New Music Monday Blog Tom Keifer The Way Life Goes

In this Music Monday Blog, we are going to get into the first solo record from lead singer Cinderalla, who is Tom Keifer.  There is two things I love about this singer’s first solo record.  First thing, it is so different than his band’s music.   Second thing, Tom Keifer voice is fine and health.  Tom went for vocal box surgery and no one knew as a fan base if he was going to sing again or at the level he did back in the 1980’s.  I am happy he is back.  I am going to back down his music career and then get into this great solo record.  Let us get into the history of Tom Keifer.


Carl Thomas Keifer was borned in 1961 in Springfield, Pennsylvania.  He grew up loving the blues and later founded Cinderella with bassist Eric Brittingham in 1980.  Jon Bon Jovi discovered  Cinderella in 1985 at Empire Rock Club in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  With a recording contract from Mercury/Polygram Records, Jeff LaBar, who is the lead guitar player, and Jim Dmec, who is the drummer, join the band that same year.  Fred Coury replaced Jim Dmec on drums to make it on their “Night Songs” record.  In 1988, Cinderella released their second record, which was called “Long Cold Winter.”  “Heartbreak Station” was released in 1990 as their third record.  Fred Coury left the band after a short tour and joined Arcade with lead singer of Ratt, who is Stephen Pearcy.  Tom lost his voice during the recording of their fourth record.  This delayed the recording of the “Stilling Climbing.”  He went for several operations to solve this problem  Fred was replaced Kenny Aronoff to finish drum tracks on the record.  The record had some poor sales and dropped off the charts.  Mercury Records drop the band and the band went on a hiatus or broke up in 1995.  In 1997, the band resurfaced to record a few new tracks for their first Greatest Hits record, which was called “Once Upon A…”  The band did tour in 1998 which led for a live record, which was called “Live At The Key Club,”  to be released in 1999 under Cleopartra Records.  Cinderella was singed to Sony Records in 2000.  However, before they could release their fifth record, they were dropped by Sony.  It led the band and Sony to be in court fights over the music.  The band has done several tour dates but in 2008, the band was forced to cancel their tour dates due to Tom’s vocal chords.   In 2009, the band stated that Tom’s voice is back to normal and went on a few more tours.  The band is still together and Tom is health.  Tom has been working on this record since 2003.  “The Way Life Goes” was record in 2013 under Merovee Records.  He worked on this record with his wife Savannah Keifer.  Let us get into the music.

Track List:

Solid Ground

There is some nice guitar work at the beginning of the song.  Tom screams over the top of some nice music.  He wrote some nice lyrics and music.  This is a different pace to his Cinderella music.  There is some nice drumming and bass playing on this song.  There is some nice guitar work.  Tom’s singing is solid.  This is a great opening track to his first solo record.

A Different Light

Tom comes in singing with an acoustic guitar.  There is some nice music and good lyrics.  I love how the chorus came together.  I love the drumming and bass playing.  This is a nice calming song.  The main versus reminds something he would write with Cinderella but the chorus is a little different.  This song sounds like a Bon Jovi song or one of Jon’s solo songs.  I love this song.  I love the fade out ending.

It’s Not Enough

I love the effect on the guitar.  Tom’s singing is strong with some great lyrics.  I love the drumming and bass playing.  This is a song I could see Cinderella do back in the day.  His vocals chords sound very strong so far on this record.  His wife’s back up singing is spot on and blends nicely with his vocals.  Savannah Keifer, who is Tom’s wife, is all over this record because she helped her husband write this record.  She has a beautiful voice.  I love the fade out ending to this song too.

Cold Day In Hell

I love the acoustic guitar and then the harmonica from Pat Buchanan.  Tom wrote some nice music and lyrics on this song.  I love the back up singing on this song.  It is perfect for this song.  I love the sax playing from Jim Horne.  It gives this song a nice change of pace to the rest of the songs on this record.  This is a killer chorus.  I love the build up to the ending of the song.  Once again, another fade out ending.

Thick And Thin

I love the piano playing on this song.  This song gives this record a different element.  He has some nice lyrics on this song.  I have crazy thought he wrote this song for his wife.  I love how there is guitar to expand the music from the piano.  The drums and bass are a nice support.  Man, these are some great lyrics.  He put some thought into these words.  I love the short guitar solo towards the middle of the song.

Ask Me Yesterday

I love the guitar work at the beginning.  This is a thinking man’s song.  I love the lyrics.  He wrote some nice music for ten years and how time made them really good.  I love how the drums and bass are nice support throughout this record.  There is some nice music on this song.

Fools Paradise

“Fools Paradise” has a little pick up from the last two songs.  There is a programming on this song and you can hear it.  Midi Programming is coming from Mitch Goldfarb.  Tom is singing is pretty solid with some great lyrics.  I love the guitar work and the lays of guitars on this song.  There is a nice guitar break towards the middle of the song.  Drums and bass playing are spot on but I kind of wish he would do more with the drums and bass on this record.  I love the exiting guitar solo to end the song.

