe. Players that are not money grinders will come and attack you. Becareful out and I will find more places like this one. My last word before I close this post up. Please, check out Red Beard The Gamer on YouTube. He was the one that found the trout fishing spot. He is also on Instagram and Facebook. I am not sure about Twitter. If you want to play together on RDR2Online or Gtaonline, please, message me on social media below. Until next time play hard and party on!


DJ Weiser

Twitter: @djweiser


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