Grand Theft Auto Online CEO And Hanger Crates Money Guide 2.0

In this blog, I am going to get into how I run crates from the beginning to now. I have a few ways to run crates that I do with the Hanger and CEO. I am not the one that created any of this and this is not original. I can not take credit. I know many of you already do a few of these. Let’s get into it.

CEO Crates

Things you will Need:

  1. CEO office
  2. CEO Warehouse or Warehouses
  3. Terrorbyte (you will need the Nightclub) (opitional)
  4. Casino (optional)

If you have one warehouee, you want run three crates and delivery. You can then run some VIP missions, Client Job, or Ms Baker Mission, which is double money right now. while I am write this post. Then repeat until warehouse is full.

The other one is pretty simple. If you own two or more warehouses, you can keep running crates until all the warehouses are full.

CEO And Import Export

Things you will Need:

  1. CEO office
  2. CEO Warehouse or Warehouses
  3. CEO Import Export Garage
  4. Terrorbyte (you will need the Nightclub) (opitional)
  5. Casino (optional)

You can use the example above of running crates and then asides running VIP or more crates. You can source a car to your Import Export garage. After deliveried, you source three more crates. After that, you have a few options. You can run VIP, Client Jobs, or Ms Baker Mission or sell the car that you sourced. Of course, repeat it until the warehouses are full. You can mix it as you see fit.

CEO Crates and Hanger Crates

Things you will Need:

  1. CEO office
  2. CEO Warehouse or Warehouses
  3. Hanger
  4. CEO Import Export Garage (optional)
  5. Terrorbyte (you will need the Nightclub) (opitional)
  6. Casino (optional)

This is what I start doing until my hanger is full. I then switch to Import Export way. I normally start with the hanger crates and then go to CEO crates. I bounce back and forth between the Hanger and CEO crates. I have multiple CEO warehouses so I mix the hanger crates between the CEO warehouses. If I get bored, I will flip some Ms Baker mission or Import Export car. You can do whatever at this point to make some money. You just need focus on the crates.

Another hanger crate method is if you have five warehouses and a solo grinder. Run hanger crate and then run two crate runs to two warehouse. Then come back to hanger crate. The problem with hanger crates it only gives you how many are in CEO or MC. For example, you have two in your CEO or MC. This means you will only get two crates. This why I suggest this method.

CEO Crates With Casino Heist Setups

Things that you will need:

  1. CEO office
  2. CEO Warehouse or Warehouses
  3. Terrorbyte (you will need the Nightclub) (opitional)
  4. Arcade

This method you will need an Arcade to do the casino hesit setups. You can start with a setup or run a set of crates. It does not really matter which way you go. The key is to do a setup while crate cooldown time is decreasing. It is pretty straight forward method. Run a crate do a setup and keep going.

In closing, there is many ways to run these crates. It depends on your style of play and what you are trying to get done. I do this all solo and that also includes the hanger. I will source 50 crates of the same all by myself. I have two hangers one on each of my souls. I have five large warehouses on each of my souls. It is a total of five large warehouses. When it is a double money week, I will finish filling my CEO crates warehouses. If you get under 80%, you will avoid raids. Hangers do not get raid. I did not go through buying and locations out there. Until then, play hard and party on!!! \m/


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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