The Flower Song

“The Flower Song”  is his first single off this record.  I love the acoustic guitar at the beginning of the song.  I love the touch of the slide guitar playing on this song.  There is some nice back up vocals.  Tom’s singing is solid and wrote some great lyrics.  I love the music because it is almost like a folk song.  I love the calm drumming and bass playing on the song.  I love the trade-off from the slide guitar and the normal guitar players on a short solo.  There is some organ playing deep in the background.

Mood Elevator

I love the music on this song.  This song should have been a Cinderella song.  Tom’s singing is strong with some great lyrics.  The drums and bass playing have pick up.  I love the lyrics and the singing from the back up singers.  There is some nice guitar work on this song.  This song is so much a different pace to the rest of the song.  It kind of does not fit on this record, however, there is always songs like that on every record.  I still dig this song.

Welcome To My Mind

I love the guitar work at the beginning of the song.  There is an awesome main riff.  I love the midi programming on this song from Blair Daly.  He did a great job.  I love the music and lyrics.  I almost want to say this should be his second single off this record.  Svannah has some solid back up singing on this song.  I love the guitar break to a nice low-end guitar solo.  There is a nice fast pace on this song.  “Welcome To My Mind” makes “Mood Elevator” fit on this record.  It is a nice pace for the record now.  It makes sense.  This is a great song.

You Showed Me

“You Showed Me” brings it back down with some nice piano playing.  I love the support from the guitar playing.  The drums are perfect with a nice bass line on this song.  I love the lyrics.  Thank you, Tom for letting the bass player dance up and down that neck.  This is a great song.  This song needs to be a single off this record.  Tom’s singing is off the charts.  I love this record so far.

Ain’t That A Bitch

I love the the guitar riff on this song.  There is some nice music on this song.  Tom has written some nice lyrics with his wife and Conley White.  There is a nice pace to this song.  The drums and bass playing are pretty solid.  There is a nice short guitar solo towards the middle of the song.  I love the exiting guitar solo.  Nice touch!

The Way Life Goes

The beginning is a little weird and different but comes together.  It has a heavy Blues feel to it.  I have listen to Blues in my time but not a lot.  I know enough to love the music.  I love Tom’s singing and he wrote some great lyrics. I love the touch on the back up singers.  I love the meaning behind this song.  It has a nice theme to it.  Nice drumming and bass playing from Ben Strano and Michael Rhodes.  Pat Buchanan playing a nice harmonica.


Mitch Goldfrab back on Midi Programming.  I love the playing from the bass and drums.  I love the music and lyrics on this song.  This is a perfect song to finish off this great first record from Tom Keifer.  I love how this song flows and the pace is perfect.  This is a great song.

Line Up For Tom Keifer’s Band

  • Tom Keifer – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar, and Keyboard
  • Greg Morrow – Drums, Percussion
  • Michael Rhodes – Bass Guitar
  • Tony Harrell – Piano, B3 Organ, Wurlizer, Clvinet

Here is his website and twitter addresses:

Website: and

Twitter:  @TomKeiferMusic and @Cinderellanet

In the end, this was pretty impressive solo record.  I knew it was in him.  Tom Keifer and his wife wrote some great music.  I have to say this is a different pace to his music with Cinderella.  Most artist release a solo record and they sound like their parent band.  I love when artist do something different from their parent band.  Geoff Tate from Queensryche did it twice.  Don Dokken from Dokken has done it twice.  There is other artist like former lead singer from Skid Row.  Bach solo music sounds like Skid Row.  Rob Halford has done it but still sounds like his Judas Priest.  The same can same about Ronnie James Dio and Ozzy.  This is no knock on their music.  It is still good but I love when an artist goes solo and does something different.  This is what music is all about.  Their guests were not the mainstream guys like you normally do see on most solo artist records.  Pat Buchanan did some great guitar works.  He has some great solo music records also.  You need to check him out.  Back to Tom, I am so glad he is back and fully heathy on the vocal cord side.  He sounds great.  I have been a fan of Cinderella for a long time.  This is a great record and I will be listening to this record non stop.  There has been some great new releases in 2013.  I have to say this record has to be in my top five of 2013.  I highly recommend this record if you are a Cinderella fan or just love some great rock to hard rock with a touch of blues.  Go get some!   Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  Thanks Tom for some great music over the years.  I has been an honor listening to your music.  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

Credit Source:  (I pick up the history part from wikipedia.)

New Blog Space Was Cool Full-Length Record

In this 100th  blog post, we are going to check out the full-length record from Space Was Cool in this metal blog.  I did a blog on their EP please go back and re-read it to get a little back history of this band and the memebers of it.  Space Was Cool is a local Chicago band that came from another local band called Left Setter.  Let us get into the music.

