New Beer Blog Beards Brewery Serendipity Porter

In this beer blog, we are going to get into a beer from Beards Brewery.  It is their Serendipity Porter.  We will get into a little history and then into the beer.  Beards Brewery was founded in 2012 by Ben Slocum and Peter Manthei in Petoskey, Michigan.  Let us get into this porter.

It has a jet black color without a head on this porter. The aroma has a chocolate, coffee, and a slight smokey notes. The taste has a slight creamy chocolate with a smoke to coffee notes on the back end of the tasting experience. The aftertaste has some nice smokey notes. It is not really drinkable. It is one maybe two beers and move on to the next beer.

Here is a description from their website (

Exceptionally smooth with a pronounced chocolatey flavor and balanced sweetness. Subtle notes of cherry and smoke on the finish. Pairs well with desserts featuring peanut butter and chocolate, or a second glass of Serendipity

Here is their website and Twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @beardsbrewery

Ending, there is so many new craft breweries opening and entering the beer market.  I believe it is hard for new craft breweries to do something different than the other breweries.  It is a solid beer. I love it, however, it is not Great Lakes Fitz. I will buy  Great Lakes’ Porter over this porter.  I am not saying it a bad beer.  It is a great beer and they did a great job.  I can get Great Lakes Porter cheaper. I recommend this beer.  Go get some!  Drink it!   Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


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New Blog Nicklas Lidstrom Retirement NHL

In this blog, we are going to talk about one of my favorite players, who is Nicklas Lidstrom, from the Detroit Red Wings.  He retires from the NHL with 20 years of playing the game.  Being a very late draft pick by the Wings and then turning into one of the greatest players in the game while adding to the rich history to Red Wings.  He is a four-time Stanley Cup and seven time Norris winner, which three were in a row. He also won Conn Smythe, which is MVP in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It is rare to see a player play for only one team.

Career Stats (Yahoo Sports Canada):

Year      GP   G      A      Pts  +/-  PIM Hits BkS PPG PPA SHG SHA GW SOG Pct

Career 1564 264 878 1142 450 514 146  253    132   458 10     30     35 3875  .068

This future Hall of Framer was drafted by the Detroit Red Wings in the 1989 in the Round 3rd, which was 53rd overall. Yet he was not a physical defense men.  He is the smartest hockey player that I have ever saw without and with the puck.  His plus/minus is 450 and only had one year where he was -2, which was 2010-2011.  His highest plus/minus year was in 1993-1994, which was +43.  I get it he played on some really good teams during his career, however most Hall of Fame careers has some lowest in the early and some very highs at the end.  Red Wings in the 1990s were coming off years of bad hockey in the 1980s and they were building their team through the draft just like most smart teams in any sports.

In closing, I am not much of a number guy for any sports.  They do tell a story but I just love watching the sport and the player.  I love seeing what the player does without and with the puck or ball.  I have to say Nicklas Lidstrom was a most interesting player to watch.  He was always doing something on the ice to get the Red Wings in a better situation.  He did his job very well and made it look too easy.  Another fact that came out of his retirement, this will be first time in 30 years we Red Wings Fans and NHL fans will see a Detroit Red Wings team without Yzerman and Lidstrom on it.  Wings will never be able to replace him like they cannot replace a Steve Y, however, the Wings future is very bright.  To finally close, it was honor to watch Nicklas Lidstrom grow into one of the greatest players in the game.  I am glad I lived in this era of NHL hockey to see it.  Good Luck #5 and Thank you for all the awesome memories!  Enjoy it! Drink it! Metal it! \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


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