New Beer Blog Griffin Claw Norm’s Gateway Session IPA


In this beer blog, we are going to get into a brewery that I need to stop drinking.  I am talking about Griffin Claw and it is their Gateway Session IPA.  If you read my earlier beer blog posts, you know the history of this young Michigan craft brewery.  If you have not read it, please, do so to get to get to know this Michigan craft brewery.  Let us get into this Session IPA.

It has a clear golden color with a constant white head.  The color is like an American lager.  The aroma has a fresh piney to a slight grapefruit notes.  The taste has some grapefruit to piney notes.  The aftertaste has a dry hop bitter finish.  It is extremely drinkable.

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @Griffinclaw

In the end, this is a really good beer.  I was pretty impressive.  I really have not liked many of their beers that I have had.  I will be hunting down their Pumpkin Ale because there is a rumor that it is the same recipe of Michigan Brewery Company one.  There is an ongoing theme with this brewery and their beers.  Their batches of beer are not constant.  This makes it challenging for the craft beer drinker.  I had this beer a few times already before writing this beer blog post.   Yesterday, I had a great batch but this one that I have today is not really good.  If this craft brewery corrects this problem, they could have some success in this tough Michigan craft beer market.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

Instagram:  @djweiser13

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