New Blog Redhook Brewery Pilsner

In this beer blog, we are going to sample another beer from the Redhook Brewery.  If you read my earlier blog, you know about this brewery.  I believe you know this brewery since it was one of the first of the modern era for Craft Breweries.  The beer we are going to feature in this blog is their Pilsner, which is one of their everyday beers.  Let us get into the beer.

Redhook Brewery Pilsner has a golden clear color without a head on it.  It has the normal malty smell of a pilsner. A sweet malty taste is what this Redhook brew is all about with a crisp dry aftertaste.  It is drinkable like all Redhook Brewery beers. The goal of Redhook Brewery is to make drinkable beers for beer drinkers to enjoy during any event.

Here is a description from their website (

Czech out Redhook’s newest brew.  Redhook Pilsner is crisp, golden lager that is modeled after those historic beers originally made in Plzeň, Czechoslovakia.  Redhook Pilsner’s maltiness is offset by amedium dose of Saaz hops and finishes with a clean, bright,thirst-quenching quality. A great “session” lager for when you’ve got a long day ahead of drinking.

IBUs…………………..23 IBU
Original Gravity..12.3 degrees plato
Brewed Since………2010
Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @redhook_brewery

In closing, I know I said this in my blog on their Longhammer India Pale Ale.  I really enjoy drinking their beers.  They are all very drinkable and that is the point of this brewery.  They have enough muscle or this beer they say it has a dark side to it.  This Pilsner has a ton of flavor and I know I will not get bored drinking this beer like most pilsner in the market.  I love my Frankenmuth Pilsner but Redhook Brewery Pilsner is a very close second place.  I really love their packages.  It gives this brewery that old school look going back before prohibition.  I recommend you trying this beer.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

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