Band features the follows:
Nick Langis (lead singer)
Rick Lyons (guitar)
Kevin Rodgers (bass)
Miro Krivens (Drum)

They are on Facebook (


Fader starts out with a weird space out music and then slowly comes to a focus point on the music.  The guitar and bass work is awesome.  I am loving the sound effects they are using in this song.  The drums are a nice backbone of support to the rest the band.  This is a nice thinking man’s music.  Nice back up singing from the rest of the band.  Few words from the singer but straight to the point at what this song is all about.  I am really enjoying the nice guitar and drums trade-off in later part of the song.  This song has a nice simple and to the point guitar solo.  It is very nicely written song.

Dude Lee

The beginning of the song has a nice drums and bass line kicking then a nice guitar that floats above it.  This song has a nice groove to it.  The singing from the back up is perfect along with the lead singer punching and kicking through the song.  The singer takes charge of this song.  I like the lyrics in it.  They just seem to flow with the song.  There is some nice guitar and bass work in this song.  I love the drums in the later part of the song just before the inter loop.  It has a nice ending.


Celozzi has a nice guitar riff.  This song reminds of something you would hear out of the 1980s.  It has a nice rythm to the song. I really like this song.  It is calm and easy but yet has it peaks of a rush.  Nick is singing his heart out in this song.  This is a nice driving song that you do not see from today’s artist.  This song is a blast from the past with a nice modern flare.

Run, Cops!

Here is a song I am digging the beginning, it has a very nice bass line that everything needs to focus around.  The bassist put the guitar player in his place in a very nice way.  The drums backing up with the punch from the bassist.  The singer comes in with drama form that makes you wish the music from the past was still around today.  The past meaning the well written songs of the 1970s, 1980s, and earlier 1990s.  This song reminds of something that the band Cold would have written in the 1990s.    This is a very written song.  I love how the song slows down at the end.

Orions Boogie

This song has nice beat and movement to it.  I really love the bass and drums after the first versus.  I wish the guitar would kick that annoying guitar effects.  It is just too much over the top.  He is a better player to pile effects on his guitar.  I really hate to say it but the guitar effects has killed this song for me but the bass, drums, and singing has saved him.  I am really loving that bass line with that normal guitar solo over it.  It is very nicely done.   I do not like the ending of this song.

Mary Poppins vs Natalie

Once again less effects on the guitar would be better but at least the guitar goes to normal during the song.  I love the guitar riff when the singer is singing along with the bass and drums.  This is a nice cruising song.  I love the belief slow down part of this song.  This song has a nice movement.

Da Beats

I love the guitar at the beginning and the support from the drums and bass.  Singer is loving everything about space.  I feel this song could be part of a kill scene in a movie.  It would be a slow bloodbath.   I love the punch of this song and the guitar work is not overly done.  I wish they would give him a nice long guitar solo.  The lyrics are very well written.  I really like all the songs so far asides that one with the over the top guitar effects.  Once again what I wrote on their EP, they put back up singing where it should be and not too much.   Back up singing needs to be perfect but you do not it if you have a very talented singer, which this band has a great front man. Nice ending.

(It’s a) Click

I love the begginning because everyone starts at one time with a nice smooth shot in the arm.  (It’s a) Click is a very well written song with a nice guitar riff.  This song has all the elements to be a hit.  I love the flow of the song and the direct point the band toolk on this song.  I would not be shocked if this song  is their first or second single off this record.

Space Was Cool

The beginning has a happy Black Sabbath Black Sabbath theme to it.  Nice guitar work with cool lay back bass line to it.  I do not like the flow of this song but still really good song.  I believe this song will grow on me over time.  I just feel that one part with the forcus on the drums should be a beginning of the song or use once in the middle.   This drum part is breaking up the flow of the song but that could have been what the band was looking to do with this song.  This is just thoughts from an idoit that has played bass for over ten years.  I am not sure about the middle of ths song.  This song has put me in dreamland.  I love prog but I feel this song could be shorter.  I just feel they wanted to make this song long but there is no point for this song being over eight minutes.  There is some good guitar, bass, drums, and singing in this song that is so true. Overall the song is not bad and comes with a nice ending.

Closing out, overall the record from Space Was Cool is very well done from some very talented artist.  I love all the songs but Space Was Cool and Orions Boogie.  I just feel that Space Was Cool the song could have been shorter.  There are songs that should be played out and there are songs that should be three minutes long.  There are songs that should have guitar solos and songs that should not have them.  This is just my thoughts and I would love to hear your thoughts on this artist’s songs.  Orions Boogie is good but the over the top guitar effects was too much for me and took away from the focus of the rest of the bandmates.  I have really enjoyed listening to this record and hope you are available to find a copy for yourself.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it! \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser