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In this beer blog, we are going to get into a second brew reviewed on this blog by Pipeworks Brewing.  The brew I am talking about is their Chai Dog.  If you read my earlier beer blog, you are up to speed on the history of this young and upcoming brewery.  If you have not, please, read the blog post from yesterday to get up to speed.  Let us get into the brewery.

It has a jet black color with a semi tan head on the beer.  The smell is a heavy chai spices.  The taste is extremely creamy with heavy chai spices.  The aftertaste has a heavy chai spices that last for a long time.  It is not drinkable unless you are a chai tea coffee drinker.

Here is a description from the beer bottle:

Chai Dog is our Eastern answer to the coffee-centric caffeine concoctions popular here in  the West.  This silky smooth milk stout is brewed with cacao nibs, green cardamom, vanilla bean, star anise, black peppercorn and cinnamon.  This delicious blend of spices creates a balance and complexity will transport you from your local watering hole to an authentic, old tea house in the heart of Mumbai.


Read Before Opening

This beer is Unfiltered.  Sedimentation may occur.  For best flavor, allow bottle to chill for two hours before serving allowing for the natural yeast to settle out.  Pour slowly into your favorite glass, being careful to leave sediment behind.

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @PipeworksBrewin

In closing, I am not a fan of this brew and it was hard to put it down.  I passed it to a friend because I could not finish it.  I have said this several times on my blog posts just because I do not like it.  It does not mean you will not like it.  I write my thoughts on this blog with truth to me.  I will have to say this about this brew.  I believe you have to be a fan of Chai Tea.  I can see some people who do not like Chai Tea liking this beer.  Please, let me know what you think of this beer.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

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