My Reaction to GTA Online Diamond Casino DLC Trailer

In this blog, we are going to get into my reaction to the new DLC trailer. Let’s get into this.

Diamond Casino DLC Trailer

Penthouse Suite

The first that I noticed the huge 1980’s and Vice City theme. Come on, they use classic Eddie Murphy hit song. This is going be very expensive DLC. I am going to say penthouse fully upgraded is going to between 9m to 13m. You can put work of art anywhere in your penthouse. It looks like you can do your penthouse suite to be different than your friend’s place. I am talking colors and other designs. I don’t believe you will own a garage. If we do, I believe it will be a ten car garage. We are going to share a garage with other players. I like that. Fing sweet, we are going to have a spa, media, and play room. This is going to be fun.

Heist Missions Or Business

There is going to be missions to protect the casino but not sure if there is going business side to the casino. It is going to be fun to do these new missions.


It is very clear we are getting a new currency online. It will be casino chips. What is not clear, can you buy it with your GTA cash? We will find out this Tuesday. We are going to be getting Poker, Blackjack, etc. I am pumped up for is the horse racing. I am going to spend hours betting on the ponies. I want to see how in-depth they are going get with it. I will be studying this most.

Cars And Other Things

It is clear that we are getting more new cars. We have a chance to win some cars by using casino wheel or hosting the story missions for the first time. Nice touch of having the car on the casino floor that you can win for the first week. I am pretty shocked there is no weaponize cars etc in the trailer. They normally push it in the trailer. We will see there is something that will upset some youtubers. I believe this is going to be an old school GTA DLC.

In closing, it has been 6 to 8 months since our last DLC. So I am ready for a new DLC. I am so pump up for this upcoming Tuesday. It is going to be interesting on how everything will work. I really hope you connected your Twitch Prime account to get the free penthouse. I will be breaking everything down when this DLC drops. Until then play hard and party on!


DJ Weiser

Twitter: @djweiser


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