New Beer Blog Dogfish Head And Sierra Nevada Life And Limb Rhizing Bines India Pale Ale


In this beer blog, we are going to sample a brew that had two craft brewery, who are Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada, teamed up to brew this beer.  It is Life And Limb Rhizing Bines IPA.  I want to say thanks to my friend Jay for the share.  If you read my beer blog posts so far, you know history of both of these breweries.  If you have not read those posts, please, read them to get up to speed on both of these breweries.  Let us get into the beer.

This India Pale Ale has a cloudy amber color with a white constant head.  The aroma has a citrus notes.  The taste has slight caramel to citrus notes with a dry bitter citrus aftertaste.  It is a pretty drinkable beer from Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada Brewery.

Here is a descriation from the beer bottle:

Rhizing Bines is a collaborative IPA using the best of both coasts:  Carolina-grown red fife wheat and Dogfish Head’s continual-hopping from the East and Sierra Nevada’s estate-grown caramel malt and Torpado dry-hopping from the West.

Here is a descripation from Dogfish Head’s website (

Rhizing Bines

ABV: 8
IBU: 70
Availability: Limited
Original Release Date: 02/2013

Deepening our bond with Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., forged with the 2009   collaboration Life & Limb, we’ve brewed an East-meets-West Imperial IPA called Rhizing Bines.“We had a lot of fun brewing the original dark and roasty Life &   Limb in Chico with the Grossmans and Sierra Nevada’s extended family,”   says Dogfish Head President and Founder Sam Calagione. “We are very   proud of the way that beer turned out. Now it’s our turn to repay that   hospitality and brew a very hop-centric IPA in Milton with our pals from   Chico, incorporating innovative ingredients and techniques from both   breweries.”On the hot side, Rhizing Bines went through Dogfish’s signature   continual-hopping process with floral and citrusy Bravo hops. On the   cold side, it was dry-hopped with an experimental varietal so new it   doesn’t yet have a name, just a number: Hop 644. A component of Sierra   Nevada’s aroma-boosting Torpedo system made a pit-stop in  Delaware  for dry-hopping duty before it headed to Sierra’s new North  Carolina  brewery. To celebrate Sierra Nevada planting East Coast roots, Dogfish Head tracked down a Carolina heirloom wheat grown and milled at Anson Mills. The soft red winter wheat contributes subtle sweet and nutty notes to this hop-forward ale.“It gives my wife and myself great comfort to know that although  we’re  leaving our home and friends on the West Coast, we’re joining our  craft  brewing friends on the East Coast,” says Sierra Nevada General  Manager  Brian Grossman. “Here’s to great beer!”The label for Rhizing Bines depicts the pairings behind this beer:  two  hop varietals, two yeast strains (Chico and Doggie), two unique  hopping  processes and two family-owned breweries. These bonds start at  the root –  or rhizome – and stretch throughout the mature bines.“Sam and his family and the entire Dogfish crew have been friends of   ours for a long time,” says Sierra Nevada Founder Ken Grossman. “When  we  started talking about doing another collaboration we jumped at the   chance, especially since this version will be the hoppy counterpoint to   the last brews. We couldn’t say no! We’re looking forward to joining   forces again.”

Here is their website and twitter addresses:

Website: and

Twitter:  @dogfishbeer and @SierraNevada

In closing, when two or three craft breweries get together to brew a beer, it makes me a little nervous to purchase these beers.  This is the big reason why.  One, I feel at times that I do not get my money worth from the liquid in the bottle.  Two, I feel that way about many of 750ml bottles from Dogfish Head.  I hate to say it.  They are great beers I just feel they are overpriced.  I have to say my attitude changed with this brew.  This is a great beer and well balance India Pale Ale.  I enjoyed drinking this beer.  I recommend this brew.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it! \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

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