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New Music Monday The Black Dahlia Murder Everblack

In this Mondy Music blog, we are going to get into the latest record from The Black Dahlia Murder from Michigan.  The record is Everblack which is their sixth studio record in their music career.  We are going to get into the history and then the music.  Here is the history.


The Black Dahlia Murder was formed in late part of 2000 in Waterford, Michigan.  It was named after unsolved murders.  They were signed to Metal Blade Records in 2003.  Ryan Williams joined the band to replace David Lock just in time to record their first record, which is “Unhallowed.”  The band toured and then released their second record, which was “Miasma,” in 2005.  After the tour for Miasma, Zach Gibson, who was the drummer, and Pierre Langlois, who was drummer, left the band.  Pierre was on drums after Gibson.  The band replace Zach Gibson with Shannon Lucas.  In 2007, the band released their third record, which was “Nocturmal.”  The band went on a World Tour with Cannibal Corpse to support their new record and celebrate 25 years of Metal Blade Records.  In 2008, they joined tour with several different metal bands for Summer Slaughter Tour.  After the tour, John K guitarist left the band and was replaced with Ryan Knight in 2009.  In the later part of 2009, the band released their fourth record, which was “Deflorate.”  They tour to support the record.  In 2010, they kept on touring while writing their next record.  In 2011, they released their fifth record, which was “Ritual.”  In 2012, the band gets another line up changes.  Max Lavelle replaces Ryan Williams on bass.  Shannon Lucas steps down as the drummer and was replaced by Alan Cassidy.  In 2013, the band released their new record called “Everblack.”  Let us get into the music.

Track List:

In Hell is Where She Waits For Me

Heavy and hard-hitting music at the beginning from the drums, bass, and guitars.  There is some talking but I can not make it out because it is not loud enough. The lead singer comes in screaming.  The guitar playing on the main part is solid.  The singing is the type you can barely understand what he is saying.  The lyrics that I have picked are pretty solid.  There is some nice back up singing too.  I love time changes towards the middle part of the song.  There is some nice double bass from the drums about that time.  This is a pretty solid song.  I love slower guitar solo at the beginning of it and then it picks up towards the middle and end of the solo.

Goat Of Departure

I love the guitar playing at the beginning.  The drumming is good but it starting to sound the same from song to song.  I love the lyrics they wrote for this song.  I really not a fan of the back up singing on this song.  I love the guitar solo towards the end of the song.

Into The Everblack

I love the guitar work and the drums fit perfectly even though it is the same beat. It changes a bit when the singer comes into the song. I hate the chopping guitar playing. I get it fits but it sounds very messing during the main part of the song. I love the keyboard part in this song. It gives a break to the same old in the song and the record. The guitar playing coming out of it. It is some pretty impressive playing. It leads into a short guitar solo.

Raped in hatred By Vines of Thorn

I love the guitar playing at the beginning and the slower drum beat. This song has a nice pace and I love it. It gives you a different feeling unlike the rest of the record. I love double bass but this is a bit overkill. I love the lyrics and the singing. The listeners can understand the singers a bit. I do not know how I feel about the lyrics but it is what it is. There is a pretty well written guitar solo towards the end of the song.

Phantom Limb Masturbation

The song starts with the vocals in your face. This song echos the songs at the beginning. The drumming slight different but about the same. I love the lyrics they placed on this song. I love the chorus music. There is a nice short guitar solo at the quarter point of this song. There is another guitar solo towards the middle part of the song that is a little longer than the last one. This one is a little well thought about it. I love the pace of the music and solo itself.


Just like the last song, the vocals start it out but the music is right there after the start of the song. I cannot pick up the lyrics. There is some well written guitar riffs on this song. The drums are pretty complex and well written. He has been kicking some serious ass throughout this record. This song is short and to the point. There is a nice guitar solo towards the end of the song and I love how the guitar solo keeps on going to the end of the song.

Blood Mine

I love the guitar playing and bass too. The drums can let off on the double bass at least one song please. Asides that, I have been loving the drums towards the end of this record. I cannot understand the vocals so I cannot pick up the lyrics. I love the title of the song. I am not sure on the duo singers at least on this song. There is a guitar solo towards the end of the song but it is short and sweet to the point.

Every Rope A Noose

Oh my God, I love the drumming at the beginning. It has pretty awesome beat. I love the guitar playing. I love the singing but I cannot understand the singers. This song has a nice fast pace and it is perfect towards the end of the record. The double bass makes so much sense at this point of the song. There is a well placed guitar solo towards the end of the song. There is a nice piano playing at the end that comes into full focus to end the song.

Their Beloved Absentee

I love the singing from the group of singers at the beginning but they were so far in the background and volume is to low. This is a straight driving song. It has a nice pace. This is a classic extreme metal song.  I love the pace. I love the music on this track. I love the guitar solo towards the end and it is well placed.

Map Of Scars

There is some nice well-written music from the drums and guitars. The bass playing is pretty simple but it is perfect. I cannot understand the singer so I cannot judge lyrics. I guess I could look up the lyrics on the net.  This is a perfect song to finish a great record from this Michigan band.   Great song and nice ending to this record.

Original Line Up:

Trevor Strnad – Vocals

Brian Eschbach – Guitar

John Kempainen – Guitar

David Lock – Bass

Cory Grady – Drums

Current Line Up:

Brian Eschbach – Guitars

Alan Cassidy – Drums

Max Lavelle – Bass

Ryan Knight – Guitars

Trevor Strnad – Vocals

Here is their website and twitter addresses:


Twitter:  @bdmmetal

Closing, overall, this is a great record and I really enjoyed this song.  I wish I could understand the singers a bit more but I understand because it is the singing style.  There is some nice music on this great. I kind of wish drums were a little bit different from song to sing but that is hardest job in this band.  I get what he is trying to do and it is pretty limited.  They place guitar solos in the right spots to break up the song. I love how some times the guitar solos keep going during main part of the song at the end. It gives a nice and different sound. Great Job! It is a nice touch for someone that does not like this singing type but love the music. It seems every song of this type of metal needs a guitar solo to break up song.  If they do not put the guitar solos in the songs, the songs will become white noise.  I love this band and I cannot wait to hear their next record.  I highly recommend this band and this record.  Go get some!  Drink it!  Enjoy it!  Metal it!  \m/


Bill DJ Weiser


Twitter:  @djweiser

Instagram:  @djweiser13