Grand Theft Auto CEO Businesses Money Guide And Review

In this blog, we are going to get into a guide on CEO Businesses. I know that I am doing this a little backwards. I did post on how I run CEO and Hanger crates. I will post a link in the closing notes below, if you want to check that out. Let’s get into this post.

CEO Offices

It does not really matter where you put your office. The two that I would not recommend are Maze Bank Tower, which is at price of $4,000,000 and Lombank West, which is at price of $3,100,000. The other two will work just fine. If you do not have a ton of money, the Maze Bank West, which is price of is $1,000,000, the best for you. You can change the inside, add a garage, and a workshop. I would save the money if you are running thin. The other office, which is Arcadius Business Center. The price of that office is $2,250,000. The range of these offices are one million to four million. Thank you to my crewmember for his help, which is @Ken ”Haukeye1975″ Burden. You can hold off until you get a nice cash flow coming in to the bank. I recommend buying the things that will make you money. I do recommend the living area so you can spawn in your business. Your assistance has snack for you and they are free. Make sure you take advantage of this feature.

Import And Export

You will need to own Import And Export Garage. You can buy this in your office computer and they range between $1.5m to 3.2m. Thank you to my crew members @Trev2008 and @G-Streezy88 for the information. Garages that I recommend are This is best business for solo grinder. There are few different types of cars and they are Standard, Mid, and Top Range cars. To just source Top Range Cars, you will need combination of 20 total of Standard and Mid Range. There are collection that you can sell. I would not worry about this. You will make more money just selling Top Range cars. When selling cars, if you can get in a lobby with a friend(s) or crew members, you will not have non player enemies coming after you. I highly recommend this and take your time. Some people will recommend buying a Cargo Bob and use it. I am not a fan of it. If you are good with it, I recommend that you use it. I do it the old school way.

CEO Crates

This business can you make a ton of money. This is up there with the nightclub and bunker as the best ways to make money. I recommend that you get a Terrorbyte and Mark Two. This will help you gather crates faster. If you are just starting, I would save for a Buzzard. Plus, it is on sell this week. You can call it right by you through CEO Abilities. Just like Import Export garage, you will need to go to your office computer to buy a warehouse. I would start with a small warehouse or two if you can afford it. If you only do one warehouse, you can do some VIP work in the meantime instead of waiting for the cool down time to end to run your next set of crates. If you can afford two, I would go back and forth until they are full. Missions for selling are not to bad. If you do not feel comfortable doing it s, get a friend or crew member to help you. Your goal is to get two large warehouses.

Two Or More Warehouses Benefits

I have ten large between two souls. I will be writing a guide on the two characters money method in the near future. I always source three crates at a time. This speeds up the process of filling these warehouses. Plus, your time ratio is pretty important and will get bored doing these missions over and over again. I put my Terrorbyte between the two warehouses and fill them up to 78%. DJ why stop at 78%? Good question. You will not get raided when it is 80% or less. Plus, I always wait for CEO crates to be double money. Instead of selling it at 2.2m, I will be selling it at 4.4m for each warehouse. There is another tip. If you sell your warehouse(s) in lobby with other players that are not part of your CEO, you get another 1% bonus for each player in that lobby. I do not recommend doing that. Unless, you are in a crew lobby or with friends.

VIP And CEO Office Missions

There are missions to get trade prices for a few vehicles. Of course, they are older vehicles and pretty out of date. There is a few that wilp be fun to have around. They are following missions:

  • Ramp Buggy Mission
  • Wastlelander Mission
  • Blazer Aqua Mission
  • Phantom Wedge Mission
  • Rocket Voltic Mission
  • Technical Aqua Mission
  • Armored Boxville Mission
  • Ruiner 2000 Mission

There are a few VIP missions and they make you some money between crates missions and other actives. They are:

  • Plowed
  • Fully Loaded
  • Amphibious Assault
  • Transporter
  • Fortified
  • Velocity
  • Ramped Up
  • Stockpiling
  • Headhunter (One of the best Mission)
  • Airfreight
  • Haulage
  • Hostile Takeover
  • Asset Recovery
  • Executive Deathmatch
  • Executive Search
  • Sightseer (Another great VIP Mission)
  • Piracy Prevention

In closing, I hope this guide helps you out. I will be doing posts on each of the businesses with more details like this post. I did this post a while back. Here is the link:

GTA Online CEO And Hanger Money Guide

It also has some Hanger crates details. I will be doing a post on it later with more details. CEO And Hanger Money Guide post was just overall of all the businesses and how I ran them together. I want to give a huge shoot out and thank you to @twigg82516 for the awesome thumbnail. Go follow up on Twitter! Until then, play hard and party on! \m/


DJ Weiser


Twitter: @djweiser

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