My Thoughts And Review on Diamond Casino DLC

In this blog, I am going to give you my thoughts on the latest DLC so far. I am not going to waste anymore time. Let’s get into it.


We kind of knew there was going to be some kind of heist missions that came with this DLC. They are really super fun and challenging. They pay out is not that good. There are several one time bonus with badges. These badges will come with money and RP. If you finish all missions as the host, you will get a free armor car. It is worth almost 1 million. I believe that Rockstar missed with this DLC. There is no business. This would help the players from countries and state that cannot play the games in the casino.


They are still drift feeding cars in this DLC. I have to say the cars so far are really nice. As the drift feeding keeps going, we will find out what cars are worth buying. No wesponize vehicles in this DLC asides the free one. I know this will make many Youtubers happy. To be continue…..


This is like the cars selection above. They keep flipping clothes out and adding new ones. They learned this trick in Red Dead Online. You can only buy clothes, tattoos, etc with chips. Here is my questions. The players that are in the countries with no gambling. Can they buy chips? I know I heard that they cannot spin the wheel in the casino.


I will break this down in another post. I am trying not to make this post too long. We did get roulette, three card poker, slot machines, horse racing, and blackjack.

Penthouse Suite

I will do my review with the gambling part of this DLC on my other post.

Ms Baker Casino Work Missions

I am going to put my review with the gambling and penthouse post. More to come….

In closing, I am really sorry for this being late. It has been crazy at my day job and I wanted to play this DLC a little bit. Overall, this a well done DLC. This is what the players have been asking for since the launch of the GTA Online in 2013. It is fun on gambling and missions sides. I have enjoyed the last two DlC. I believe they learned their lessons on Arena War. The pricing on everything is reasonable. I give this a solid 9.5 out of 10. Once, everything is released. I will give you my final score. Until then play hard and party on!!!!


DJ Weiser


Twitter: djweiser

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