Big Horn Ram Brewery Barefoot Wit Ale New Blog

Still have an open tap, the next beer from Big Horn Ram Brewery is their Barefoot Wit Ale, which is their summer seasonal. You know the history of this brewery if you read my blog on their Total Disorder Porter. Let us get into the beer.

This beer has a cloudy golden yellow with average head in the beer. The smell is a heavy coriander and lemon zest floating up to your noise. Your noise will experience a slap from its girlfriend for being a jerk the other night.  The taste is a citrus and yeast over load with a slight lemon aftertaste.  It is very drinkable for whatever a beer drinker does in the hot summer days.

Here is a descripation from their website (

Our Barefoot Wit is fruity, complex and easy drinking.  It presents a delightful interplay of malt flavors with an underlying regiment of citrus with herbs and spices. This unfiltered wheat ale is the perfect refreshment for lazy, hazy, crazy days

Here their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter: @theRAM

Closing out a two beer tap, I am really not a fan of this beer style.  If you read my blogs on these beer styles, I know you know that and I am honest maybe too honest at times.   This beer lives up to the Belgian style.  The Ram has done a great job bring forth the spicies to the funky of the Belgian yeast.  To me,  I was tasting too much coriander in this beer.  Overall, it is a well made beer and it is very drinkable for the summer.  I am not a fan but if you are a huge fan of the wheat, wit, and whites, I would go try this beer with all of its complex and full body.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it! Metal it! \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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