New Blog Starr Hill Amber Ale

While in DC for Savor, I had this beer at the Big Board in DC.  I saw this beer at the bottom of their list and it jumped out at me.  I did not know the brewery nor the beer.  Starr Hill Brewery was founded in 1999 by Mark Thompson in the state of Virginia.  I love their tag line they use for their brewery, which is “The Gift of Great Beer.”  They brew several different beer styles and they all sounds really good.  They are award-winning brewery.  There are several beers that are retired and they even sounds good.  I found this quarto on their website and then I will get into the beer.

Here is a quarto that I love from Mark Thompson on their website (

“It is no secret that our mission is The Gift of Great Beer.  Every culture in the world has a fermented, cereal grain beverage that people use to sit around and talk.  I’m a steward of the product that enhances this things we call life.” ~ Mark Thompson

This beer is amber in color. Smells like sweet sweating socks in the beer. The taste of the beer is carbonation malty going on in it. It is a little water but this beer is very drinkable.  Starr Hill Amber is a great beer drinking experience throughout the drinking experience.

Here is a description from their website (

Irish Red Ale

Starr Hill Amber Ale is an award-winning Irish Red Ale. Brewed in the tradition of the great English ales, its rich honey color hints at its smooth, caramel flavoring. With a medium body and slightly sweet finish, this is an extremely drinkable brew that is characterized by rich malt taste and low bitterness.

This beer has won several awards and are the awards:

2001 Bronze Medal at Great American Beer Festival

2002 Bronze Medal at World Beer Cup

2005 Silver Medal at Great American Beer Festival

Here is their website and twitter address:


Twitter:  @starrhill

Sad to look at an empty glass,  I really enjoyed this beer and it went awesome with my burger at the Big Board.  I love the drinkablity of this beer.  I really do not get into Amber Ales nor Irish Amber Ales but this is my first favorite Irish Amber Ale and Amber Ale.  Since I live in Chicago, I will be looking online to buy some to be shipped to my house.  Thank you Starr Hill Brewery for making a great Amber Ale that I really enjoyed.  Go get some! Drink it! Enjoy it! Metal it! \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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